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Reckless Love by aloeveraforever
Reckless Loveby Aloe Vera
When Julia finds out she has to marry the billionaire Jared Cunning, her life turns upside down.Both of them are rich kids with rich people problems. How will a reckless...
Born With Power by jesuissurlalune
Born With Powerby
There was a girl named Theodora Noor. She was constantly moving around the World to different boarding schools with her father for his job. But one unexpected day her f...
Lie To Me | ✓ by noirfuls
Lie To Me | ✓by ⋆
Aurora Costa knew two things. One, she hated her mother and two, her home town was not going welcome her back with open arms. Not after she left it behind. Not after she...
Coffee Shop Conversations  | ✓ by amarinthine_
Coffee Shop Conversations | ✓by eldie
Amelia Bouchard gave her number to the cute barista on campus. It's not him that ends up texting her. Highest rank: #16 teen fiction, #73 in romance
1.1| Social Casualty by aandersonwrites
1.1| Social Casualtyby 𝑨𝒅𝒅𝒚☁︎︎
Alexandra Black has had everything she's ever wanted all her life. New clothes, shoes, cars, you name it. But what will happen when something she doesn't want, gets han...
BLUE BLOOD by basylysk
BLUE BLOODby evelyn ʚїɞ
Anybody who is a somebody knows that the elite of Queens Erlington Academy have blood that runs blue. They have it all. Wealth, beauty, power. Most of all? Secrets. Clo...
The Opposition by BookNerd1818
The Oppositionby BookNerd1818
"The answer is 'A,'" I say, keeping my voice light and kind. Carter snorts from beside me. "No, it's 'C.'" Bingo. I was hoping he'd say that. "T...
Elite Rebels by moonbaebie
Elite Rebelsby • l a n a •
"First, I'll lock your arms like this." Grabbing both my hands, he pinned it against the wall above my head. "Then, I'll lock your lips using mine."...
Thinking About Girls [SHORT VERSION] [SAMPLE] ✅ by Biscuit1220
Thinking About Girls [SHORT Missy
"Been thinking about girls lately." × × × Short version. ××× copyright © 2020 - Missy. ×
East Chapel Academy by blackgirlbooks
East Chapel Academyby black girl books
Only the kids of the rich and elite go to East Chapel Academy. Marcus Garrett comes from a large family of success, his parent are rich, his grandparents are rich, and...
I'm my own alpha  by ishaebalampu
I'm my own alpha by Prettysunsets
Nadia has a reputation of nearly blowing her cover to the humans as a werewolf, her parents have had just about enough and transfer her to a school specialized for the s...
Noel (completed!) by LoveIsEverything08
Noel (completed!)by TrueLoveConquersAll
**this book is completed!!** This is a story about werewolves with some witches and vampires thrown in. -Preview- I opened my eyes to see a woman standing in front of...
My Body by ztwanonymouse
My Bodyby Bare with me
"October 30th, 2013, my sixth year of life. It's also known as my 6th birthday. And also known as the last day I got to be a kid." A lost soul takes over Sky...
Affinity by goldenquill16
Affinityby goldenquill16
PREQUEL TO INTERTWINED In the year of 1999, Jocelyn Sterling is a sixteen year old girl with a bad attitude and a bleak future. That is, until a group of mysterious blo...
《♧♤○●-Pregnant at boarding school-●○♤♧》 by eggwaffles10
《♧♤○●-Pregnant at boarding sophia
Minty Copperfield was destined for greatness. Born to rich, socialite parents and whisked away to the most prestigious boarding schools in the country before she could r...
The Poor Alpha by plopbloppy
The Poor Alphaby plopbloppy
Written, produced and published by plopbloppy. The bad writing is on porpoise.
Monarch by iheartsleeping247
Monarchby NightWriter
(Cover is not mine, it's from Pinterest) Keria Ashiu, a smart young girl who just wanted to see her sister again. Keria gets accepted to an elite private school, Mona...
Girls Don't Know Jack by mmjayoh
Girls Don't Know Jackby Mmjayoh
Wilcrest Girls Academy is an all-girls private school - or it was, until Jack Moody entered the halls. 8:35 the first bell rings. 8:47 Molly Clark stumbles in late to c...
Melt Her Heart by EphemeralJoy
Melt Her Heartby ophie
Hartford Private High School: the home of senior boy, Josh Laurier. Popular, rich, the captain of ice hockey team, and always smiling; everything always goes his way. Me...
How to Kiss a Loose End by ElevenTheEmpress
How to Kiss a Loose Endby ✽ fay ✽
Alaina Knightley, with her firecracker personality and a strong impulse to defy convention, is uprooted from her old life and forced to start afresh in a new town. When...