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Damiennette arranged Marriage by PLPanda
Damiennette arranged Marriageby Pandamonium
Marinette wakes up in a cell and later is forced to marry a member of the League of Shadows, who is also less than willing. Exactly what she was pulled in? And of course...
Trollhunters: Tales of Baniar by Just_A_Lonely_Girl3
Trollhunters: Tales of Baniarby Kelsea
||OCxJim|| A SORCERESS dead, but not gone AN HEIR unwilling, but strong A BEST FRIEND lost, but hopeful A HUNTER changed, but alive [Post Season Three]
Jopper one shot: Go to the lake by Ellana1502
Jopper one shot: Go to the lakeby Ellana1502
A short text written first for a friend that I would like to share with you. Jopper after season 3, Hop is back, Joyce is pregnant and the children are at the Wheeler's...
Your Problem by EagleWarriormc15
Your Problemby Captain Wind Weaver
Merlin turns Blinky into a baby as a joke and refuses to turn him back- Jim is not happy with this at all. In this scenario the trolls never left for new Jersey- they ar...
Return & Redemption by idkmanwhateverlmao
Return & Redemptionby lmao
When Sanya Patel visits her old town over Thanksgiving break, she immediately falls for Steve Harrington. But only until she practically runs over what is thought to be...
My Moon by 2004butterfly
My Moonby Anokhi
A angsty/fluffy, post season three, rayllum fic I wrote at two a.m. instead of doing my homework.
The celebration by utbisasve
The celebrationby Isabelle Svensson VHGR
Keith worries he's being biphobic to Lance, but it turns out he doesn't have any problem with Lance kissing guys if it's him he's kissing.
Runaways: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet by HeartsLikeMine
Runaways: You Ain't Seen Nothin' Marvelous4
I only have one more intro chapter to do and then the story will begin to progress more I promise. Please enjoy and leave comments if you wish to. If anyone wants to dis...
Spiders Web - A Hannibal Fanfiction by StrangeBird19
Spiders Web - A Hannibal Fanfictionby StrangeBird19
Post season 3 A woman stands grieving at the crime scene of Hannibal Lecters holiday house. Jack Crawford can't shake the feeling that she has a deeper connection to Ha...