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He's My Wife by ang3l_n_d3vil
He's My Wifeby Angel
They are going to pay for taking his wife from him.
My Old Car by Shadow_Wolf1514
My Old Carby Shade
Prapai's only love are his vehicles. Sky's motivation in life is to fix things.
Led by the Wind through the Sky by DayDreamRomantic
Led by the Wind through the Skyby DayDreamRomantic
Rena was one of Prapai's past conquests who has never been able to get the player out of her head. Not believing that she can change his ways, she refuses to chase after...
What the heart wants by Feychild1225
What the heart wantsby Feychild1225
AU where Phayu and Prapai are at the same university as Sky and Rain. Sky has no history of trauma and Rain is the same precious little cinnamon roll as always. This i...
Changes by PrimKayeCaete
Changesby Prim Kaye Cañete
Phayu and Prapai had been best friends for a long time. Prapai had always been known as a playboy while Phayu is a workaholic. People are always attracted to them, but w...
Where Ends Meet ~ KP x LITA ~ by cc_123_playz
Where Ends Meet ~ KP x LITA ~by Ciara
As Sky and Rain discover Prapai and Phayu are affiliated with the mafia world, their relationships take a turn. Phayu is VegasPete's child Prapai is KinnPorsche's child...
THE BABYSITTER • KINPORSCHE • by flappykitty01
PARK MINJUN decides to join the babysitter club , little does he know his first clients are two very handsome men who seem to take a liking to him. Or In which Park Mi...
Hold Me Closer.  by neo103
Hold Me Closer. by neo103
"Where The Hell is Kinn! " Porsche grunted out as the contractions kept on coming "Sir we understand your concerns but your partner is on the way, we nee...
Wingless by AnastasiiaKurganova
Winglessby Lovewriting
Sky is a nineteen year old boy with a problem. His wings. Giant purple wings that make his life miserable. He hates them. However, when Prapai walks into Sky's life, so...
One More Chance..?  {Phayurain} by slickstranger
One More Chance..? {Phayurain}by stranger on the internet :)
Betrayal, regret and forgiveness? What will happen when rain's whole life falls apart? Why did things go as they did? And what will happen when Rain meets the people who...
Kings (Wingless sequel) by RealityMadnessArmy
Kings (Wingless sequel)by Yoona Ellie
FortPeat/PaiSky FantasyAU Sequel to Wingless Sky can't have a normal life because to have a life so ordinary one needs to be an ordinary person. As for someone with Giga...
The Only One Those Eyes Look At by Feychild1225
The Only One Those Eyes Look Atby Feychild1225
Rain and Sky have their worlds turned upside down by the two mysterious new students at their boarding school.
Rain's faen  and Pai's storm  by Saawturnn
Rain's faen and Pai's storm by Anan Raul Sanchez
When the Rain embrace the sky and the Storm meets the wind An Au of the characters from the Thai bl love in the air with a twist. The pairing will be Rain and sky with...
What the Heart Knows by Feychild1225
What the Heart Knowsby Feychild1225
Follow up to What The Heart Wants AU where P'Phayu and P'Pai met Sky and Rain at university. Sky has no history of trauma and Rain is the same precious little cinnamo...
Whipped  by berrybiiu
Whipped by 🌈
Another messy story
Not All Blooming Flowers Are Beautiful by ang3l_n_d3vil
Not All Blooming Flowers Are Angel
Flowers are a thing of beauty and joy. But this flower blooming within him is bringing him closer to death's doors instead.
Vaayuvile prenayam[LOVE IN THE AIR] by KOOKETTAN
Vaayuvile prenayam[LOVE IN THE AIR]by Strawberry-Annafoxer
enikku ee story bhayankara ishttanu.. ithra pravishyam kandaalum mathy aavulla.. ee story , ithil kurachokke mattam varuthiyaal engna irikkum??? APPOL MANASSILAYO ITHU...
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Look At Me, Only by JD_Queen
Look At Me, Onlyby JD
Prapai and Rain are both best friends and have been engaged since childhood by their parents. Prapai was always in love with Rain but is it the same for Rain. What if so...
Phayu and Rain : I almost lost you by meandme75
Phayu and Rain : I almost lost youby JustSomeoneWritingStuff
After he saved Rain from Stop's hands, Phayu is badly injured. But he decides to hide it. Of course, it can't end well.
Safety Net by MaelstromOfEmotions
Safety Netby Shatviki
Clad in a pastel yellow hoodie, Sky looked like a walking sunflower, bringing cheer and brightness wherever he went. The sleeves of the hoodie were long enough to envelo...