Saving The Monarchy by nyccitygirl718
Saving The Monarchyby NYCGirl718
Elena Spencer, formerly known as Princess Elena of Wales left the monarchy when she turned twenty-one years old. No one but the Royal Family knows why she left. The Prin...
  • princesskate
  • princesscharlotte
  • british
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A Royal Love Story by RavenclawQueenx
A Royal Love Storyby Kyana Lopez
Isla Richards has known Prince William since they were in primary school. The moment his engagement is announced to Catherine, Isla's life is changed forever. She is thr...
  • royalfamily
  • princewilliam
  • royal
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I was forced to grow up too quickly. While I watched my classmates play and live freely I had to follow some certain rules my Mum set. It all started when I was 9 years...
  • princewilliam
  • secretidentity
  • england
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Your Never Be Alone Again by kcollins720
Your Never Be Alone Againby Kristin
Alexandrina and Prince William meant back in 2010. Alexandrina was at her worst when they meant. The soon to be King saved her life. She always felt alone in the world...
  • royalfamily
  • british
  • dukeofcambridge
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Delicate » Prince William by BriFlare
Delicate » Prince Williamby -BriFlare
It all began in 2001, Princess Adrienne jetted off to Scotland to live a normal life and attend university. A life she dreamed of creating for herself. Where she had the...
  • royalfamily
  • royal
  • duke
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Life Line (Royal family)  by Lovatodelagarzarocks
Life Line (Royal family) by Devonne Rose Leigh Smith Lova...
Princess DeAnn daughter of the Prince of Wales And Diana Princess of Wales. Get a inside glimpse into her life. The happiness and sadness. (The story was inspired by so...
  • sadness
  • lose
  • princewilliam
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Unexpected turn of events (the script, Glen Power fanfiction) by love-for-fanfic
Unexpected turn of events (the Fanficlover
Dr Kate Stevens and head curator of the natural history museum. What many people don't know however is who the father of her son is. Little Arthur is a bright, loving an...
  • odonoghue
  • danny
  • mark
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Life of Amalia » British Royal family by BriFlare
Life of Amalia » British Royal -BriFlare
A family secret is brought into the light by the media and parliament. Now Amalia Spencer must figure out if she wants to accept it or move with her life as the beloved...
  • princecharming
  • meghanmarkle
  • royalblood
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The Double Life Of A Lady by nyccitygirl718
The Double Life Of A Ladyby NYCGirl718
Diana Charlie Spencer, is a Hollywood actress who stars in Marvel's The Avengers. Little is known about Diana to the public. Diana is a very private person with good rea...
  • markruffalo
  • chrisevans
  • princegeorge
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The Kidnapped Princess by nyccitygirl718
The Kidnapped Princessby NYCGirl718
Annabelle Richards, grew up in a mediocre childhood. She is the only child of Jack and Maggie Richards. Annabelle's parents kept her sheltered away her whole life for a...
  • meghanmarkle
  • princegeorge
  • theroyalfamily
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You Were Always Mine by nyccitygirl718
You Were Always Mineby NYCGirl718
Princess Nina of Sofia was born into Bulgarian royalty. Her father and mother are King and Queen of Bulgaria. Nina is third in line to get the throne after her two older...
  • queen
  • princessdiana
  • windsor
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The Olympian and The Heir  by molliermag
The Olympian and The Heir by Mo Mo
Rose is a normal 20 year old girl. Ro owns the world famous Duchesses Designs and is and Olympic Beach Volleyball player. George is your average 20 year old guy but jus...
  • queen
  • duchesscatherine
  • london
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Following Her Footsteps  by justjedithings
Following Her Footsteps by ROMANS 8:28
NEW: 1997 shocked the lives of so many because of the horrible accident involving princess Diana. We all know she ended up divorcing prince Charles and having 2 boys wit...
  • princessdiana
  • england
  • thequeen
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American Duchess by SunflowerMilan
American Duchessby Milan
Rowen moves to London and ends up in love with a man who will change her life Prince Harry Fan fiction
  • katemiddleton
  • princeharry
  • scandal
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Total Nicole » Prince Harry & Nikki Bella by ThelovelyAngels
Total Nicole » Prince Harry & YSL
×BOOK 1× A Royal Reality. In which Nicole leaves the United States to get over a mutual break up but instead lands into the arms of her real prince charming who is an ac...
  • maryse
  • royalty
  • queen
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Son of Prince Harry  by 17sforbes
Son of Prince Harry by 17sforbes
What happens when Prince harry and Meghan Markle has a child? What happens if their child has autism? What happens to their famliy? Will they stay together? Will it brin...
  • princewilliam
  • duke
  • duchess
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Closer by hrhbruna
Closerby Bruna Mendes
Roxanne é bonita, inteligente e destemida. George é um cara bastante acima da média. Quando fogo e gasolina se encontram significa incêndio na certa, mas no caso desses...
  • royal
  • royalfamily
  • roxanne
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Ava by hrhbruna
Avaby Bruna Mendes
Ava é uma jovem escocesa que atravessará uma jornada de empoderamento e amor próprio. Com perda auditiva moderada, e flutuando num mundo onde ela pode se desligar facilm...
  • princewilliam
  • williammoseley
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Cry Pretty » B.R.F by BriFlare
Cry Pretty » B.R.Fby -BriFlare
You can pretty lie and say it's okay You can pretty smile and just walk away Pretty much fake your way through anything But you can't cry pretty × A family secret is bro...
  • rebel
  • meghanmarkle
  • rihanna
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Rose and Harry (A Prince Harry Fanfic Book 1) by molliermag
Rose and Harry (A Prince Harry Mo Mo
Rose Middleton is the twin sister of Kate Middleton. What happens when Rose and Kate befriend William? At the 2002 St. Andrews annual fashion show William introduces Har...
  • standrews
  • princewilliam
  • fanfiction
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