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Tides of Fate | ᴍᴀʀᴀᴜᴅᴇʀs ᴇʀᴀ by adharyn
Tides of Fate | ᴍᴀʀᴀᴜᴅᴇʀs ᴇʀᴀby 𝐀𝐃𝐇𝐀𝐑𝐘𝐍
❛ It's not like Carina would go and do something stupid like falling in love with Prongs, would she?❜ It was a terrible idea to date someone who'd been in love with som...
Cinnamon {James Potter} by theweirdchic
Cinnamon {James Potter}by theweirdchic
'But if I let you in, you would never wanna leave.' -Hayley Williams, 'Cinnamon' | MARAUDERS ERA | * Beautiful cover made by @charcoalate * *DISCLAIMER: I do not own the...
AMARANTHINE-ɪ, pjo/hp by Divergent_Slytherin
AMARANTHINE-ɪ, pjo/hpby Isabelle Potter
AMARANTHINE am-uh-RANTH-un 1.not fading, not dying Aurora Black had learnt to fend for herself from a very young age. After running away from her orphanage, she finds he...
The Spellfull Sixties by wintero
The Spellfull Sixtiesby Wintero
'There is no good and evil. There is only power. And those too weak to see it' The Spellfull sixties ; a groovy time full of love, friendship, magic...and a Pureblood wa...
Girl Power by erbuie2021
Girl Powerby Emi Love
(On Hold) Hermione, Ginny, and Luna learn the truth about Dumbledore. What do they learn? Who else knows? Who are they really? What else is going on? Fred x Hermione Geo...
Phoenix | Fabian Prewett by simp4themarauders
Phoenix | Fabian Prewettby simp4themarauders
What if Lily Evans had a twin sister? What if Petunia Evans loved both of her sisters? What if Voldemort never came? This is the life of Phoenix May Evans. This book wi...
Crown | Regulus Black by accioweasleys-
Crown | Regulus Blackby jessie baby
IDREIUS ✯ a kingdom lost long ago, where magic ruled and where many ancient families traced their origins- or so they claimed. now nothing more than a tale told to chil...
Starcrossed by LizWestgate
Starcrossedby Lizard
Starcrossed - adjective A phrase describing a pair of lovers whose relationship is oftern thwarted by outside forces. Ellie Rivers was a normal 7th year Ravenclaw with a...
{LA MEJOR AMIGA} JAMES POTTER by La-merodeadora-Black
{LA MEJOR AMIGA} JAMES POTTERby La-merodeadora-Black
En el momento en el que Malia Prewett se dio cuenta de que estaba enamorada de su mejor amigo, James Potter. A partir de aquel momento, todo se jodió. Todo lo que ellos...
Back to Black|| Regulus black by accio_mential_health
Back to Black|| Regulus blackby accio_mential_health
In which The youngest Prewett sibling finds herself falling for the youngest black heir -------- "Don't tell me your in this class prewett?" "Me? No I'm...
fireworks - gideon prewett fanfiction by Writerrr394
fireworks - gideon prewett flutteringflowers
New students were rare to Hogwarts, but a girl making Gideon Prewett speechless was rarer. When Elodie LaRue joins Hogwarts at the start of 5th year, she doesn't know wh...
sun queen | marauders era by acc1odracomalfoy
sun queen | marauders eraby marianne <33
marianne juliette prewett, the 5th marauder. everyone knows her throughout hogwarts, mostly for good reasons. her sister was well known, an icon in the wizarding communi...
Red Venom ● Draco Malfoy by DramioneHub
Red Venom ● Draco Malfoyby ●
The girl wasn't completely red. Her color was green but her temper and hair were indeed red. After the death of her father and her mother's identify being unknow...
Avalon (Year 2) by jane1987
Avalon (Year 2)by jane (miss hearty)
Avalon is a 12 year old girl who goes to Hogwarts for her 2nd year. but when a dangerous wizard escapes out of the wizard Prison her school year seemes threatened. to pr...
The Sun, the Moon, and all the Stars in Between (Remus Lupin) by KathleenTea
The Sun, the Moon, and all the Kit
(previously Summer Solstice) Marauders Era Regulus and Solstice Black are having trouble coping with Sirius' emancipation. ❃ Solstice seems to have found solace in one...
Once a Prewett, Always a Prewett by ARealReader
Once a Prewett, Always a Prewettby Calm. Cool. Chaos.
"Come on Jules don't be a baby." "Ciara you know very well that I hate that name." "Yeah and I hate my parents, doesn't mean they're gonna disap...
You Truly Are My Amazing by Potterwood107
You Truly Are My Amazingby PotterWood
Years of being at Hogwarts and Remus Lupin in his 7th and final year at Hogwarts has finally admitted that he is falling for the girl of his dreams. Who is this girl? Sh...
...Jily... by SaraVitalDurand
#18 Jily_Shipper
This is my version of how was Hogwarts at the Marauder's time, and how James and Lily fell in love...
How to become a Death Eater by writerPotterman
How to become a Death Eaterby writerPotterman
Diane Prewett never really wanted to become a Death Eater. But like they say, it's all about family.
Into A New World by depressed-depression
Into A New Worldby depressed depression
I do NOT own Harry Potter A totally different version of the Harry Potter series... Have fun!