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What If Tomorrow Comes by TGWDLM_RobertManion
What If Tomorrow Comesby Lazy Fangirl
There is a girl... no a woman. She's beautiful, and wise, and kind but... she's my student. If anyone is reading this, know that I can't control these feelings. She's sw...
Professor Hidgens by TGWDLM_RobertManion
Professor Hidgensby Lazy Fangirl
Y/N is just a normal student at the University of Hatchetfield. She leads a particularly boring life, double majoring in biology and musical theatre, but it seems that e...
~Kill the Reviews~ Young!Prof. Hidgens x Reader by thelattehottay
~Kill the Reviews~ Young!Prof. will
When a young Henry Hidgens meets the reader, what happens next? *OPEN* Cover Pic by my best friend pete ! This is started out as a joke but now i feel obligated to cont...
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be Safe - Paulkins/TGWDLM fanfic by Latte_Hottay
{BOOK 1} I Thought We Would Be 💗Latte💗
A few familiar faces surprise Emma at the hospital. This would probably be the end of her shitty life, but a miracle happened. Cross-Posted on AO3 Part 1 of the I Though...
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Stuff by gracey_writes_stuff
The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals Gracey (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
This is a book in which I throw up all my Hatchetfield junk. Maybe a little Black Friday, but definitely TGWDLM
{BOOK 2} I Thought It Would Be Over - Paulkins/TGWDLM fanfic by Latte_Hottay
{BOOK 2} I Thought It Would Be 💗Latte💗
Part 2 of the I Thought series !Read part 1 first! Paul & professor Hidgens try to find a cure for a second apotheosis. TRIGGER WARNINGS: -Mentioned death -Hospitals -Ne...
Hatchetfield and Friends by Mllk_N_Honey
Hatchetfield and Friendsby Sleep Addict
My last description of this was what I planned and what didn't happen, because my little mini stories got real dark. So here we are, little short stories that take place...
Five O'Clock Can't Come Soon Enough, Can It? Professor Hidgens x Reader by GeorgyGroveMikey
Five O'Clock Can't Come Soon Teddy B0I Logan
In this, Professor Hidgens (Henry) is around 25. And, yes I did some math. . .Henry is 62 in the musical, meaning if it takes place in 2018 (due to him saying that its 2...
Will tomorrow come today? by BethHudson976
Will tomorrow come today?by Beth Hudson
What if Black Friday didn't end so suddenly? What if our surviving heroes went to a certain kooky reclusive biology professor's house to seek refuge? What if they surviv...
Coffee And Music II Paulkins fanfic  by Sn0wy_The_Guinea_Pig
Coffee And Music II Paulkins Snowy The Guinea Pig
[AFTER THE EVENTS OF THE GUY WHO DIDNT LIKE MUSICALS BUT EVERYONE STAYED ALIVE] After Hatchetfield was attacked with a disease that made you sing and dance like you were...
Errands (A TGWDLM Fic) by alphabetatoes
Errands (A TGWDLM Fic)by tatum
What happened that fateful day Emma brought Professor Hidgens his groceries?
The Apocalypse - Paul Mattews by _Racetrack_Higgins
The Apocalypse - Paul Mattewsby Ya Goil Kenzie
Love, according to Katelyn Waters is a message of fucked up feelings toward others. That is though until she meets, Paul. Then all hell breaks loose when the town, Hatch...
Inevitable • TGWDLM  by svftpeach
Inevitable • TGWDLM by svftpeach
What if I told you a story Of how the world became peaceful and just It was Inevitable
Preventing Apotheosis by amazingmsme
Preventing Apotheosisby amazingmsme
Spies Are Forever/The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals AU/crossover where the events of SAF took place in modern day and Curt gets sent on a mission to gather information on...
Time & Place (Tedgens) by moderatelyconfused
Time & Place (Tedgens)by none of your bees knees
This started out as a tedgens oneshot, but I've written a little more. Yes, it's a quarantine fic. Let me live. I'm bored and lonely and my boys are cute. Disclaimer!!! ...
Cup of Roasted Coffee by starkidsawyer
Cup of Roasted Coffeeby local latte hotte
Paul has been visiting Beanies everyday rather than the usual Starbucks once he's introduced to the rather cute barista over there. The long walk and god-awful coffee ha...
Dwelling Gets You Nowhere DISCONTINUED by profhidgens
Dwelling Gets You Nowhere showstoppingseed
Professor Hidgens dwells on his past. The days of his youth. On that beat up house at the edge of college campus. On the stomping ground with Greg, Steve, Stu, Mark, Lei...