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Powerpuffs, Rowdyruffs, Powerpunks and Rowdyrights High School AU by New_Skara_Scream
Powerpuffs, Rowdyruffs, Powerpunks...by smacks-booty-in-slacks
This book contains short descriptions of my High School AU PPG/RRB/PPNKG/RRTB and OCs. This also may include their family members, backstories, etc. Credits : * The orig...
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Love Differences {under construction!}  by That_Fan_Girl_
Love Differences {under constructi...by That_Fan_Girl_
Join blossom, bubbles, and buttercup while they face their greatest challenge yet! High school. With the rowdy ruff boys, brick, boomer, and butch. Love and hate faces o...
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Summer Camp  by ___CherryBlossom___
Summer Camp by 🌸♡🌸
The girls have a feeling their father, the professor, is hiding something. . . but what exactly? Blossom, Buttercup, Bubbles, Bunny, and Bell, suspect more of him when h...
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RRG,PPG,RRB,PPNKG,...!^w^[Tạm Drop] by CuteMomoko
RRG,PPG,RRB,PPNKG,...!^w^[Tạm Drop]by Momonako
Làm cái này cho đỡ chán!^v^
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PPG and RRB by Bubbles_x_boomer
PPG and RRBby Jada
The ppg and rrb get stuck in a house by a person (*wink* ;) ) that's trying to get them together, but will they come together or just be enemies FOREVER.
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New Girls by HeadsetGoddess
New Girlsby Arko_Chu
Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup move to The City of Townsville because their father, Professor Utonium got promoted and now worked at Townsville Lab. The girls had to g...
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A Punky Couple by qnmooncactus
A Punky Coupleby lunyy
A special book of Powerpuff Girls' and Rowdyruff's Boys' working together as a team to defeat the evil, punks, the Powerpunk Girls'. A short series and a for fun matter...
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My life with the Powerpunk Girls (MeXRRB) by EJ-THE-DJ
My life with the Powerpunk Girls (...by RRB Lover! 😍✌
This is a story about: I am the PPNKG's sister but the boys like me, what do I do?
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Powerpunk girls x Rowdyright boys by Lisa_the_fan
Powerpunk girls x Rowdyright boysby Smol Bean
Just Powerpunk Girls and Rowdyright Boys fanfiction (the Powerpunk Girls belong to Craig McCracken / Cartoon Network and the Rowdyright Boys belong to JKSketchy)
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Brick cheating on Blossom?!?!?!? (on hold) by cupcakes77774444
Brick cheating on Blossom?!?!?!? (...by The Killer
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PPG, RBB and PPNKG rp book by EJ-THE-DJ
PPG, RBB and PPNKG rp bookby RRB Lover! 😍✌
Rp with the ppg, rrb and ppnkg
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PPG Aesthetics~ by dxmplesss
PPG Aesthetics~by 𝓌𝒹𝓌-𝓅𝓅𝑔 💘
It's all in the title✨.
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Boomer cheating on Bubbles?!?!??!? (on hold) by cupcakes77774444
Boomer cheating on Bubbles...by The Killer
book 2 of "Brick cheating on Blossom?!?!?!?" on hold until book 1 is doneeeeeeeee
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The New Girls by MysteriousAngele
The New Girlsby MysteriousAngele
The New Girls are Coming to town and along with them they bring Love, Drama, Misfortune, Competition, And Secrets. But Their not the only new ones to town. And most cert...
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The Powerpunks are Back by RosyPink426
The Powerpunks are Backby RosyPink426
You know Ari and her friends, Min, Suha, and her new friend Shuel are in middle school, but what happens when the Powerpunks, Berserk, Brat, and Brute, come to the schoo...
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PowerPuff, RowdyRuff, and Powerpunk T or D by HappyGirl5000
PowerPuff, RowdyRuff, and Powerpun...by Haters_Gonna_Hate
Time to torture them!!!!! Send T or D! More D's
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Oc's, RRB, PPG & PPNKG X Reader X My friends X Me X Oc's by EJ-THE-DJ
Oc's, RRB, PPG & PPNKG X Reader X...by RRB Lover! 😍✌
The Rowdyruff boys x my friends, reader, me and oc's
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Truth or Dare, and Questions : For Punks and Rights by crissythedimondgem12
Truth or Dare, and Questions : For...by C r i s s y
Give the Punks and Rights Truth or Dares, and they will do or answer them! They will also answer questions! They can be directed at the entire group, couple, or one pers...
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Berserk X Areon ❤️ (Based around Berserk and Areons POV) by crissythedimondgem12
Berserk X Areon ❤️ (Based around B...by C r i s s y
The story of Berserk. Of how she met Areon and fell in love with him. Also how she is with her sisters. They are 16 years old and in 11th grade. They have gotten out of...
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