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The Fire's Flower by HalfMiralukanJedi
The Fire's Flowerby Aleckina
Coralie Mariana Baxter has been the best friend and next door neighbor of a certain flame throwing "bad boy" since they were just four years old. They've been...
  • commander
  • skyhigh
  • jetstream
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Handy Manny x Bob the Builder by NoPles14
Handy Manny x Bob the Builderby y tho
Jesus wishes my mum had an abortion
  • handy
  • pls
  • gay
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Fifteen | ✓ by uhesther
Fifteen | ✓by aristobrat
#58 in Short Story "Learning how to fall in love." Fifteen weeks of summer. Fifteen ways to fall in love. Fifteen year old girl. One unsuspecting boy. (FIR...
  • firstlove
  • art
  • story
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☾photoshop shit☽ by ebicccc
☾photoshop shit☽by (。・w・。) energy
TikToker: *makes funny face**gets millions of dollars* Me: *puts effort into editing photos**gets physically assaulted*
  • hungry
  • ïm
  • endmysuffering
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Short Story Madness by BabySeaPea
Short Story Madnessby Suga Sweet Zico
Just a bunch of short stories! Some shorter than others.
  • hinatashoyo
  • bokutokoutorou
  • haikyuu
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Expired by AvaMSings
Expiredby Ava M Sings
It is about a girl who wondered if she would expire, just think about it, what if something in you fridge expires, and then when it does, you do too, that's what Av...
  • popsicle
  • scared
  • alone
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The Popsicle Fic by GriffinandSirenReque
The Popsicle Ficby Griffin and Siren Request
Just a kinky ass story for a very odd friend, go follow her, her name is @fandomtrash066 please don't kill me girly.
  • kinky
  • popsicle
  • naughty
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Wings and Claws (My twin alpha mates just rejected me version 2.0) by tigerjourney77
Wings and Claws (My twin alpha mat...by Tiger and Journey
We all can agree that there are three kinds of things in life: Meh things like doing homework or cleaning tiger fur off your bedspread, awesome things, like eating lemon...
  • alpha
  • beta
  • mate
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