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[Hiatus] My Quarterback Roommate by morebob
[Hiatus] My Quarterback Roommateby bob
21 year old Emily is in her final year of university. Her years there have been the most peaceful they have been ever accompanied by coffee or tea inside the library. Sh...
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Kitten ✔ by AZulaikaOn
Kitten ✔by Park AŹ
" I want my kitten back ! " >PJM x Reader<
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Are You There? | Dialogue Story  ✓ by admissable
Are You There? | Dialogue Story ✓by ◉‿◉
"Hello? Are you there?" "Hello. I'm here." "Is this Hotline for Life? I-I think I'm going to kill myself." - In which the most popular guy...
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Imperfectly Perfect (COMPLETED) by abby_queen02
Imperfectly Perfect (COMPLETED)by Abby
every time love tries to step foot into their world ,just so they could get past the friendzone . Something always gets in the way. So they just have to deal wit the fac...
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School Bully (Jikook) by AShookyforyou
School Bully (Jikook)by A.Shooky
Yoongi and Jimin are new transfer students at Bighit High school. Yoongi gets into a Bad boy popular group called BTS. Jimin gets bullied by BTS and also gets abused by...
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Do you.《Yuto x Kino》 | ✔️ by titrbl
Do you.《Yuto x Kino》 | ✔️by mmm
"How far could you play?" Yuto is a transfer student from Japan and casually just stepped into Hyunggu's life with some little games. "Do me."
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Caught In The Boys Locker Room by symberella_
Caught In The Boys Locker Roomby Symber
"Let's see..." He drifted off in thought for a moment. A wide, evil smirk spreads across his face, making me feel nauseous. "Embarrassment, shame, hum...
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The Sound of Silence by ScorchedArsenic
The Sound of Silenceby ScorchedArsenic
Monroe Perez. She's tried hard to fake a smile everyday, and she does. For five years her father has hit, lashed, slapped and terrorized her. She keeps the secret under...
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Opposites Attract by jezzabelle50
Opposites Attractby Jezzabelle ♡
John Johnson, the youngest of the Johnson siblings in the castle. His sister being THE Luna of all Luna's, being married to the Alpha king and all, he was well known at...
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Into Your Heart Through Darkness by loveisasweetpoison
Into Your Heart Through Darknessby 💞🎼weet G!rl💞
Veronica Anderson, Vicky moved in with her grandfather to take care of him. She started her high school life with new friends and got attracted by the popular bad boy...
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Perfectly Imperfect by abby_queen02
Perfectly Imperfectby Abby
Part 2 to Imperfectly Perfect. *More descriptive* READ THE FIRST BOOK FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING!!!
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you're my favourite hello- newtmas au! by messypage
you're my favourite hello- newtmas...by messypage
high school au: new student!newt popular boy!thomas read the story to see more! hope you'll enjoy it! love you all!
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Kiss,Touch,Love (Jungkook FF) by _Miss_Goldie_
Kiss,Touch,Love (Jungkook FF)by ✨✨✨✨
Y/N is a college student,she is what people call a nerd.She sometimes gets bullied but mostly gets teased.She has a big crush on Jeon Jeongguk(Jungkook) he is popular an...
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Dude...Thats Not a Guy by Beklet
Dude...Thats Not a Guyby Beck
Soraya's a girl that hasn't had the best of lives, bouncing from foster home to foster home. She also has a fear of touching people, ever since the ...incident. Ashton'...
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𝙱𝙰𝚂𝙸𝙲 - 𝗡𝗘𝗪𝗧𝗠𝗔𝗦 by thorinwakanda
𝙱𝙰𝚂𝙸𝙲 - 𝗡𝗘𝗪𝗧𝗠𝗔𝗦by ᶠᴇʳɴᵃɴᵈᴀ
basic cliché. thomas is the most popular kid at school. newt is the anxious mess. but when they found each other everything changed. © ᵗʰᵒʳⁱⁿʷᵃᵏᵃⁿᵈᵃ | 2018
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Secrets Unbury/Katnic by MrJaceHerondale
Secrets Unbury/Katnicby DominicSherwood
Dominic is the poplar guy in school also known as the caption and quarterback of the football team,his dad is also the Government and owns the school that Dominic goes t...
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It all started with the wrong number  by jennieN3333
It all started with the wrong numb...by 𝖩ennie
Laura was a shy, nerdy seventeen year old girl who attended high school in the middle of a small town. One Saturday night she gets a text from an unknown number. Only fi...
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Two of Us by sarasuhaimi
Two of Usby Puteri Sara🌼
Josephine Hazel is sixteen years old. Though she is a CEO and fashion editor's daughter, she is kind and generous. She is chasing her dream to become a model. Her parent...
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Would He Ever Talk To Me? ✔ by joanokey
Would He Ever Talk To Me? ✔by Joan
Please give my story a TRY. I assure you that it's going to be worth it. They've been next door neighbours for 5years. He noticed her but didn't want to associate with h...
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Who's There? - Kidnapped by I_Can_Go_On
Who's There? - Kidnappedby ♛Rompire♛
The most popular guy at school, the most care free. What will Michael do when 2 angry teenagers kidnap his baby sister? *This is MY original story! * To whoever is readi...
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