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Of Blood and Stone [TSS Book 3] by Poindexter
Of Blood and Stone [TSS Book 3]by Just guys being dudes
As a tragic death rips both his family and the empire apart, Prince Argus soon realizes that more than his reputation is at stake. Just barely securing the regency while...
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The Delfe Treasure by ZonderZorg
The Delfe Treasureby Michael Walsh
Aldrick is obsessed with finding his grandfather's treasure. More than half a century and seventeen voyages have failed to locate his ships after they wrecked in Windwar...
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Dead Men TELL NO Tales by storytellers-saloon
Dead Men TELL NO Talesby storytellers-saloon
A Historical Flash Fiction collection. (100- 500 words) DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES - Stories about all this piratical. Also contained within: SAGEBRUSH SHOWDOWN- Stories i...
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The Pirate's Rose by StarLore
The Pirate's Roseby StarLore
Rose is sick, has always been sick, and oddly accepting of an inevitable death. After being admitted into hospital near to the due date, she asks her older brother James...
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For Queen and Captain {|Hetalia Human AU|} by SugarN_Spice
For Queen and Captain {|Hetalia Olivia. Or Liv, Livy, whichev...
"Lad, there are three people you look after. The Queen, your Captain, and yourself. You always come last, boy, so make sure that no matter where you hold your prior...
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Prophet of the Gods by -Athenax-
Prophet of the Godsby Sureena
Genevieve Delora is chosen as the newest prophet for the royal family, which is a saving grace to her struggling family. What the royal family isn't aware of is that she...
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Riptides  by CatBugLive
Riptides by That's None Of Your Business
In the chaotic world of Zemlya, Pirates rule the four Mereas (seas), Celestial Blood controls the Government, The chosen are treated as Gods, mere Humans are trash/peas...
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Fanfic Bootcamp by ChardonaeManuel
Fanfic Bootcampby Chardonae Manuel
My book with entries to all my stories for the @fanfic profiles bootcamp contest! Wish me luck~ Completed rounds: Specialist Private Corporal
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Libertalia by Chernov_R_Pavlenko
Libertaliaby Chernov_R_Pavlenko
Been a while since I've done anything here, me apologies to those that read my stories I plan on being more active. But enough of that eh? It time to tell a tale... Of...
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Bait by NaomiTCeph
Baitby NaomiTCeph
Most tests of speed end with a hefty sum for the victor and tears for the loser. But for the crew of The Queen Ripper and a couple of tagalongs, the path to winner's cir...
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Pirate101: Savannah's Story by certified-idiots
Pirate101: Savannah's Storyby uh
A collection of stories of Savannah and her friends, told from her point of view.
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Daughter of Pirates by CynthiaDawn
Daughter of Piratesby Cynthia Dawn
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Dunham by MoriahJovan
Dunhamby Moriah Jovan
It’s 1780. The Americans are losing their desperate fight for independence from the most powerful nation on Earth. Britain’s navy is crushing outposts up and down the ea...
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Captain Mutiny Genre Debacle by DavidJBooshty
Captain Mutiny Genre Debacleby David J. Booshty
A Youngish Captain is Being Tried Very Breifly For Crimes He Did NOT Commit. Can His Ledgendary , Well Trusted , Familar Crew Of His Show Up In Time To Save Him From Cer...
1700's. The golden age of piracy. Blackbeard and his group of legendary privateers have been targeted by a group of slave demons, whose master has plans to take over the...
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The Wrath of the Ocean by Angelos99
The Wrath of the Oceanby Angelos99
Venus has always been afraid of the seas but her friends always wanted to be privateers. When the opportunity arises, will she conquer her fear or will she depart with t...
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Felominar Book One: The Hunt Is On by TherencePalino
Felominar Book One: The Hunt Is Onby TherencePalino
Welcome to a world of anthropomorphic animals! Welcome to a world of pirates, privateers and adventure! The world of Felominar awaits you, so hop on board and let the vo...
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Clockwork Minds by Zyanna
Clockwork Mindsby Zoe Ayelet Hartwell
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