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Thirty Years of Winter by writerlacy
Thirty Years of Winterby Crystal Lacy
Severus lives longer than he ever expected, but birthdays don't get any easier.
Eddie is late to a holiday gathering of the fire fam. He goes through the motions.
These Hands of Yours by rightsidethru
These Hands of Yoursby rightsidethru
Bucky might have a Thing for Tony's hands. And how he handles guns.
Up Close and Personal by sheila_snow
Up Close and Personalby sheila_snow
Dr. Alan Grant has always been intrigued by velociraptors, but he never expected they'd be equally intrigued by *him*. Warning: While mild and not the focus of the stor...
Recommended Reads by bookworx26
Recommended Readsby Kallista A.
A collection of my favorite or recommended fanfics from mostly Ao3 but also some from Wattpad :-)
Around Here by AlyWasHere17
Around Hereby Aly
"The moment that Jordan Shearer steps into the classroom, Lee knows that he's not from around here." Preslash short between two boys from two very different ba...
Simon Walks Into A Bank by Mistymay6886
Simon Walks Into A Bankby Mistymay6886
Simon is taken hostage in a bank heist. Raphael, Magnus, and Alec scramble trying to find a way to get him out, and worry how he will cope. Turns out they may have under...
A Soul Takes Wing by rightsidethru
A Soul Takes Wingby rightsidethru
Tony's wings have always been still, limp things attached to his shoulderblades. Eventually, Bucky's curiosity gets the better of him.
That Darn Cat by Mistymay6886
That Darn Catby Mistymay6886
Magnus sets up his new office, works his first Official Case with the SBPD, impersonates a cat, annoys Alec, and meets some of Alec's family; all in all, it's a very pro...
The Struggle of the Hypocalcemic by CheshirePretzel
The Struggle of the Hypocalcemicby Luca
Cross-posting this for a friend from Ao3 :) Spencer is still in recovery from the Tobias Hankel incident, and from the subsequent months of addiction and chaos after. Du...
Psych! It's Magnus- Part 1 Of Magnus Bane, Psychic Detective Series by Mistymay6886
Psych! It's Magnus- Part 1 Of Mistymay6886
Basically Psych, only with the Shadowhunters cast and mixed with whatever my mind decides to run away with. Magnus has an eidetic memory, he can pick out the most sublet...
Uncertain Times by HermeowneBlue
Uncertain Timesby Mione
In order to keep their channel afloat, Brett and Eddy decide to share a flat as long as the coronavirus keeps raging on.
Ártó dalok könyve [18+] by bloodredend
Ártó dalok könyve [18+]by bloodredend
Ártó dalok könyve - novellagyűjtemény, melyben versek/képek/zenék esetlegesen színházi előadások által ihletett szösszeneteket gyűjtöm egybe. Általánosságban komor, söt...
Broken (Cecilos - Welcome to Night Vale) by Seres_61514
Broken (Cecilos - Welcome to Belle
This is my contest entry for the December/January one shot contest being run by @ShipsLikeFedEx221B. An angsty teen!Cecilos AU Awkward crushing Abusive mother If you enj...
Mine by tagoold
Mineby tagoold
Hakkai finds himself intensely jealous of the attention a monk visiting Chang'an is paying Sanzo. Sanzo just wants to shoot everyone and have them leave him alone. Hakka...
Skipping Fear by The_Quierdest
Skipping Fearby Jules
Flash thought he knew what fear was. Nothing compared to the look of pure terror in front of him.
Never Alone (Titanic) (Oneshot) (Caledon x Jack) by violet_baudelaire
Never Alone (Titanic) (Oneshot) ( violet_baudelaire
ONESHOT. Caledon knew he should jump. Yet his hands remained firmly gripping the railings, and he did not make an attempt to let go. It was one thing to think about jump...
How You Like Me Now? ~ An Obikin One Shot  by Faithless11
How You Like Me Now? ~ An Obikin Faithless11
Anakin gives Obi-Wan temptation. Note: I do not own any of the characters. This work is set in between 'Attack of the Clones' (Ep. II) and 'Revenge of the Sith' (Ep.III).
Five Dollars for the Jar by ElisaStoryZabini
Five Dollars for the Jarby apollo41
Stiles is the Alpha of what's canonically known as the McCall pack. Derek, Laura, Peter and Derek's kid move back to Beacon Hills, but every time they sense a threat, it...
Are dates always this awkward? by dangerbeforeyou
Are dates always this awkward?by dangerbeforeyou
Basically Tang Yi's thoughts (& perhaps realisations??) about Shao Fei... Set during the 'first date' meal in episode 6 & the 'second date' tea in episode 7 (a HIStory 3...