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BASICALLY BAKUSQUADby Ilikeanimefiteme
[used to be -this was not a good idea- but title changed] its bakusquad, that name comes with a warning. h e l p m e
  • mina
  • tapeboi
  • bakusquad
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We're Something Odd TheOddOnesOut x SomethingElseYT by UnipieWrites
We're Something Odd Unipie
James stays over at Adam place before heading over to Vidicon. James has been having a few sleepless nights and Adam has to help him get over whatever has been bothering...
  • wattys2019
  • pridemonth
  • somethingodd
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Violet Strings (GirlxGirl) by CityCrime3131
Violet Strings (GirlxGirl)by Death
"My lips burn to feel the pressure of her lips on mine." Violet Strings is an LGBTQ+ poetry collection that focuses on romance between two girls, coming out...
  • unlimitedpride
  • poem
  • girlslikegirls
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"Don't confess, write songs." An advice by Harry Styles. by bolouise
"Don't confess, write songs." An not a label
Even though it was Louis Tomlinson who sang the melody, it was Harry Styles who wrote a song about him. - Or the one where One Direction exists out of Louis Tomlinson wi...
  • romance
  • loveislove
  • gay
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Fluff/Smut/Cute Eren x Levi Images  by attack__on__yaoi_
Fluff/Smut/Cute Eren x Levi Images by attack__on__yaoi_
Some of my favourite Eren x Levi images which make my heart warm and fight through the stresses of everyday life <3 Follow for daily updates of this adorable pairing
  • rirenfanfic
  • aotyaoi
  • attackontitanyaoi
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☆.。.:*  𝚞 𝚛    𝚜 𝚘   𝚐 𝚊 𝚢   .。.:*☆ by bngtxn
☆.。.:* 𝚞 𝚛 𝚜 𝚘 𝚐 𝚊 𝚢 bngtxn
g a y -- in which jeon jeonggukk gets a message from an unknown number. started ; 130719 ended ; (ongoing) "can you just stop being so gay?" "but i am...
  • taekook
  • maknae
  • taehyung
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billie eilish x reader images by lillierad123
billie eilish x reader imagesby billie
images if billie:) enjoy billie is bisexual fem reader no smut request open
  • eilish
  • billieeilish
  • preferences
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Elvira  by kyrie_eden
Elvira by kyrie_eden
"You're the famous, Elvira? But you're a child?" "Shut your yapper before I kill you. You said you had a great deal, right?" The famously known gang...
  • elvira
  • pride
  • killer
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Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL) by GrayWrites11
Girl Next Door (GIRLXGIRL)by GrayWrites
  • pride
  • affair
  • hot
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young lgbt thoughts by haifaith3
young lgbt thoughtsby haifaith3
this will have no real structure to it but pretty me just rants and such cause ya know. but you know its me ranting about gay stuff and gushing and what not. one lesbos...
  • lgbtpride
  • rantingaboutlife
  • pridemonth
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The Emotionary by Matekar49
The Emotionaryby Sai Matekar
Trying to pen the emotions "The feeling starts from my heart flows through my veins Comes to my mind Bleeds on paper and finally ends my pain" Highest ranking...
  • raw
  • notalone
  • poetrybook
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Ask the Sander Sides!! by Anxiousduke
Ask the Sander Sides!!by CAN I BE UR MOM!?!?
I have forever wanted to do something like this and recently i have gotten back into Thomas. So, i decided to do this, plus i love interacting with people. You can ask a...
  • romansanders
  • gay
  • logic
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Battle of the Queer by indisll
Battle of the Queerby indigø.
Isabella is a 16 year old female from Maine who decides she will be using they/them pronouns instead of she/her, identifying as non-binary, and changing her first name t...
  • pridemonth
  • queer
  • lgbt-themed
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Lexia by ink_dreemurr
Lexiaby Xero Dreemurr
DISCLAIMER this book will get NSFW every now and then. so beware. This book is about a true story of a gay couple from my school in real life. that's it
  • lexia
  • pridemonth
Invisible Love - A Brammy Story by WobblyFish123
Invisible Love - A Brammy Storyby The Hedgehog!
People say that life is like a rollercoaster, but for me, I've been on the rollercoaster so many time that I know all of the twists and turns. When he arrived, everythin...
  • pride
  • ts4
  • thesims
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Almost Like Fate by Dat_Blue_Skittle
Almost Like Fateby A Lonely Writer
When fates intertwine, there's nothing you can do to keep two people away from each other. But damn, the universe will definitely try. When love forms among a million st...
  • bullying
  • brokenfamily
  • love
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The Queer Enterprise  by WaiiDortsy
The Queer Enterprise by Doris W.
Not particularly a cupid but that's what people would think. This service deals with love but not just romantically. Family, friendship, yourself, and so on to help the...
  • friendship
  • boyxboy
  • teenromance
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Entrelaçadas by PipaRivera88
Entrelaçadasby Pippa Rivera
Depois de um relacionamento conturbado e quase trágico, Melinda e Luísa estão de volta para nos mostrar como estão suas vidas na bela Gran Canária.
  • riodejaneiro
  • amor
  • adolescente
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Wish You Were Gay by FandomObsession418
Wish You Were Gayby Avengers/Revengers
He's a quiet, gay boy struggling with his mental health and his homophobic parents. He's a loud, rebellious bisexual boy with terrible self-preservation skills and a sk...
  • lgbtpride
  • bisexual
  • nonbinary
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We Are Rainbows by Lollys133
We Are Rainbowsby Lollys133
This Lgbt+ book is a place for all of us to hang out, discuss topics, and inform others about our sexualities! I am hoping this can be helpful for questioning peeps and...
  • asexual
  • graysexual
  • lgbt
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