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The Principal (principalxstudent) by asecretauthor
The Principal (principalxstudent)by Secret Author
"I don't want normal and easy and simple. I want painful, difficult, life changing, devastating, passionate, extraordinary love." Emilia cried. Lilian sighed...
Principal Obsession  by KashafGul
Principal Obsession by gul
Noah The one who messes with him wants to invite his own death. Y/n She messes with everyone . Everyone likes her because of her friendly nature. She h...
STEP SIS! by kimmang1223
Billie fell inlove with her principal who happen to be her step sis. -This is my first time writing a story But i will try to do my best -TAGLISH
The Winner Always Loses (Nathan Gardender) by dxwnwyjr
The Winner Always Loses (Nathan downeyhearts
Victoria and Charlie Bartlett; troublemakers with bad reputations, or, so to speak. It's always been JUST Victoria. Charlie takes the blame for her when he knows it will...
Mr. McClanahan x reader by johnnyjohnnyespapa18
Mr. McClanahan x readerby johnnyjohnnyespapa18
"D-hall has been switched from the lecture hall to my office..."
The Crap Collection by 50shadesofsthu
The Crap Collectionby -ˏˋ your father ˎˊ-
in which a girl who no one listens to and has no one to confide in, makes a book with nothing but rants, so she can finally express herself once-in-for-all.
Principal Briggs  by nsjsbhana123
Principal Briggs by book lover 😜✌
New school, new friends, new life. My family moved here from Chicago in San Francisco. Well it was great until i meet the sexy hot principal everything change about, i k...
Secret Love ~ by SelfieAlert
Secret Love ~by Selfie Alert
Hi my name is Meela.... And yes, I actually did fell inlove with my principal. Nope it was not because of crazy daddy issues.. Or getting back at my parents...It felt di...
Forbidden Fruit by khanzwritess
Forbidden Fruitby Nokukhanya
He's up for a little challenge and he'll do anything to get it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED © Khanzwritess