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my random one shots by sanata101
my random one shotsby Sanata101
hey guys i thought about making a book of random one shots sense i might sometimes us the computer or laptop, so i hope you like this, i'll also have sanata polka and sa...
  • gztale
  • digimon
  • underswap
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Welcome to punk swag high school! by sanata101
Welcome to punk swag high school!by Sanata101
The world was completely filled with mutants and humans, they all lived in peace, sanata and polka used to have gone to a school that felt right for them and thought the...
  • sanata
  • love
  • drama
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Obca w moim domu | Tsukishima Kei × OC by Be_imperfect_person
Obca w moim domu | Tsukishima Kei...by imperfection
Niezbyt mu się to podobało. Jakaś obca dziewczyna miała zamieszkać pod jego dachem. Nie rozumiał, czemu jego matka zdecydowała się przyjąć pod swój dach uczennicę z kraj...
  • yamaguchi
  • przyjaźń
  • tadashi
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glosario - blasnior by wonder_brightside
glosario - blasniorby wonder_brightside
ayúdame a conocer tu manera de ver las cosas...
  • amorhomosexual
  • simona
  • gabriel
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Dziewczyna z Szarych Szeregów  by _Under_The_Forest_
Dziewczyna z Szarych Szeregów by PrUsSeN 🇩🇪
Felicja Siemieńska jest bliską kuzynką Zośki. Chodzą razem do szkoły i na zbiórki oraz często się widzą na święta. Zośka najbardzej z rodziny ufa swojej młodszej o dwa l...
  • druga
  • warsaw
  • zoska
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Worst Story In The History Of Wattpad by HiddenHideously
Worst Story In The History Of Watt...by not dead but gone
Warning: this story may contain stereotypes or offensive content. Reader's discretion is strongly advised. Looking for an exciting, interesting story with a unique plot...
  • freaks
  • what
  • nicki
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101 Dalmatians fan fiction. by mistpelt
101 Dalmatians fan fiction.by mistpelt
Short story about a character called polka, Dalmatian puppy with black eye patch and black ears. She is completely made up but I imagine her as one of the original 15.
  • pongo
  • 101
  • polka
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Eternal Sonata by PeerlessWard
Eternal Sonataby PeerlessWard
This story is dedicated to @Inamichan
  • rondo
  • beat
  • polka
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What Could've Been by charlotesweb13
What Could've Beenby Charlotte Hubbard
Charlie's new to Jameson High School from Australia but they do things differently here than where she's from. She mostly keeps her head down until she becomes the schoo...
  • ashton
  • gracenahomi
  • talia1228
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  • joke
  • mcmahon
  • music
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The lost kingdom of rosin. (A tmnt ninja knight fan fiction.) by sanata101
The lost kingdom of rosin. (A tmnt...by Sanata101
Okay so i know that all of you notice that had made another tmnt fan fiction thingy again and i got inspired of this thanks to @CuteMikeyKitty and just so you know when...
  • leo
  • donnie
  • sanora
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Zośka i skoczkowie by Shewanted
Zośka i skoczkowieby Caroline Minnie Myres
Historia pewnej dziewczyny która marzy o karierze Skoczkini
  • narciasrkie
  • poland
  • skijumping
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Polka Dots by SillyMellie
Polka Dotsby SillyMellie
"why do you wear polka dots on tuesdays?" "why do you wear green on saturdays?"
  • teen
  • fiction
  • love
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Five Nights at Andy's by HellaBlackmore
Five Nights at Andy'sby HeLios
(Supes serious disclaimer: This is all in good humor people. None of these jokes are meant to be offensive. If you feel bothered by them don't read this. Thank you.) Due...
  • bringmethehorizon
  • kilts
  • christiancoma
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Underhigh Au My Oc X Sanses And Papyruses "The Shy Lonely New Girl" by MercedesHamilton
Underhigh Au My Oc X Sanses And Pa...by Mercedes Hamilton
Sanata and her older twin sister had lost their parents when she was young and sanata had blamed herself for their deaths even though sanora says its not. Years later sa...
  • aus
  • swapfell
  • underfell
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Polka Dots by RoseySquared
Polka Dotsby Rosey
Funny things about polka dots. I hate them. They're ugly. And yet, I found myself being drawn to his ugly polka dot sweater. Come back never. Love, Dione.
  • humor
  • out
  • chill
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Blue Polka Dots by Maddierawr98
Blue Polka Dotsby Maddierawr98
I wrote this short story for my 8th grade English assignment of an unreliable narrator.
  • blue
  • dots
  • polka
Polka Dotted Socks by MiduHadi
Polka Dotted Socksby Midu Hadi
It is flash fiction that I wrote for a contest.
  • dotted
  • girls
  • polka
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Wurstfest by devandjb
Wurstfestby devandjb
In new braunfels Texas we are one of the most German places in Texas
  • fun
  • german
  • food
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