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Demon King is my Husband(ON HOLD) by lesson101
Demon King is my Husband(ON HOLD)by lesson101
This is a Fantasy-Romance, Action-Adventure Gay Novel where the story runs along with a man named Oliver Bay. Upon dying, he was transmigrated into a different world. He...
Possessive Lover [ COMPLETED ]  by ShuKurenai918
Possessive Lover [ COMPLETED ] by Shu Kurenai❤️ Reader-Chan
Shu : Don't mess with me cause you can't handle my anger 😠 wait...who is she ? 😲 Y/n : Hello...I am Y/n and I hate fighting. Shu : Today onwards you are mine 😏 I wi...
Luccerus Ciandler Yutengco Julia Mariake Levisque is the hired make up artist of a known famous model. Her life was as simple as anyone cause she have a loving boyfriend...
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The Possessive Gentleman (SAMPLE) by gabrielevalencia
The Possessive Gentleman (SAMPLE)by Gabriele Valencia
"I promise, Clara, one day I will be back. I will take you back with me, and I will marry you" It was the last thing Raphael told her before he went home, leav...
The Mafia Leader Bought me by SSakuya
The Mafia Leader Bought meby SSakuya
Skylar has been abused her whole life, shes been betrayed by the people she'd trusted and loved the most. Lucas is a heartless killer and would kill anyone who would an...
Giving Love A Chance by thenovice21
Giving Love A Chanceby Dhwani
Is love ever enough? Is it okay to drag people in your mess in the name of love? Is it okay to prioritize your dreams over love? Is it okay to give up on love, when you...
Fire On Fire (#Wattys2019) by KyllieMagnol
Fire On Fire (#Wattys2019)by Kyllie
Book 1 of the "Doctor series" ******************* "Do you know playing with fire is really dangerous? You are gonna burn!" he whispered in my ear. I...
Please Don't Run by FruitSaladd_
Please Don't Runby Saladd of the fruit
Possessive lover x broken mc That's pretty much it.. a random idea at 3 am.. let's see how this goes d( ̄  ̄)
Intoxicate Me by Fallenz
Intoxicate Meby Fallen
Sophia had a debt, if she couldn't pay what was she left with; worldly possessions no she didn't have any, beauty she had a face only a mother could love. It wasn't lik...
"Your Heart Belongs To Me" by Aizaa005
"Your Heart Belongs To Me"by Aizaa005
He is rich. So, What. Does he think that he can buy all the people by using his money if he think that he can buy then he is absolutely wrong. He is a arrogant brat. Fro...
【Quick Wear】 The Male God Is Jealous Again by Justurs
【Quick Wear】 The Male God Is Jealo...by Justurs
【Quick Wear】: The Male God Is Jealous Again 【快穿】:男神又在吃醋 Ongoing Author Jin Huacan It can be said that the characters in the novel belong to one who is very pure on the...
Reborn a Villain's Wife by SinfulRabbit
Reborn a Villain's Wifeby Bunny Prinxe
⭐Updates: Mon & Fri ⭐ After dying at the young age of 16 years old, Aleah wakes up in a brand new world! Princesses, knights, dragons, magic. . . what more could a plain...
Beyond Forces -BEYOND SERIES by ChubbyMuffin_12
Beyond Forces -BEYOND SERIESby ChubbyMuffin_13
Aakriti Rajput the only princess of royal family of jaipur and only daughter of vidut rajput & radhika rajput.she is loved by her entire family but mostly by her possess...