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little nightmares x reader oneshots and scenarios! by SamV73
little nightmares x reader Samael V
this includes the DLC, number one, and number 2! Requests are welcomed and encouraged!
Great Pretender | COMPLETED by BeautifulSkyn
Great Pretender | COMPLETEDby Jena
Joy Silvhastia is a good kontrabida actress. She worked hard for her family. One old woman was so angry to her as kontrabida in a movie and because of that she is really...
Maid Pretender by coneOtaku06
Maid Pretenderby cha-cha 04
Have you been heard of the word 'ENGAGE' ?? 'Sarion Blue Frixton' ang kilala bilang pinakabata at napaka gwapo'ng lalake kaya naman napaka lakas nyang humugot ng mga inv...
Vengeance of Notorious [Under Editing] by Unlucky_Stranger
Vengeance of Notorious [Under 𝙼
They are ready to conquer to take revenge. Never wake the demon hiding in a disguise way. Open all your senses or you may be lose. Notorious back with a Vengeance.
||Pretenders||☄️ by Jaynhi
||Pretenders||☄️by Jaynhi🌷❄️
You will never know how bad you are until you try it. You will never know how good you are at lying until you're forced to. And you will never know what you're capable o...
The pretender (Under Editing) by DarkCakess
The pretender (Under Editing)by 𝐄𝐀
- Completed Story. She's Aya Fenchen, an addle-brained At tila Mamanang-manang na babae, She lives in a peaceful life, not until she met Eazeke Hun an famous idol who se...
A girl with a high honor a royalty soon to be the ruler a queen but in just a one snap she disappear not really disappear but no where to be found should i say a prin...
QUIEN ERES, AMOR MISTERIOSO. - (Sinners Series #2).  by presh_148
QUIEN ERES, AMOR MISTERIOSO. - ( precious robles
The Girl known as Khiella chasing for her freedom, escaping to the darkness she was once in. Accidentally she was hit by the car of a man and that guy will be her escape...
TYRANT 7: The Pretender by HiddenGrief
TYRANT 7: The Pretenderby HiddenGrief
TYRANT 7 Book 7: The Pretender Hunter Arevalo
Pretending to be his girl  by nostxlgicxx
Pretending to be his girl by 𝚂𝚘𝚓𝚞. ☾
College Romance Series # 1 Venus kish ashton lives with her stepmother and her stepsister. Growing up without her dear mother by her side, she explore things in life whi...
*Great Pretender Smuts !'. by Lihuuu
*Great Pretender Smuts !'.by lihu !>ヮ<
//// Random smuts from the anime 'Great Pretender' //// Reader inserts + Ships //// *dance*
sweet villain by Brightnessmxed
sweet villainby bmxed bright✪
Lily is the dukes daughter the next crowned princess however Elizabeth is the princess aka sister of the prince Elizabeth has some secrets of her own like wanting to tak...
I'm in disguise [ON GOING] by Princess_in_a_rose
I'm in disguise [ON GOING]by EDM Writes
I'm this girl who hides everything from anyone. Not all of my friends know my real identity. I'm just hiding with a big mask underneath my personality. Disguising my rea...
The Great Pretender by Nixxy_Nixxy
The Great Pretenderby V E R O N I C A
Sa buhay di mo alam kung sino yung mga taong pwede mong pagkatiwalaan, taong pwede mong paglaanan mo ng puso mo kaya pag maling tao nabigyan natin ng bagay na yun...
Life as A Lesson by QueenofPepper
Life as A Lessonby QueenofPepper
Chelsea Chelsea is a wealthy,flamboyant, sexy, famous and beautiful girl. Her key words are sex, money and fame. She believes that this are the most important things in...
Yours truly, Azrael by SilverAmber15
Yours truly, Azraelby SilverAmber
He smile, but he wants to cry. He talk, but he wants to be quiet. He pretend that he's happy, but he isn't.
The cold room by sa1lorm00n
The cold roomby Hayami 💜
"...L'hai ucciso/a?" Di sicuro non avrei mai pensato di svegliarmi sentendo quelle parole, specialmente quando, di sicuro, stavano parlando di me. ++ - Quest...
The Flaming Rose (X.U. Series #2) by InfiniteFlameyy
The Flaming Rose (X.U. Series #2)by IAM_SKNM
[X.U. SERIES #2] Genre: Romance, Teenfic, Random A girl who's already born as maldita and palaban. Meet her and know her personality. She's damn gorgeous but a bully. Ri...
You BLUE it! (The Candidates Get Together with Teal)  by HeartsAndMusics1Ham8
You BLUE it! (The Candidates Get Empathy
The Candidates' one shot stories that I'll only write during special occasions. Setting: Unnamed AU in Teal's Multiverse. Not canon to anything at all, I just wanna do...
Very little nightmares (Five x Six kinda?) by Littlemashmash
Very little nightmares (Five x Fox girl Pups Little
Five (Raincoat girl) Was a girl who was living in a place mainly called the nest. She wanted to escape so she went off and tried to get out. She tried escaping the horri...