C h o s e n  by Kawaii_Potato_Lord
C h o s e n by Kawaii_Potato_Lord
One meet in the woods changes everything....
  • fantasy
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
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SHE'S THE OPPOSITE OF HER (E.W 2) by sweetzizy
SHE'S THE OPPOSITE OF HER (E.W 2)by sweetzizy
  • fwaant
  • fantasy-romance
  • bloody
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The Bride by SelectedArmyMahjong
The Brideby Haidee Koskinen
Iole Haidee Eudora was just like any other girl in the kingdom but due to some event, she was to be wedded to the second prince. But then, she learned that the second pr...
  • theelite
  • conflict
  • selected
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The Golden Haired Princess of Nothing by PorkyLePotato
The Golden Haired Princess of PorkyLePotato
My Names Aria, I'm a princess of an overrun kingdom, that I don't control. My father is dead, my mother is probably too. The Palace is in ruins. I have no where to go, b...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • revenge
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The Rose [Selection Fanfic] by BlueRoseQueen7
The Rose [Selection Fanfic]by BlueRoseQueen7
A new selection has begun and Adelina Black is a commoner, who never wanted to be part of it. She just wanted a normal life, marrying a common man, but her future says d...
  • royalty
  • love
  • monarchy
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Tragedy, Fairy Tale by elizapeppermint
Tragedy, Fairy Taleby Patrick
to the prince who never came... to the damsel who fought her distress this book is dedicated to the people who aren't afraid to fall.
  • heartbreak
  • prince
  • keepfighting
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The Segment by FarahAnwar708
The Segmentby Farah Anwar
Farrah Khan is stuck in a dead end job - 26 and still an intern at the British Broadcasting and Communication Systems (BBCS); all she wants is a chance to prove herself...
  • romance
  • fairytale
  • forbidden
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The Royal Secret by prxncessashaniii
The Royal Secretby —LDNR—
She gazed at the dazzling stars. Thinking deeply. Eternally. She was scared. Alone. Lonely. She is a princess. A beautiful one. A clever one. Her stunning looks were...
  • royalty
  • relationships
  • bwwm
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CELLO ACADEMY by BlueOrangeWink
CELLO ACADEMYby @BlueOrangeWink
'The more you believe the more it exist' Yan ang salitang itinatak ni Zuriah sa kanyang isip ng sabihin ng kanyang sariling ina na lahat ng bagay ay posible basta't pan...
  • fantasy
  • monsters
  • spell
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Love And Scars {A Muslim Romance Story} by AmeliaValerie
Love And Scars {A Muslim Romance Fatimah
A Muslim Romance story set in 13/14th century Arabia. Image and class rule the country of Balqaas, and for the Second Prince Abbas, these concepts become hard to grasp...
  • arranged
  • islam
  • sliceoflife
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Thirst of Power by catloving
Thirst of Powerby Shelly Sunshine
"It's impossible! "a voice intruppted his roar. "he's your elder brother! The rightful heir of the kingdom. "He turned around furious. His eyes glowi...
  • love
  • war
  • king
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A Slice of Summer by NotSharingMyFries
A Slice of Summerby Disha
In which a girl's summer is interrupted by a certain stranger, faking an American accent. • ♚ • Meet Hayley Carter. No, she is not a sinless goody two-shoes. Nor is she...
  • fling
  • fake
  • charming
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Marble by plusdanshiii
Marbleby zzz
Ralf is an ordinary baker. His life is mediocre, but happy; the enjoyment of living in a small, rainy town with his sister and father is more than enough. Edward is the...
  • fiction
  • kingdom
  • prince
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🌙MOON LOVERS 2🌙 by lunareyesfics
🌙MOON LOVERS 2🌙by 🌙LunareyesFics🌔
Би чамайг олох болно. Миний Сү
  • moonlovers2
  • jongki
  • jongsuk
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ᴅᴀᴛᴀ by iiAi-Mikazeii
ᴅᴀᴛᴀby ⊹【 ᗩ I 】⊹
➥ ᴍʙ.s ➥ ᴛᴀɢs
  • sama
  • uta
  • data
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his royal one night stand » l.s. by milasflicker
his royal one night stand » camryn
"I think you mean royal fuck" warning: contains sex, constant swearing, self harming, and other illegal stuff
  • prince
  • larrystylinson
  • onedirection
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[Princess Series] 1. Would You Be My Cinderella by Christella_VirissyaT
[Princess Series] 1. Would You Virissya Thalia
Dongen putri Cinderella, cerita pengantar tidur setiap anak perempuan tentang seorang putri sesungguhnya menjadi 'Si Upik Abu' karena ibu dan saudari-saudari tirinya. Na...
  • reallife
  • alghazali
  • teenfiction
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Magical Mythix Academy: New Generation  by Lily_Yuuki
Magical Mythix Academy: New Lily Yuuki
Two title: MMA: the long lost Princess of Zandard MMA: New Generation. Rose Paulyn Smith is my name in mortal world but my real name is Rose Paulyn Alisha Myrillen Lee...
  • academy
  • traitor
  • house
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Serendipity  by eviephant
Serendipity by ᴇᴠᴇℓуи
Cast away from society, eighteen year old, Dalia Locksmith, fights for her life. After her family's eviction, she learns the truth about her father. He was a cheater. H...
  • action
  • pain
  • love
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