The Bad Boy's Possession by Die_With_Time_15
The Bad Boy's Possessionby Gissell
Kennedy doesn't like drama. She tries to stay away from it at all costs. She likes things simple and she doesn't like attention. Moving has a lot of negative things, but...
  • girl
  • bad
  • boy
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Falling For The Surrogate by Made1ineHatter
Falling For The Surrogateby Made1ineHatter
Tess needs money. It's a simple as that. However, it's difficult to find a job that pays enough for housing, food, and other essentials. That is until she finds a coupl...
  • baby
  • relationship
  • rawanimalsex
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The Bad Boy Is My Deskmate by FlyingElephantsx
The Bad Boy Is My Deskmateby nity ★彡
"Scott Benson, you'll be sitting next to Arielle Reese." That one sentence changed Arielle's life forever. Meet the school's bad boy- Scott Benson. Rebel, bad...
  • complete
  • drama
  • teen
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Qalb - Story of the Heart by writer_muslimah
Qalb - Story of the Heartby Jasmin 🌼
"Laeeq. Focus." He'd heard that too many times already. But his eyes were watering, his hands were shaking. He couldn't focus right now. The scal...
  • siblings
  • surgery
  • family
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Unlocked Hearts #wattys2018 by sajmra
Unlocked Hearts #wattys2018by 👑 Queen Saj 👑
Sami Sulayman has been a secret agent for the past ten years working for the FBI, and after assisting in one of the biggest busts to date, he expects everything else in...
  • diaries
  • dalia
  • mystery
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Mine by sydney_besson_
Mineby Sydney Logan
Sequel to Popular... Corbyns P.O.V... "Bro, back off she's mine." I say. "Not for long." My best friend says. "I said back off." I say thre...
  • problems
  • boyband
  • bullying
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99 things: You Know You're an Otaku When... by paper-rose
99 things: You Know You're an Salma Xx
99 relatable otaku problems, issues and emotions. You know you're an otaku when you can relate to these things.
  • otaku
  • fun
  • anime
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Daddy {J.JK×K.TH} by queerica
Daddy {J.JK×K.TH}by TaeKook's Daughter
"Jin hyung, he's back!" "Nugu, Jiminie?" "tae-"
  • yoonminseok
  • topkook
  • bottomtae
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Babysitter by Pauletteagbolosoo
Babysitterby Pauletteagbolosoo
"Fuck Elle, what are you doing to me." He said as he leaned in, closing the space between us. His lips was against mine, brushing it. I don't know if I should...
  • billionaire
  • matureaudience
  • bullied
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Popular // Corbyn Besson [|{Completed}|] by sydney_besson_
Popular // Corbyn Besson [|{ Sydney Logan
You know those three popular girls walking down the hallway in High school? Well I'm the girl in the middle and my two best friends are on the sides. Hi my name is Gylin...
  • longdistancerelationship
  • wattys2018
  • miami
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A Wife's Point of View (Completed) by AljSandelaria
A Wife's Point of View (Completed)by Kuya Alj
May totoong k'wento sa loob ng bawat libro.
  • generalfiction
  • author
  • lies
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Love on Ice  [BoyxBoy] by Ever_Everest13
Love on Ice [BoyxBoy]by Summer Flare
In which a gay ice skater and a religious hockey player fall in love. {Warning! Contains detailed sex, rape, and attempt of suicide! Read at your own risk!}
  • boyxboyromance
  • romance
  • hockey
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grow the fúck up by chiminities
grow the fúck upby ❝ brave heart ❞
disgusting things wattpaders do to gain fame which should fúcking stop NOTE: no cursing directed to anyone specifically on my profile. i haven't deleted comments of curs...
  • plagiarism
  • fake
  • spreadlove
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My 5 Brothers  by quirkyteen101
My 5 Brothers by caz
Being the only girl in a house full of boys is hard! Not only does she have to fend for herself in a house full of testosterone, she has to live with the constant remind...
  • family
  • brother
  • completed
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Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ WA WINNER '13] by xXMopelXx
Trapped with an Arrogant Bad Ass [ Queen B[eyonce]
*DISCLAIMER: This was my first story on wattpad so suffice to say that it'll have grammar mistakes and [maybe] annoying characters? I was fifteen/sixteen when I wrote i...
  • breaking
  • regret
  • lying
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Contract To Your Heart by shabulousme
Contract To Your Heartby shabulousme
THIS STORY IS COMPLETED And in the process of editing SO THERE WILL SURELY BE ERORS...READ AT YOUR OWN RISK HAHA BUT ENJOY😘❤️ It is every girls dream to have a prince i...
  • coincedence
  • arranged
  • marriage
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Josephine's Secret by awesomepriscilla
Josephine's Secretby priscilla
"I don't want to be your mate." she tells me. "Why don't you want to be my mate, sweetheart?" I ask, wincing when she growls at me. "Don't fucki...
  • josephine
  • dominant
  • luna
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Stutter [J.JK FF]  by Army_and_lovatic
Stutter [J.JK FF] by Sarisha♡♡
"I- I li-like your da-daughter" The soldier tried to sound brave. There was silence throughout the court of ministers before the sound of laughter went pierci...
  • struggle
  • fanfiction
  • magic
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Thick Creations: Inception COMPLETED by inhaleyou
Thick Creations: Inception TinK💎
What is Love if it's not worth fighting for? "Damn." he stared at the ceiling. "I had an amazing dream." "About what?" she smiled and fold...
  • updates
  • completed
  • problems
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|Appa|•myg•| by janiwiki
|Appa|•myg•|by Jane Rosette
You are a big fan of BTS and your bias was Suga.When you were 18 you got pregnant by your boyfriend but he left you.You went to a BTS fan meeting and that fan meeting ch...
  • bts
  • fanfiction
  • jungkook
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