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HERO (BxB) ✔ by -Leonade
HERO (BxB) ✔by Leo シ
"I need a hero" "I can be your hero" "How?" "I can be your man"
self harm alternatives | ✎ by blurry-face
self harm alternatives | ✎by Luciah
➳ alternatives for self harm to help you distract yourself from bad thoughts. ➳ dm me if you need a friend to rant to. <3 - @blurry-face, 2019. (used to be @cutiebuf...
Say by orestbey50
Sayby orestbey50
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Show by ludovicowesterman94
Showby ludovicowesterman94
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Garden by tessiestierwalt31
Gardenby tessiestierwalt31
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How to Prevent Tooth Decay? by whitesmile14
How to Prevent Tooth Decay?by white smile
Our teeth are made up of a hard calcium surface called enamel and it protects and encapsulated the nerves, tissues, gums, etc. This surface is constantly bombarded by a...
Guide to Residential Perimeter Security by nethgerona1
Guide to Residential Perimeter neth gerona
We should all work together to prevent residential burglary. So, let's talk about securing the perimeter of your home. What can you do to make your home more secure? Are...
Task by nickihaldi80
Taskby nickihaldi80
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Love by palsbeaton59
Loveby palsbeaton59
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Weapon by poirerbrenner39
Weaponby poirerbrenner39
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Prepare by jalbertrennolls26
Prepareby jalbertrennolls26
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Bad by rannanishimura33
Badby rannanishimura33
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Fall by afrikahcastells51
Fallby afrikahcastells51
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Human by ardussiendres70
Humanby ardussiendres70
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Experiment Patanin by Eden0112
Experiment Pataninby Adrienne
Emeri Cariter is in the year 2626 known as the death year. Eurasia and America are at war, with the help of Canada and Mexico. While all hell breaks loose in the streets...
Subject by archiekoller34
Subjectby archiekoller34
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Court by beitzdefoe66
Courtby beitzdefoe66
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