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The machine by Lord_of_Dupes
The machineby Lord_of_Dupes
In the near-ish future, where world is ruled by a powerful clique of CEOs known simply as The Board, a woman gets abducted and is brought directly to the cold brains of...
The Cyber Exorcist by ARKwats0n
The Cyber Exorcistby ARKwats0n
I wanted to find out what happens when a demon afflicts a Post-Human consciousness, that is, a being afflicts a human who has uploaded their minds into an immortal body...
Only Human: Aftermath by KingWez
Only Human: Aftermathby Wesley Gray
Only Human is a science fiction drama about a forgotten super-soldier, who must keep up with a unit of next-generation super soldiers in spite of his now-obsolete techno...
Line in the Stars by Mbabaoye
Line in the Starsby Mbabaoye
Sol System, 4418 AD: Having gained a portion of their godlike power in "Übermensch", Id miraculously flees the Master's immortal rule on Earth. Piercing the Or...
THE HUNDRED YEAR MAN by deancmoore
There have been no communiques from Earth post Singularity. The Martian colonists wonder if the race abandoned space-time altogether. But for right now, they have bigg...
Adventures In Posthuman Childhood by noellewonderfic
Adventures In Posthuman Childhoodby Noelle Wonder
Growing up is tough. Sometimes when you feel like an alien sort of mutant, you really are.
Shadow Rose by teengirlywriter19
Shadow Roseby teengirlywriter19
I am the Shadow. I am the Shade. I am the gateway to the New Age. They are the Shield. They are the safes. They are the image of a masked face. Now watch as I expose the...
Wings of Saturn by EwanGrantham
Wings of Saturnby EwanGrantham
Jenny Thain has a problem - the universe is out to get her. Of course Jenny has never been a fan of the way the universe works, so the discontent is mutual. Her friend T...
Gaea's Wrath - the Siege of Haven by NickHall2
Gaea's Wrath - the Siege of Havenby Nick Hall
Enigmatic, Godlike machine-minds rebuild and manipulate a lost civilization -humanity. Relentless, adaptable living weapons invade a peaceful, rustic world -Haven. Can w...
Caligatha by MattSpire
Caligathaby Matt Spire
A brilliant scientist and widower attempts to recreate his deceased wife and child, only to disappear into a fog of drug-addled depression at a remote coastal resort. S...
The Revenants by transhumanprimate
The Revenantsby Transhuman Primate
R doesn't know who she is. She doesn't even remember her full name. But she knows who made her; they will be made to pay a terrible price for creating her, and for the t...
Starless Ichor by lemonflavoredfanta
Starless Ichorby iris
A broken guardian travels the desert in pursuit of the things that destroyed her home: a horde of living air, clear skinned and razor-clawed. She hopes she can find a ne...
Posthuman by sheisnotawriter
Posthumanby Megan
It's 2130 and the posthuman has been created.
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Turmoil - Or A Compendium of Aquatic Posthuman Drama. by Nightweaver
Turmoil - Or A Compendium of Nightweaver
In the future, humanity is dead and gone. All that are left is their post-human children. Among these are Tor3, cybernetic marine creatures originally meant to study the...
POSTHUMAN by ChavonneBrown
POSTHUMANby Chavonne Brown
At the start of the 22nd century, The Flash happened, it brought the Ragnarok Virus. Humanity was changed and Marcus Sewell had lost everything. After 11 years, The Prov...
Canvas by glue-writing
Canvasby Glue
Canvases are a sub-human breed, designed specifically to be putty in your hands. Genetically engineered to have no natural sense of self or autonomy, Canvases can be tau...
I Know You by TankMeVeryMuch
I Know Youby Tank simp account
(Currently on long term indefinite hiatus. Will update when I return!)
Übermensch (3rd Edition) by Mbabaoye
Übermensch (3rd Edition)by Mbabaoye
Earth, 4417 AD: The human race has been wiped out by the godlike Masters and replaced with genetically engineered slaves. Id wakes up one day with no memories, lying in...