Fifteen | ✓ by uhesther
Fifteen | ✓by aristobrat
#58 in Short Story "Learning how to fall in love." Fifteen weeks of summer. Fifteen ways to fall in love. Fifteen year old girl. One unsuspecting boy. (FIR...
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The Fire's Flower by HalfMiralukanJedi
The Fire's Flowerby Aleckina
Coralie Mariana Baxter has been the best friend and next door neighbor of a certain flame throwing "bad boy" since they were just four years old. They've been...
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Popsicle by Danna0618
Popsicleby Daniella . O. A
"Do you want a popsicle?" "No, but you can suck on mine"
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Photoshop Shit by ebicccc
Photoshop Shitby fungus
These are some shitty things I make in Photoshop. Leave me a suggestion of 2 (or more) pics and I might Photoshop them together. I hope you will find this funny.
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Handy Manny x Bob the Builder by NoPles14
Handy Manny x Bob the Builderby y tho
Jesus wishes my mum had an abortion
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Popsicle Jokes! by SinnerChara
Popsicle Jokes!by Cherry Coffee-Chan
My 4th Story! It's about Popsicle Jokes! XD anyways if your having a hot Summer day just read this book to cool you down! X3 Anyways I hope you enjoy this book and alway...
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Chillin' by ANBU-Inu
Chillin'by Dog
//O; "How the hell are Raidou and I going to play poker with two people?" "Ask Kakashi! Come on, Genma, give me a break! I haven't been laid in ages,"...
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Children Of The OC's ((Oneshot)) ((Scenearios)) by CannibalSyrup
Children Of The OC's ((Oneshot)) (...by CannibalSyrup
Including Amelia ((Darkness' Daughter)) Popsicle (( Adopted Katori and Hatamo's Son)) Ramster ((Adopted Aunt Julie's Son)) ((Feel free to request your OC's into this))
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