The Chosen by EmCsquared246
The Chosenby EmCsquared246
"OMG, mom, what's wrong?" I asked. "You got the letter, I'm sorry sweet, but you've been chosen." I drop my pencil onto my notebook and stand up. It...
  • action
  • wattys2018
  • fantasy
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The Prince's Servant by _White_Assassin_
The Prince's Servantby _White_Assassin_
Isang storya kung saan nagkatagpo ang landas ng isang doktora at isang prinsipe. Pagmamahalan ng magkabilang mundo... pwede nga ba?
  • slave
  • romance
  • master
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The Elements of Forbidden Love by shaelydawn75
The Elements of Forbidden Loveby shaelydawn75
Nixie Caldwell lives in a New Earth. A world that has mutated along with the people in it. A world with four domains of life. The domains are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air...
  • elementals
  • love
  • dystopian
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Role Play Outfits, Ocs and a Bunch of other Random RP stuff! | -2- by Decembra1998
Role Play Outfits, Ocs and a 🍁 AUTUMN 🍁
Book two of everything belonging to rps, and this has been three years coming XD read inside for more information
  • fantasy
  • princess
  • roleplays
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The king has arrived (boyxboy) by biggest_fangirl_143
The king has arrived (boyxboy)by biggest_fangirl_143
A boy's twin sister passes away, and is forced to merry her ex husband,Benjamin. But what happens when every thing he was so sure of turns out to be a web of lies, a. W...
  • love
  • historical
  • kingdom
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Prince Nicholas (Based On Dove I Mean Love)  by skittles3651
Prince Nicholas (Based On Dove I skittles3651
I don't know yet just pls read
  • love
  • newgirl
  • badboy
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Mr Bad Boy is a Prince by tavanalee
Mr Bad Boy is a Princeby Tavana Whamond
"You love the fancy gowns and expensive jewelry" Ethan said angrily. "No! You're so stupid! Can't you see that I'm here for you!" I exclaimed back...
  • jealousy
  • mrbadboy
  • romance
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Sofia the First: Big Brother by NIGHTMAREPRIME
Sofia the First: Big Brotherby NIGHTMARE PRIME
Once upon a time, There was a British Citizen named "Johnathon",. He lived a peacful and rich life in "Pall Mall" a street in the St James's area of...
  • greatbritain
  • family
  • reunion
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The Princess of Angels by princess1192005
The Princess of Angelsby rose
The kingdom of hearts is the biggest kingdom in a world called Venis where all the angels live. Angela is the crown princess of the kingdom of hearts. Angela was a nice...
  • reincarnation
  • prince
  • demans
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Let's Live a Happy Life! by rosalinerosepetals
Let's Live a Happy Life!by RosePetals
Yoona was reading her favorite novel for the 3rd time while lying in her bed. As she looked out her window, she noticed a shooting star. Little did she know the half hea...
  • handsomemalelead
  • romance
  • engagement
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Queen's Saentinel by andypandy_10
Queen's Saentinelby Andromeda Evans
Elora Edmonds is the first Queen's Saentinel in over a century. Ordained by the gods to serve and protect her best friend, Queen Callista of Atsikara, the gods ensure th...
  • princess
  • prince
  • royalty
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The Cold Prince and the Peasant | Taekook by wetrashcans
The Cold Prince and the Peasant | StrongPowerThankYou
"I get what I want, and I want you."
  • bangtanboys
  • vkook
  • namjoon
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The Bastard Queen by Loveyou551
The Bastard Queenby Loveyou551
I am not a royal born. I'm a bastard. Being the Queen wasn't seen in my future. The plague ruin Xiao. Their royal highness, The King and The Queen, dead. Not one of thei...
  • bastard
  • death
  • love
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• єℓδяιтcн • by troveth
• єℓδяιтcн •by ℓ. k.
When Estelle Mervon loses a magical artifact, she finds herself a dead woman walking. The Thasosian Empire, the entity she stole the artifact from, wants nothing more th...
  • king
  • adventure
  • gods
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Royal Colours And Troubles by SkylerD13
Royal Colours And Troublesby SkylerD13
Skyler Adams. Completely bat shit crazy, loud, bold, smart, kind, cheerful, sarcastic, and unafraid to voice her opinions, Skyler Jade Adams was an artist. The only thi...
  • royallife
  • crazy
  • humour
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The House of Daggers (#NaNoWriMo 18) by IdreamInAnime
The House of Daggers (#NaNoWriMo R.M. Ayinla
Hellghast is a prison that's meant for no man of heart, much less a girl of sixteen years. Yet Kara finds herself trapped in a world where the next meal is won fighting...
  • love
  • princess
  • magic
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"Treasure Selfless Love - The Precious Pearl of Sea" #BloomingPotents  by Believing_In_Fate
"Treasure Selfless Love - The Believing_In_Fate
What happen when Beautifully princess Sanyukta falls in love with a handsome young Prince from afar - how will they ever be able to be together when he is a man and she...
  • tears
  • apart
  • broken
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Pi'illo Romance (Prince Dreambert x OC) by SuperRandomWriter
Pi'illo Romance (Prince SuperRandomWriter
I'm traveling with Mario, Luigi, my cousin Princess Peach and everyone else to Pi'illo Island. No one's even heard of it, and curiosity got the better of Peach. It's an...
  • dreambert
  • mario
  • prince
Fleeting Shadow by CupsSauser
Fleeting Shadowby Lil' TeeKup
Prince Kyler, Princess Ellie. Two peas in a pod. The very embodiments of Hansel and Gretel. Siblings from different royal lines. If you saw one of them, you could be sur...
  • kingdom
  • magic
  • love
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The Firstborn by SaisShadow
The Firstbornby Sai
They say in the darkness you can hear the whispers of the dead offering secrets for a price. The Kingdom of Shadovia boasts many dead and even more secrets. The young Sh...
  • kingdom
  • loss
  • dragons
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