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Behind the Scenes by kristimcmanus
Behind the Scenesby kristimcmanus
It is every fan fiction writers dream: your story goes viral, you get a publishing deal, and your book is about to be made into a movie. What started as a hobby, and a m...
Take Over by bxbykayway
Take Overby Bxby🤍
Read & Find out
First Kiss by Rae_Madison
First Kissby 𝕣𝕒𝕖
"I've never kissed anyone before," I say to him. "I want it to be special, and not with a complete stranger." I watch his expression carefully. This...
Falling For you <3 - Ricky Bowen by lexyxricky
Falling For you <3 - Ricky Bowenby Lexy x
Zac efrons little sister attends the high school that he shot the original, most popular disney movies in. And she grows upon a particular liking to Ricky Bowen.
The No Kissing Rule by MediocreCliche
The No Kissing Ruleby jkf
Desiree is a film student. She has always wanted to direct. She is hard-working, smart, but has commitment issues. What happens when she meets Hero? A guy who also has c...
Tari x reader by Metaocreader
Tari x readerby Meta oc
You would meet a blue hair girl that will change your life and maybe meet some of her weird friends but let's see where this takes us at.
The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Youth Of The Night by angelwing218
The Baynes Legacy- Book 2 - Stacy
Ali thought she was going to have a perfect senior year, and everything was going according to those plans until Rhys showed up. The attraction was instant, but once th...
It Could Happen (Tom Holland Fanfiction) by TomHolland_Fam
It Could Happen (Tom Holland 🥰🥰Isabella🥰🥰
You get a new fancy job as a Production Assistant at one of the most important and iconic brands ever-MARVEL. Also known as the place where TOM FREAKING HOLLAND is shoot...
It's Friday I'm in Love (A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction) by jiggyjogs2
It's Friday I'm in Love (A Tom Megan/jiggyjogs2
Friday Thiesen is a PA on set of the most anticipated movie of the year. When she discovers her Hollywood crush, Tom Hiddleston, is playing the part of the hero, Friday...
Theatre problems by thespian_not_lesbian
Theatre problemsby thespian_not_lesbian
Come to the dark side ... We have tap shoes and musicals about pretty much anything .. No really literally everything .. They made an entire musical about cats ... CATS...
Let's just say that, you're the one by amymtz521
Let's just say that, you're the oneby Amy Martinez
basically about the life of Y/n Nick aka Ninja Ricky aka One hit Rick Rohan aka RTv Ye Ye nation aka the fans Things start to got difficult in the story! Hope you enjoy
The Thin Line Between Love and Hate ( UNEDITED) by BougieVision
The Thin Line Between Love and BougieBancGirl
Mya is a 23 year old student chasing her goals, while working in a bank part time. Just when Mya is getting over the heartbreak from her first love, she runs into more...
Never meant to fall//Nick Ireland fanfiction  by ottbbabygrl15
Never meant to fall//Nick Ciera
I'm Emma sparks im 16 years old I LOVE ROHAN AND THE IRELAND BOYS My best friend buys me tickets to go to there meet and greet inside New York I was so excited Read t...
Cover Shops (Shifted To Cover Shop 2) by rednosedreindeer
Cover Shops (Shifted To Cover rednosedreindeer
Shifted to cover shop 2! Payement: follow me Go check out cover shop 2 and request covers, character banners, icons, bookmarks etc
Percy Jackson: The Next Generation by 360_Productions
Percy Jackson: The Next Generationby {Personal Info}
"Yeah, uh, we're here to save the world," I said ------------------------------------------------------------- The Seven saved the world, and went down in hist...
Percy Jackson and the Chaos Army by 360_Productions
Percy Jackson and the Chaos Armyby {Personal Info}
I was betrayed by everyone, forced to leave camp, and all because of him. That blonde-haired son of Aphrodite tricked everyone with his powers of charmspeak that were ev...
Myra's Trailer Entries (All my Trailers) by iliveintheclouds
Myra's Trailer Entries (All my Satarupa Deb
This is the collection of all the trailers I have made and will be making through my different groups and trailer book. This book can be considered as my example and for...
UPDATE WALL by BackspaceBanner
Are you a writer? Are you trying to get recognition? Readers? Votes? Well then, you're in the right place! We hold weekly contests with great prizes! Usual Awards First...
discovered by TheWinterSawsbuck
discoveredby 冬鹿
❝welcome to YourSelf Entertainment, where it's all about us.❞ ↦ in which a small remixer gets a production internship across the Pacific ↤ Jonah was just a high scho...