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My Diaper Days by thatrandomreader69
My Diaper Daysby Thatrandomreader112
This is a fictional story about a character based off of me at the age of 13 finding my love for diapers and infantile role play (TBDL) this story and my account as a ho...
Poopy Journals by poopyjournals
Poopy Journalsby poopyjournals
hi guys poopjournals here. i forgot the password to old account and i wanted to continue writing. My name is Madison if you don't remember me. I was in jail for shitting...
Peanut Butter Kisses by FeatherMemories
Peanut Butter Kissesby Lin
EDITED VERSION OF ONCE UPON A KISS (C) 2016 FEATHERMEMORIES COVER BY: BROKENSTARSS ______________________ "Kiss me a hundred times when you come back, pinky swear...
Diapered friends across seas  by daveoriely
Diapered friends across seas by Dave lol
Two people who like diapers meet but they live in different countries but are finally able to meet
Regressed To A Baby Girl 🍼👶 by Diapered_ABDL
Regressed To A Baby Girl 🍼👶by Stinky Baby Girl
in this story, a kid gets kidnapped and get turned back into a baby, he is adopted and humilated by the older teenage sister, he used to be a teenage boy and then got mi...
heaven by SKATEKITCH3N
everyday is like heaven with you... wait was that too cheesy? BORIS PAVLIKOVSKY © skatekitch3n, 2020
bakubro x jake 😹😳😳🔥💯 by pisscherries
bakubro x jake 😹😳😳🔥💯by hi ✨✨
for my bf so back off you musty hoes 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠 dont read if youre not my bf
{Paul Stanley x Gene Simmons} |Fanfic| by thayer_fan_102
{Paul Stanley x Gene Simmons} |Fan...by Elvis Depressedly
In the middle of a Kiss concert, Gene finally accepts the fact that he has a huge crush on his best friend Paul. And Gene can't let anyone find out about his feelings, b...
The story of a diaper girl - DiaperFemale by DiaperFemale
The story of a diaper girl - Diape...by Camel Vales
The story of how I became obsessed with diapers. An actual story that happened to me!
diaper pics 2 by diaperlover47
diaper pics 2by diaperlover
its me big brain/mrdood im back with better pics and more fun pls enjoy
Trying to Be Diapered by DiaperGirls03
Trying to Be Diaperedby DIAPERGIRLS1
13 Year Old Ava wakes up wet on her birthday. and has so planns to get diapered because she likes the wet feeling. this isnall happening doing the summer. also i know i...
Shrek x Reader :) by That_Wacky
Shrek x Reader :)by •°S i m p°•
Just read it man you wont regret it :) :)))))
Who knows by finnyBOiiiiiiiii
Who knowsby Jordyn:)
Timotheè lies. *this is a VERY emotional book, so be cautious if you are sensitive to serious topics. I don't mean to offend anyone going through these things right now...
God X Jesus by pooopypanttt
God X Jesusby pooopypanttt
this is going to be very unholy
Aphmau Mystreet {Season 1} by TheNextStepForever13
Aphmau Mystreet {Season 1}by Greatgirl_Hanny_13
"Hey Laurence, I bet Aaron won't get anyone to go to the Valentine Dance with him since he doesn't speak to anyone, besides Aphmau, but she won't choose him. No way...
A book of drawings by dumbass--lesbian
A book of drawingsby rat
They get better I swear The ones at the beginning are from like 2016 eeew
Particles | Chris O'Neill by LittleYellowFlowers
Particles | Chris O'Neillby puhskintio
Hello there! I'm gonna try real hard to make this story good. I write a lot, and I hope someone will read this and go "hey, she's pretty alright." This i...
Fiji the poopy stinky head by kayORANGE
Fiji the poopy stinky headby kayORANGE
The tragic story of how a lovely kind hearted boy turned into a poopy stinky head.