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dumb and dumber | dongpyo x eunsang by parkwoojined
dumb and dumber | dongpyo x eunsangby mary
"you're dumb and you're mine" eunsang x dongpyo ff [ lowercase intended ] published: 190621 finished: enjoy!
Still ¦ Kim Wooseok  by Infinitearose
Still ¦ Kim Wooseok by 린
"What am i? a princess?" "Yeah my princess." [CURRENTLY EDITING SO DON'T MIND THE CHANGE OF POINT OF VIEWS] [↬] Finished [ ] Ongoing
Ciudad De Vampiros- Seungpyo/ Seungseok (X1) [TERMINADA] by reallcheeks
Ciudad De Vampiros- Seungpyo/ Destiny
Donde los humanos desde hace décadas pudieron tener una acuerdo de paz con las criaturas mitológicas llamadas "Vampiros". Vivían tranquilamente junto a ellos...
X1 Imagines by _byx1_
X1 Imaginesby _byx1_
Connect your world with X1 through imaginations ........;) Fluff?✔️ Angst?✔️ Chats?✔️ Scenarios?✔️ Bullets?✔️ Reactions?✔️ OPEN FOR REQUEST?✔️ Offers all kinds of scenar...
steal : yohan by ddaltaeil
steal : yohanby ً
❝ hOY YOHAN BAT MO AKO HINALIKAN?? ❞ - wherein kim yohan stole her first kiss. 🔱 1 of ❛ X ❜ series 🔱 on going 🔱 highest rank: #1 in kimyohan © ORBITHWANS
sensuality - kang minhee by elyxyuko
sensuality - kang minheeby bbh°
"summer ended, kang minhee should stop waiting for oh yujo." "why?" "because oh yujo lost herself in summer" - kang minhee X oh yujo (or yo...
[MinEun] [Messenger] 1m79 và 1m82 by HyKhng
[MinEun] [Messenger] 1m79 và 1m82by Mẫn Hy
Thường thì những người bằng tuổi nhau thường rất thân với nhau Nhưng bạn học Min với bạn học Eun lại không vậy Suốt ngày bạn Min cứ dỗi bạn Eun Bạn Eun lại phải dỗ lại C...
[✔] favorite ➵ s.dp by wintersoob
[✔] favorite ➵ s.dpby ky
in which, dongpyo likes his bestfriend but she already has a boyfriend. started on: 3/21/19 published on: 3/22/19 ended on: 3/29/19 status: finished texts au
[1] Stalking Instagram (SeungChan) by vyanalestari
[1] Stalking Instagram (SeungChan)by Vyana
tentang Han Seungwoo si drummer yg gak pernah keliatan punya pacar. part of PDX mini series.
Ti Nychta by Bucin_dedeq
Ti Nychtaby Bucin Squad✔
When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code t...
PRODUCE X | Third Season by Hwasabiix
PRODUCE X | Third Seasonby Hωⱥຮⱥ
The Third season of PRODUCE
My Lovely Enemy || WeiShin by Min_Sooyang
My Lovely Enemy || WeiShinby Min_Sooyang
Tentang kisah kehidupan SMA seorang bad Boy Lee Jin Hyuk dan seorang good boy Kim Wooseok. "Gw benci sama lo !"-Wooseok "Lo pikir gw gak benci sama anak c...
where do we go? | hwangmini by snoomini
where do we go? | hwangminiby tania
sepanjang jalan beribu arah ditempuh sudah, tapi kemanakah? + trigger warning: unstable mentality of a minor character, mentions of sexual harassment and suicide attempt...
『 LOLLIPOP 』by R E N J U N best boy
" can I have some lollipops too? " where a girl daily routine is to give everyone at least one lollipop. [ SONG HYEONGJUN fanfic ] [ no copyright intended ]
Please stay by Iamadonut09
Please stayby Iamadonut09
Hyeongjun is sick, it's very severe. it got worse when minkyu left him broken. Last goodbye of Hyeongjun. ((IM SO EMO RN SEND HUGS))
sick love - kang minhee short story by elyxyuko
sick love - kang minhee short storyby bbh°
COMPLETED shhhh i have a story to tell listen carefully - fuck i can't escape from kang minhee's hands ----------------------- lower case intended bad grammar intended n...
Killing Me Softly•°Cha Junho Fanfic by _byx1_
Killing Me Softly•°Cha Junho Fanficby _byx1_
"Why do you always wear a watch that doesn't indicate time?" "................" "Why don't you smile more?" "..................."...
lhg x ksh | trà gừng mật ong by bainiannanyu
lhg x ksh | trà gừng mật ongby nanyu.
title: trà gừng mật ong writer: nanyu. characters: kim sihoon, lee hangyul, cho seungyoun,... gerne: abo!au, ooc, crack (3 xu),... rating: t
X1 IMAGINES by aegiyolks
a book dedicated to my lovely boys, 엑스원. enjoy reading!