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Prince by 727fandomwriter
Princeby 727fandomwriter
Merlin is the prince of Crusia. Until his uncle attacked on night of him being crowned prince. He was taken from the battlefield and taken to Ealdor with his 2 best frie...
The secret Prince  by chaotic_bi_nerd
The secret Prince by chaotic_bi_nerd
Prince Merlin AU fic Just because
Eyes are the Windows of the Soul by Demitimelord42
Eyes are the Windows of the Soulby Demitimelord42
Merlin is a prince and doesn't know it. Can I say anything else? Sorry, I really suck at descriptions. Anyway, this was also posted on All my work. I don...
"Open Eyes" (Merlin X Snow White )/Art Gallery by LEVegaFanfics
"Open Eyes" (Merlin X Snow White ) LEVegaFanfics
(ART GALLERY INSIDE) As Snow White holds Merlin in her arms all is well...except the existing love that has not been spoken. Merlin knows Snow White is in love with him...
Merlin x Fem. Reader ~Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs~ by SlythErin_hp934
Merlin x Fem. Reader ~Red Shoes SlythErin
!UNDER EDITING! (STORY DESCRIPTION IN FIRST CHAPTER) Please read the message below: This story was inspired by Dreamland_Fanfiction (Pleease go read their Merlin x Read...
Destined to Rule by Ellinopoula
Destined to Ruleby Ellinopoula
When Merlin starts having peculiar visions about a land he never saw before, he decides to investigate. But little does he know that when he sneaks out to find this land...
THAT LOVE  |Merlin × Fem Reader|©® by Evensromcom
THAT LOVE |Merlin × Fem Reader|©®by Lexi Evens
Merlin one of the members of the fearless seven loved his girlfriend the most in the entire world But what happens when things change or perhaps he changes Why?? Let's...
Merthur Play #Wattys2017 by MyFandoms11
Merthur Play #Wattys2017by Victuuri Is Life
I don't own the characters except for the Nathia knights and the people of Nathia. I only own the plot So far highest ranking #176 merthur #18 princemerlin
"oh curses" Merlin x reader by KatrinaMendavia
"oh curses" Merlin x readerby Katrina Mendavia
What if Snow White had a friend with a cures? What if she shared the same journey as her to save Snow White's father? Find out in Y/N story as she breaks her own curse...
Merlin Oneshots by TheNoirPhoenix
Merlin Oneshotsby Noir Phoenix
This will contain a lot of one-shots and stuff, but everything in this book is of my own creation. If there are any important plot points relevant to the individual sto...
Merlin x Reader by Rinieeee__
Merlin x Readerby Rin
We start with a couple, their names are Merlin and Y/N. One day, Y/N's boyfriend and his friends called "F7" rescued a princess from the Fairy Tale island. The...
A Curse or a Blessing  by CloeLupin
A Curse or a Blessing by Drarry and Jeverus for life
The king is dead when all the sudden POOF✨every one wakes up 19 years later and have no idea what happened. Sorry I kinda suck at making descriptions so bare with me Dis...
We're Meant To Be... Aren't We?  by d_minique
We're Meant To Be... Aren't We? by Dominique
The reason why I'm going to write this for my first ever wattpad story is that first, I've just watch the movie yesterday and I somehow can't move on from it and second...
𝐵𝑙𝑢𝑒 𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑒𝑠꧂ Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs by Marinebiogirl27
𝐵𝑙𝑢𝑒 𝑆ℎ𝑜𝑒𝑠꧂ Red Shoes Marine
"You're a gift. A gift that'll transform me into someone amazing. Just like you're amazing." Want to find out more? Then read on and join the adventure heroes...
The Hidden Prince by Percasokeefe
The Hidden Princeby #Percasokeefe
The Kingdom of Haldaerk was once the most beautiful out of the Five Kingdoms. A Kingdom of Magic, Life and Beauty. But as always, there is darkness to counter light and...
RS And The SD (ONESHOTS) by Anxietys_Wife
RS And The SD (ONESHOTS)by Retro Vibes
A separate oneshot book ||REQUEST'S OPEN|| I do different kinds of ships so just request them away! I dont do: ~NSFW Fluff Angst And shit just.... Be specific on what y...
The Crest of Ambrosius by bartonismyaesthetic
The Crest of Ambrosiusby clintbartonismyaesthetic
Dreócræft is a kingdom of magic, or at least it used to be. Now, with a usurper on the throne, four knights set out to find their long lost prince, seeking Camelot's aid...
The Adventures of a King and His Warlock by EmrystheWarlock
The Adventures of a King and His EmrysTheWarlock
Here's just a bunch a thrown together Merlin and Arthur one-shots. I like alternate endings like in the episode Goblins Gold I wanted Merlin to walk in on Arthur being a...
The Hawk Prince by chrisygirl82
The Hawk Princeby Christina Lane
A warlock hiding in a kingdom that despises him. An unknown Prince hidden even from himself. An elder brother believed dead returns. Merlin's big brother had never lived...
Raya and Merlin: The Last Dragons by MaggieDaisyLover
Raya and Merlin: The Last Dragonsby MaggieDaisy
Long ago, in the fantasy world of Kumandra, humans and dragons lived together in harmony. But when the Druun and the Skrills threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed...