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~ A big change in life~. [Popee x reader-] /[eepop x reader ] by imadepressedweeb
~ A big change in life~. [Popee x...by ..we3bal3rt..
~You meet a strange boy named popee he seems to be interested in you .. you slowly become closer and unlock a new relationship you meet others and have a new but interes...
Popee x Reader Love Story by Fr0gSpit
Popee x Reader Love Storyby FrogSpit
This isn't just like the other one I wrote. This time I'll be writing an actual story. Yes, there will still be smut, so I hope that keeps you interested. Please be awar...
- Home- Popee x Reader - Lemon - by rxckestrxck
- Home- Popee x Reader - Lemon -by rxckestrxck
You've run far from home, and gave up on life itself until you find a circus.. in the desert. You meet Kedamono who shows you around and introduces you to his boss, Pope...
Manga Popee the Performer by Billy_Jack_Bitch
Manga Popee the Performerby BillyJackBitch
Hola, aqui encontraran el manga de PTP... No se encuentra en orden, lo siento por eso. El manga no me pertenece obviamente, es creación de el genial Ryuji Masuda, solo l...
The Circus Ruckus! || Popee X Reader! [ DISCONTINUED ] by GridINCO
The Circus Ruckus! || Popee X Read...by inactive for months-
Have you ever been to a circus nothing like any other? A circus filled with non-stop surprises which you might find weird or random. You haven't? Good to know! Well de...
Popee x Reader- You're Good, but I'm Better by KyraVean
Popee x Reader- You're Good, but I...by Salami
(Female Reader) Yes, the girl may have got her first scar at the circus, and yes, that made her parents hate the circus they took her to at the young age and almost ever...
Popee The Performer x Reader (Oneshots) by MonsterMashBash
Popee The Performer x Reader (Ones...by MonsterMashBash
I can't believe I'm doing this (All art shown belongs to their rightful owners) RULES 1-For the love of god no smut have mercy (Popee is 17, One's a wolf, One is a sun g...
Popee The Performer X Reader Smut by Fr0gSpit
Popee The Performer X Reader Smutby FrogSpit
I already KNOW what type of people are about to read this. Especially me since I'm the one making it. But I hope you enjoy
Bittersweet ~Popee X Reader~ by pcunit14
Bittersweet ~Popee X Reader~by 🥀CheriKitn🥀
Y/N, a 16 year old orphan decided to run away from her orphanage in the middle of the night, except she didn't know where she was going to go. She ran off in a random di...
Popee the Performer Oneshots by anguisyt
Popee the Performer Oneshotsby Anguis
Hello! I do not own any of the characters in this book, but the stories will be of my own. I do almost any ship, and write almost any type of oneshots. I hope you enjoy...
Various Incorrect Quotes by modsonia
Various Incorrect Quotesby • 『⛈』 •
Yay. Priscilla or my OC for that fandom may be included. I'll also be doing text posts (mainly DR)
Circus hell (popee x reader) by nina-the-deamon
Circus hell (popee x reader)by Skylar
Welcome to circus hell my boi get ready to SIN! (This fic was made in like 2018 so like uh,also this is a crack fic so don't expect it to be serious at all 👀-author 202...
Popee the performer one shots by horrormovielover1033
Popee the performer one shotsby horrormovielover1033
Just some Popee the performer one shots.
PopeeXReader // ONESHOTS! [ON HOLD...by inactive for months-
Have you ever wanted love or have a fictional valentine like Popee? Well reader, you're in the right place! We have everything from the cutest stories to the intense rel...
Popee X Reader by cogree
Popee X Readerby thotimus prime
Get ready fo circus hell you kinky little shits
BAD FANFICTIONS. by NacaratJester
BAD FANFICTIONS.by Family Friendly ™
Do you wish to regret life? Do you want to see the countless messed up things that people have written? Look no further, because this is as low as you can get. Welcome t...