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"You stood by me even when the world was against us."
Ember Potter and the Secret of the Gems by lore_vstb
Ember Potter and the Secret of the...by Lore_vstb
all credits go to : Daniphantom0002 on ao3 ( i didn't write this story ) Living as a twin is hard, living as the noticed, unloved twin of the BWL is harder. Ember had...
Howl of the forgotten by maizysnickers
Howl of the forgottenby Wolfy 5111
Neglected and thrown away for her brother( the "boy-who-lived"), Vitani learns all she can while living in the wild while learning she is a very powerful wolf...
The Wrong Conclusion {Drarry} by GioCilliko
The Wrong Conclusion {Drarry}by ghost_boy
Alex Albus Potter, the boy-who-lived... yeah, what a bunch of bull sh- Harry Potter is the real boy-who-lived, though his twin brother, Alex, was declared to be. After y...
Azalea Potter-Black by Wakedancerepeat
Azalea Potter-Blackby wakedancerepeat
Azalea Potter-Black, a billionaire with an IQ of 250 has a secret. what happens when her past finally comes back ___________________________________ Note- I don't own an...
You Lost This War When You Gave Up On Me by Akiri_Lones
You Lost This War When You Gave Up...by Akirion
(Wbwl ✨) Hello, the old Harry can't come to the phone right now. Why? Cause he's dead. Harry James Potter, the twin brother of the beloved 'boy who lived' Henry Lily Pot...
The Miscalculation by silverfire0
The Miscalculationby silverfire0
My name is Amara O'Connell. I wasn't born an O'Connell I was born a Potter. I have an older brother named James Potter Jr. When Voldemort came to attack the Potter's Ja...
Azkaban Child by books_are_life666
Azkaban Childby books_are_life666
James and Lily survived and Harry has a brother. From the age of five, Harry lives in Azkaban. What will happen?
Hadrian Jones And The Sorcerer's Stone by TheGravityMiles
Hadrian Jones And The Sorcerer's S...by YourLocalAnnoyingHellenic
Harry Potter was once apart of a happy family until Voldemort came and the Wizarding World hailed his brother, Charles as "The Chosen One" and he hadn't minded...
Caroline's Rise | Harry Potter by JonesTamsyn
Caroline's Rise | Harry Potterby Mushroom_Lovez
Caroline Dorea Potter, an abandoned queen who finally shows her power to the world. After all who needs a fake boy-who-lived? Or In which Caroline finally steps out of...
LADY OF DEATH by Twoyearsoflove
LADY OF DEATHby Twoyearsoflove
twins were born on 31st July 1981. I was average other was stronger........................ Dia and David twins born to lily and James potter
HP x Avengers | Lantana Romanoff/Potter by Ivanna-Romanoff
HP x Avengers | Lantana Romanoff/P...by Ivanna
Lantana Romanoff was actually born Natalie "Nat" Lilly Euphemia Potter born to Lily and her husband James in 1984 when they were around 24 years old. Lantana w...
Twins: A Different Life Year 1 by boredlife07
Twins: A Different Life Year 1by boredlife07
Dumbledore proclaimed Rosina "Rose" Lillian Potter the "Girl-who-lived" and sent away her brother Hadrian "Harry" James Potter the real bo...
Giving Them Hell by darry_obsessed
Giving Them Hellby darry_obsessed
Cover art not mine Harry Potter was adopted by a Sirius Black after Dumbledore named his brother Charles the boy who lived, wrongly might I add. Will dumbledore realize...
Tale Of Death Land - HP  by Pcrw1233
Tale Of Death Land - HP by Hellowerewolf1
Death was bored of lift and had and amazing idea, eight years later Harry Potter was born but not born alone has a twin brother, Harry's parent abandoned Harry giving hi...
Witch in the Beastworld  by ZaraGreenshields
Witch in the Beastworld by Zara Greenshields
Opheila Potter in one word hated her life, her father James Potter wanted her to he the perfect lady and to do as she was told. her mother Lily went from a some what dow...
The Forgotten Potter Twin by FrancescaPhee
The Forgotten Potter Twinby FrancescaPhee
(New updates) The Potter family had twins that 31st July. Colin Evan Potter and Harry James Potter. After Voldemort attacked, Lily and James survived and Colin was mista...
DEATHS ANGEL, tom riddle, bellatrix black by bellatrixmalfoyy
DEATHS ANGEL, tom riddle, bellatri...by HARRY POTTER
❝Your the angel in hell,❞ Anastasia Potter has been neglected and abused by her parents her whole life. She was adopted by her godfather, Sirius Black and his wife...
Bound by Blood(wbwl) by Leoparddemon78
Bound by Blood(wbwl)by Noctus
Absolutely nothing to see here, just another wrong boy-who-lived story because Albus Dumblewhore is a manipulative old coot. Set in the same AU as Unicorn's Blood, excep...
Secrets Under My Bed (on hiatus) by Money_Priestesss
Secrets Under My Bed (on hiatus)by Money_Priestesss
when the students and adults of Woodsboro, California are teleported to the great hall in Hogwarts with other magical family's, no one was prepared for the betrayal, ho...