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What Is A Pirate? Legolas x Fem Pirate Reader  by Bambi-Sempai
What Is A Pirate? Legolas x Fem Pi...by Bambi-Sempai
Y/n Blackblade. A name given to her because of the powerful sword she carries around, is one of the closest and most loyal friends of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow...
Sparrow's Sister: Double The Trouble by AceQueen7
Sparrow's Sister: Double The Troub...by AceQueen7
Lorena Sparrow is back and more fiercer than ever! Will left and broke her heart, Jack swears the next he sees him he'll murder him and now the two siblings has to worry...
The Sparrow (Soul Mate) by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The Sparrow (Soul Mate)by Lone-wolf-fanfics
When a ship out of time is found with no explanation the Avengers are called in to investigate the ship....and her Captain.
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU Pirates Of The Caribbean by turtleangel10
Daughter of Hades Descendants AU P...by turtleangel10
Harmony was given to Captain Jack Sparrow by the God of the Sea. How will a born goddess princess grow up to be a pirate and raised by the best pirate the world has ever...
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginning by AceQueen7
Sparrow's sister: A new Beginningby AceQueen7
Depression feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Jack Sparrow has been depressed ever since his sister has gotten swallowed up by the Kraken. He hasn't been the...
Fight For The Right by WarriorsofMetal
Fight For The Rightby Follow-the-Sun
Maddie is Elizabeth Swann's younger sister. She dislikes the world of corsets and dresses and prefers sword fighting and wearing men's clothes. Like her sister once did...
Twin Turners: POTC by BiancaEvans2
Twin Turners: POTCby LegolasG5*
This story is about Will and Jackie's adventures in the Caribbean with Captain Jack Sparrow. First this must save Elizabeth Swann from cursed pirates. Secondly they must...
Set Your Sails...to Neverland  || Peter Pan, OUAT by lisajocosh
Set Your Sails...to Neverland ||...by Lisa
Davina Jones is stranded in Neverland. With Lost Boys, and of course, Peter Pan. Now on her own, Davina must find a way to get out on her own, and find her uncle: Capta...
Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp x Reader) by barnes_girl06
Happily Ever After (Johnny Depp x...by Kenobi’s wifie <3
Y/N met Johnny Depp at a gala. They immediately click. Johnny wants to do a movie with her to get to know her better. Y/N is thrilled. After being friends for a while, d...
It's Captain, Mr. Turner (Jack Sparrow X Will Turner) by owobigtuna
It's Captain, Mr. Turner (Jack Spa...by Tuna
"Persuade me." Will stared at Jack in the eyes. Jack smirked as he leaned in closer, his and Will's noses barley touching. "You remember how long I traine...
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REMEMBER, REMEMBER | Jack Sparrow by somekindofstardust
REMEMBER, REMEMBER | Jack Sparrowby problem child
"how'd you end up here, love?" "i don't remember." - in which jack sparrow's first real love beyond the sea is cursed to not remember who he is [pira...
IN THE ASHES / j. sparrow by staywildest
IN THE ASHES / j. sparrowby 𝖘𝖆𝖗𝖆𝖍
❝ there might have been danger in their fire, but there was certainly beauty in the ashes. ❞ © staywildest
Book 3: To the End by MaddyGrace98
Book 3: To the Endby Maddy
The adventure continues as Sophie set out with Jack's crew to save from the locker. Romance, surprises and a new exciting tale await. As the Brethren Court call an impor...
The Devil's Temptress: The Curse of the Black Pearl || Jack Sparrow by houseofflies
The Devil's Temptress: The Curse o...by houseofflies
The fog, it followed them. It haunted them, like they haunted these waters. A suffocatingly thick blanket of chimney smoke coloured mist was forever wrapped around them...
Sparrow's Sister: Immortality by AceQueen7
Sparrow's Sister: Immortalityby AceQueen7
They say once you have been crewed by the damned you'll forever be damned. But that's not the truth for Lorena Sparrow, Captain of the Flying Dutchman she yearns for lan...
Hoist The Colors: Captain Jack Sparrow by ASongOfIceAndFandoms
Hoist The Colors: Captain Jack Spa...by Freddie is my Queen
I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean, all rights go to the Disney company. I only own (Y/n) and the story I make for her, savvy? Book three of the It's a Pirate's Life...
LOTR || ⤜𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙩 →  by legolas_arrows
LOTR || ⤜𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙩 → by :D
[Legolas x OC] "I cannot fight you, Legolas. Your strength is incomparable to mine! She exclaimed, reaching for the sword that had been knocked from her hand and c...
Princess Delphine Ainsley was never in line for the throne, hence being shipped to Port Royal when things in her kingdom go wrong. However, after years in Port Royal thi...
Orlando Bloom Imagines by Aidanturnerimagines
Orlando Bloom Imaginesby Aidanturnerimagines
This book is for Orlando Bloom and all of his characters' imagines.
Depphead Wonders (Complete) by _honeyycomb
Depphead Wonders (Complete)by _honeyycomb
Johnny Depp (& his characters) imagines ✨