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DarkLight Redemption: Post-Human Universe - Book One by JosephMikolay
DarkLight Redemption: Post-Human Joe Mikolay
Finding your place in the world is tough; especially if your world is filled with pissed off superheroes who want to kick your… DarkLight is a conflicted supervillain pr...
The Man from Lagash by FernandoSacchetto
The Man from Lagashby Fernando Sacchetto
A dig in the remote valley of Lagash uncovered a relic from the ancient days... encased in cryogenic stasis, the sole remnant of the surface-dwellers stares back at mank...
GEM OF SOUL by SyifahPublisher
GEM OF SOULby Syifah Publisher
Saat manusia telah memasukki era post-human, apa yang akan terjadi pada manusia? Seorang wanita, post-human, kembali ke 100 tahun sebelum masanya. Membawa sesuatu yang b...
Übermensch (3rd Edition) by Mbabaoye
Übermensch (3rd Edition)by Mbabaoye
Earth, 4417 AD: The human race has been wiped out by the godlike Masters and replaced with genetically engineered slaves. Id wakes up one day with no memories, lying in...
Line in the Stars by Mbabaoye
Line in the Starsby Mbabaoye
Sol System, 4418 AD: Having gained a portion of their godlike power in "Übermensch", Id miraculously flees the Master's immortal rule on Earth. Piercing the Or...