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Karma (Prodigal Son; M.Bright) by itsmebitchboi
Karma (Prodigal Son; M.Bright)by Dumb Bitch
"Real hearts don't lie Take it from me (I know) You'll see in time Take it from me" Lila Paige had been locked up for 4 years for a crime she didn't commit. Th...
don't get me wrong () prodigal son SLOW UPDATES by itsanothernobody
don't get me wrong () prodigal A
we're not born broken. people break us. prodigal son season one based on fox's tv show prodigal son STARTED 9/30/19
reflection || m.bright by jooniesglow
reflection || m.brightby lana
when you're married to a profiler who's father is one of the most infamous serial killers in the world since jack the ripper, things definitely get interesting. " j...
Lost Children (Prodigal Son; M. Bright) (On Hold) by itsmebitchboi
Lost Children (Prodigal Son; M. Dumb Bitch
"Tell your friends that I'm gone They won't even care They won't even stop to find me." (Prodigal Son; Season 1-?) (M. Bright x oc) Possible TW for: Kidnapping...
We Tried the World (and oh it wasn't for us) by MattRyanmirrorselfie
We Tried the World (and oh it Juice 🧃
Anna Bates loves her job as a forensic toxicologist for the NYPD, and often gets extremely involved in the cases she helps to solve. She takes her involvement to the nex...
Rose Incorporated| Prodigal Son Fanfic by HayleyLHeureux
Rose Incorporated| Prodigal Son Hayley L'Heureux
As a young age she wanted to go as deep as she could into murder cases. She wanted to help the world in anyway she could. She became broken after seemingly going to Hell...
Bright Oneshots by Anzanity
Bright Oneshotsby Anzanity
Malcolm Bright one shots.
Malcolm Bright one-shots.  by kannedt
Malcolm Bright one-shots. by kannedt
Mystery, Murder, Investigation, Drama, Love. All things that seem to follow the prodigal son everywhere. Lots of whump and Dani+Malcolm
Fractured (Broken Part 2) by Cassi3773
Fractured (Broken Part 2)by Casandra Cohen
Lilian and Malcolm must navigate the world after the shocking finale to 'Broken' (Prodigal Son Season 1), making decisions to hopefully protect themselves and their fami...
Malcolm Bright One Shots by Kariselizabethdt
Malcolm Bright One Shotsby Kariselizabethdt
Lots of Malcolm Bright stories with murder, serial killers, love, and more! Ok... I'm bad at this...
Tom Payne x Reader  by Ameboo20
Tom Payne x Reader by ame
a collection of tom payne and his cahracters x readers comment requests if youd like.
Brightwell stories by SatanAlina
Brightwell storiesby Satan Alina
Little stories from me about Malcolm and Dani from Prodigal Son.
Random Multifandom One Shots by battelshipp
Random Multifandom One Shotsby Battleshipp05
Just as the title says, random oneshots with random characters. • All female readers. • I do not take requests, sorry. • I quotes I use I get off of tumbler and Pintere...
Nerd Convention by rengie07
Nerd Conventionby rengie07
Neal Caffery,Mouse, Spencer Reid, Malcom Bright and Charlie Eppes meet up for some fun.
hello beautiful • varied imagines by marisxdev
hello beautiful • varied imaginesby Maris
Hello. This book contains various imagines from countless fandoms that I have chosen to include myself in. It'll contain Canon/Canon as well as Canon/Reader imagines, ho...
Trust by HeyKMT
Trustby Katie
Malcolm Bright has a lot on his mind. His serial killer father has just woke up from the coma that Malcolm put him in, the first girl he has been intimate with, in a lon...
Prodigal Princess by Cassi3773
Prodigal Princessby Casandra Cohen
Jennifer Jensen met Malcolm Bright for the first time in 2011 and now, 8 years later needs his help when she finds her life is in danger.
The daughter of a genius profiler  by rivernaturalfan
The daughter of a genius profiler by rivernaturalfan
A few years after meeting, profiler Malcolm Bright and detective Dani Powell finally become a couple and had two twin daughters. Fourteen years go by without any problem...