Prisonescape Stories

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Wanted by alwayslouxo
Wantedby Brooke Shields
Louis Tomlinson, 1/5th of One Direction, finds himself in trouble when he is taken hostage by a wanted criminal who has escaped prison and is on the run from the law.
inmates by thatsshitwritingdude
inmatesby al
Life's not been too great for Sam. His dad left when he was 9, his family's broke, and he's not exactly the most popular guy around. So when he helps out one of the few...
Jailbird Brother by Cakes0404
Jailbird Brotherby Cakes0404
Haruhi's brother escapes prison, throwing her life into an uphill battle of managing to keep the reason for her bodyguard a secret, and her brother hidden from the hosts...
Innocent Or Guilty? - Spn Au  by campdestiel
Innocent Or Guilty? - Spn Au by campdestiel
Sam Winchester finally made his dreams into reality, becoming one of the best lawyers in the whole of Kansas. It was a normal day until Sam was assigned a case where the...
You Won't Leave Me. Right? by DoggostuckNhappymeal
You Won't Leave Me. Right?by Yaoi_Delivery
First a one shot now a story! Denver is a security guard at a prison and his job wasn't that hard till one of the worst prisoners takes a liking to him. Nicknamed as th...
Escape |Discontinued by AyianaG
Escape |Discontinuedby 𝒂𝒚𝒊𝒂𝒏𝒂
POLICE REPORT RAP SHEET 5-12-15 CASE 1577041935- Maria Rivera (Case) Crime- Homicide Cause of Death-Strangulation, 5-11-15 13:03 AM Body found- Officer Peter Brown 5-12...
New Elysium: Breakout (Book 1) by New_Elysium
New Elysium: Breakout (Book 1)by New_Elysium
Red meets a fellow prisoner on Helion 7 whose very identity makes her a target for both sides, but who might be the key for his freedom. Originally published on my @Red...
Breaking News by kenzie_nicole_
Breaking Newsby Kenzie Nicole
"We interrupt this program with Breaking News. This just in, Tate Parker has escaped prison and is believed to be armed. Stay inside and lock all doors. If you happ...
Victory in defeat by DominikKampleitner
Victory in defeatby Dom Fantasize
A half-giant veteran is imprisoned in Fort Gianthold on Giant Island. He gave up on trying, trying to witness a defeat. So he sat there for severel years, alone in his c...
Sector 51 by SARobinson
Sector 51by Sean Robinson
Stephen Damien isn't your ordinary American Hero. In the year 2078 he has been selected as the first man to ever enter hyperspace and visit another star on the supervess...
The Rahz Ascendancy - A Novel by decision_
The Rahz Ascendancy - A Novelby decision_
"A cool mix of Wool, Red Rising, and Mistborn." --Benjamin W, avid sci-fi/fantasy reader Synopsis: A boy must explore the limits of his mind and memory to esca...
Natsu Dragneel and the Order of the Phoenix by EmelieJinton
Natsu Dragneel and the Order of Emelie Jinton
Natsu is just about to start his fifth year at Hogwarts. Acnologia is back but the Ministry and some of his classmates don't believe him....and since when was toads allo...
To Love... or To Hate... by MonaeWill
To Love... or To Princess_Nazae'
Jayla, (Me) is having a hard time with kinda sorta ex boyfriend.
The Brutal Axman by DebonaireBlond
The Brutal Axmanby DebonaireBlond
This is a true story of the Brutal Axman, who has killed 25 people, and was sentenced to prison for life. Of course, no prison can hold the Brutal Axman.
Crowbar by ZacheryHansen
Crowbarby Zachery Hansen
This is the dairy of Zachery aka killer who is a bank robber. Who was put in jail after a heist gone wrong. He must now escape jail, but sneakily isnt his thing.
Jailhouse Rock(short story) by Thecoldboringguy157
Jailhouse Rock(short story)by Big Brother Ferb
As prisoners rot in jail it's time to put one last show for one convict. Just a warmup for my upcoming book I will upload oh I don't know, maybe 2517. Warning:This book...
The Criminal's Lover by my_golden_life
The Criminal's Loverby my_golden_life
This story is about an innocent person who escaped abd fell in love with a girl will the woman believe him innocrnt or she will just dump him.
imprisoned  by masonwilson16
imprisoned by sarutogo omicho
in the distant future all hell broke loose and the new maniac ruler Alfonso camputorez has built a maximum security prison that he threw anybody he thought opposed him i...
The Tale of a Horribly Horrifying Machine and Prison Grimheart by Legendary_Warrior73
The Tale of a Horribly Legend the SkyWing
Dragons have been disappearing from all over Pyrrhia from every Tribe. No one knows for sure whrere they go to--they only know that they will not come back. A young SkyW...