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Taming His Stallion [BWWM] by Stars-vs-Chocolates
Taming His Stallion [BWWM]by Angel
Paege is young woman known for understanding animals ... or more specifically horses. She is hired by the beautiful sweet sister of a rich and famous tycoon to tame his...
Country Boy, City Girl [LHotP Fan Fiction] by LadyZorro-Queen
Country Boy, City Girl [LHotP FanFiction Writer
Willie Oleson is the troublemaker, a country boy and misunderstood. Esther Wilder is the sensible young girl, a city girl and is growing up much too fast. When Esther W...
Mega Man Ver Ke Book 1: The cyborg's rebellion by Fireheartsage
Mega Man Ver Ke Book 1: The Fireheartsage
In an alternate universe where the Mega Man ZX series never happened... years after the events of Mega Man Zero 4, a disease has wiped out most of humanity, and Reploids...
A Royal Ryde by LadyRosabella
A Royal Rydeby LadyRosabella
Stefon J. Ridry- aka- Jude S. Rydir is a man who relies on no one and nothing. Life and people ( his family) has taught him that you can trust no one. So he does what h...
Cowboys and Angels by books_bands_and_more
Cowboys and Angelsby books_bands_and_more
Adeline Blackwell is 25 years old. When she was five, her parents died of Scarlet fever. She was shipped away to live with her elderly grandparents in New York City. Ade...
Little House on Prairie - Sequel. by LizzieJensen
Little House on Prairie - LizzieJensen
This is a sequel to the TV-series "The Little House on Prairie"; Laura Ingalls lives along with her husband, Almanzo, their daughter Rose and their niece Jen...
prairie dreams by KingEmpo
prairie dreamsby KingEmpo
prairie dreams - a field of green, summer breeze sends, ripples across the sea, dreams perched on milkweed, flutter away
Megaman ZX Advent: Prairie and Thetis Valentine crush kiss by hyperRock
Megaman ZX Advent: Prairie and hyperRock
Author.- Sourcer.- Well, I know this i...
Guided By The Wind by suprgrl1995
Guided By The Windby Kessie-Louise Given
Girouette; it was his name, and when he was activated that was all he knew about himself. But Giro was created for something special, to protect two children that have y...
Manitoba Gothic by Dragonette_Zombie
Manitoba Gothicby Chance
If the corn has ears then the trees have eyes and they are always listening and they are always watching.
Prairie Days by mamabear1972
Prairie Daysby mamabear1972
An early 1800's story of a pioneer family.
Fire by ErikaRoasting
Fireby Erika L Roasting
Susan is a moody teenager longing for adventure but feels stuck in her own dull life. Suddenly she is called into action when a prairie fire threatens her family's prope...
Dusty Prayers by LittleMe88
Dusty Prayersby LittleMe88
The story of an 19 year old pioneer girl who travels west in hopes she can find not only God but herself.
The Error of Elightenment by HedBug
The Error of Elightenmentby Zid
Alternative timeline? future in a pyramid studded agropolis? remember to not. please read while inattentive or otherwise impaired, you can not "burn after reading&q...
The Prairie dogs by emsandwems
The Prairie dogsby ❤ Ujmkbd ❤
again for school all we ever do is write
R K Cleaning by Rkcleaning2
R K Cleaningby R K Cleaning
Address: 7112 22nd Ave, Kenosha, WI 53143 Phone: (262) 632-8002 Website URL:
Why my Little Carrie by lhopcarrie
Why my Little Carrieby lhopcarrie
There was a man who ran into the school with a gun and told the boys to leave and said if the girls did what he said then they would not get hurt but the girls ran Cassa...
Roses R Red by benjfactor
Roses R Redby Benj Victor
Blood spilt due to heartache from neglect, a broken heart, and bystanders.