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Goodbye ( Complete )#PrimoAwards2018 by danemmistyloydjames
Goodbye ( Complete ) E.Jᴬᴰᴺ
Tara magbasa at sama-sama tayong umiyak, magalit at kiligin. Sana magustuhan nyo...
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My One True Love (Completed) #PrimoAwards2018 by gorgeousjourney
My One True Love (Completed) gorgeousjourney
I couldn't bear to see her cry and see her feel more pain but what hurts me more is that I couldn't do anything for her to lessen her pain. I just comfort her with good...
  • featured
  • pagibig
  • heart
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The Heartthrob and The Varsity Player by bernardinosarah
The Heartthrob and The Varsity Sarah Bernardino(eizenyuan)
Rank: #357 in Teen Fiction (06/03/18) Rank: #720 in Bestfriend (5/11/18) Rank: #7 in Trial Category (11/02/18) Rank: #4 in wopawards2018 (10/28/18) Rank: #1 in PSICOM (1...
  • varsity
  • sunflowerawards2k18
  • psicom
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Gangster's Hell University (On Going) SLOW UPDATE  by MikaZaki_AkiRa
Gangster's Hell University (On 🌟J-A-S🌟
Highest rank #,,4 in mistery #3 in primoawards # 12 TEENFIC Pano kung yung papa mo ay ipapasok ka sa university ng mga gangster makakatagal ka kaya dun o makakauwi ka pa...
  • lovetriangle
  • university
  • lips
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Her King #SunflowerAwards2k18 (#PrimoAwards2018)  by LilianPersephone_
Her King #SunflowerAwards2k18 ( 𝒞𝒶𝓁𝓂
Best in Fantasy WSA2018 Prologue "Hey! You look tired? Hindi mo naman kailangan gawin to eh. " saad niya "Nah! I can manage and I'd like to be a good a gi...
  • wpaa2018
  • celestine
  • prince
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Unheard Thoughts #PrimoAwards2018 #polkadotawards #TLA2018 by BananaZurc
Unheard Thoughts Monique Pamintuan
"Some things can't be taught Feelings that can't be bought Sorry I can't be caught These are my Unheard Thoughts" "People's Choice Awards" ~ The Blac...
  • tbpa2018
  • cloudawards2018
  • thehappinessawards
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My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) [Under Editing] by Potatowalker
My Girl is an Alien (Jelsa) [ Snowfall_Cutie_JELSA:3
{Under Editing} (Primo awards 2018 participant and Sunflower awards 2018 participant) ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ What will happen if there is an alien invasion going to happen sooner or...
  • alien
  • elsa
  • jelsa
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His Name Was Eros (ON-GOING) by MrCrsh27
His Name Was Eros (ON-GOING)by CrshMr
#33 In rankings 2018 "Every King needs a Queen.. even a heartless one. Even the doormats longs for your missing footsteps." --------------------- Date written...
  • love
  • hisnameseries
  • lovable
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Fallen Symphonies [POETRY] ✓ by lynemalandz28
Fallen Symphonies [POETRY] ✓by Ms.Layne
"Poetry is the record of the best and happiest moments of the happiest and best minds." "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought h...
  • love
  • justwriteit
  • wattys2018
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That Witch Girl #PrimoAwards2018 by lynemalandz28
That Witch Girl #PrimoAwards2018by Ms.Layne
Meet Witchiana Selena Mendoza... Yana for short... 16 yrs. Old ... 4th yr. Highschool in Magonoshtta Academy.. Hindi ito school of wizards and witches.. isa itong prest...
  • wattys2018
  • witchgirl
  • bitthetypicalwitchstories
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Poems 1(Completed) Published Under Smashwords, Inc. by gorgeousjourney
Poems 1(Completed) Published gorgeousjourney
Poems are where my heart lies. Please enjoy my own created poems. I was experiencing sadness last time, that's probably why I was able to write these poems. I hate this...
  • goodbye
  • mistake
  • poemcollection
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League High | #PrimoAwards2018 | #BBA2018 | #GAPH2018 | #TLA2018 |#LuxAwards2017 by typicalcazandra
League High | #PrimoAwards2018 | ℭ
Ahri is a new student at League High. She is now in third (3rd) year high. League High is a special school that teaches their students how to use their abilities and to...
  • fantasy
  • fight
  • championship
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Buhay Otor (One Shot - completed) #PrimoAwards2018 #WWC2018 by gorgeousjourney
Buhay Otor (One Shot - completed) gorgeousjourney
Buhay ko hindi buhay mo... One Shot o One Shit? 👉🏻 wattys2018 entry Highest Rank #203 in Humor Rank #1 in Nakakatawa tags TAGALOG/Filipino
  • joke
  • nakakatawa
  • author
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The Chosen One ✔ by ginoong_eusebio
The Chosen One ✔by Euasebio
Elemental Series # 1 Highest Rank ❕11 in Adventure Awards: Winner at Flower Award 2018 Date started: March 21,2018 Date Finished:May 23, 2018 A story about a kid that ha...
  • celestine
  • adventure
  • battle
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The Handsonme psycho Exchange Student by FlutterMeTooMuch
The Handsonme psycho Exchange
Hi! Ako nga pala si Yanny Phenelope Corpuz (ECHOOZ ng name ko dba? haha ganyan ang mga cute.) I'm 17 years old, pure cute at filipino ako. Lagi kong kasama ang baliw kon...
  • primoawards2018
  • teenfiction
  • on-going
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Mom (One Shot) Completed #PrimoAwards2018 by gorgeousjourney
Mom (One Shot) Completed gorgeousjourney
***Featured at Wattpad Short Story Reading List Entitled Tissues Advised*** A one shot story tribute for all beloved moms in the world. A thousand words one shot story...
  • wattys2018
  • story
  • daughterslove
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Suicide Diaries #PHTimes2019 #PrimoAwards2018 #TheWattys2018 by Victrixa
Suicide Diaries #PHTimes2019 Victrixa
  • death
  • phtimes2019
  • love
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Letters For That Oblivious Girl [Poetry] #PrimoAwards2018 by princeofalltrades
Letters For That Oblivious Girl [ aris
[Highest rank: #77 in Poetry] "You will never be mine to keep as much as you and I will never meet." -A love anthology of stories, poems, and untold letters.-
  • thesunsetawards
  • wattys2018
  • primoawards2018
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