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Journey Of The Chosen One by dentingruby46
Journey Of The Chosen Oneby Glenda Wang
Ash Ketchum, a special boy who has been through much, free of his mother, starts his journey his own way. ||§~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§|| This is my first story. There may be...
Blooming Ambitions: A Pokemon story. by Kiera_Ze_Pug
Blooming Ambitions: A Pokemon stor...by Kiera_Ze_Pug
Meet Yui, an 18 year old who has just started out on her pokemon journey. It had been a dream of hers ever since she was a small child. She not only wanted to be a poke...
Ash and Serena: Kanto Journey (Pokemon) by TyranitarFanatic51
Ash and Serena: Kanto Journey (Pok...by TyranitarFanatic51
This story is about Ash Ketchum and Serena Gabena traveling throughout the Kanto region. During the journey they will meet Brock and Misty who will be travel companion...
Pokemon Journey: Fated Dreams by ArchieX2Y
Pokemon Journey: Fated Dreamsby ArchieX2Y
Based upon the Journey's anime, with an older cast of Ash, Goh, Chloe including Isaiah, an OC with a lot of social problems and isn't fond of people and Pokemon, fated f...
Journey Through Kanto | ✅ (Currently Editing) by Ziafana
Journey Through Kanto | ✅ (Current...by Ziafana
This is the Pokemon journey of Zia Ray Braxs, a new trainer from Kanto. As she obtains new Pokemon, new friends, and new sights, she may find something more behind the s...
Alyssa's Adventures in the Kanto Region by dlgea02
Alyssa's Adventures in the Kanto R...by Alissa Diaque
Alyssa is a popular girl at her school, but she hides a secret that no one knows: she is an obsessive Pokémon fan. In order to keep her secret, she chooses to harass the...
Roommates [Firstfriendshipping AU] by ashketchums_pikachu
Roommates [Firstfriendshipping AU]by Pikachu
Gou has lived on his own in his designated dorm for the past three years of his life. Then when he comes back to University for his last year, he finds out that his room...
Firstfriendshipping Stories by ashketchums_pikachu
Firstfriendshipping Storiesby Pikachu
short stories about gou and ash basically.
Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Journey) by Flareon_Blue
Blossoming in Sinnoh(Pokémon Journ...by Flareon_Blue
Meet Cayla Lorian, a young girl from Sangem Town who is about to start her Journey through Sinnoh as a Coordinator. With her new Partner, CC, she has plans to Blossom in...
Fuck you, this is my journey! (Mcyt X Pokemon) by AlterCreep
Fuck you, this is my journey! (Mcy...by AlterCreep
What if TommyInnit was actually a 10 year old pokemon trainer and got sent to the Minecraft world by Hoopa as an accident?
Misty X Male Reader Death of a Trainer by Super_Human456
Misty X Male Reader Death of a Tra...by Super Human456
Old friends start anew as a new challenger in Kanto emerges. Upon doing so, his old friend and former gym leader, Misty decides it's been too long since she's been on a...
Journey Through Johto by Ziafana
Journey Through Johtoby Ziafana
You thought Zia Ray Braxs' adventure was over? Not even close! Now our wonderful Champion will be traveling the expanse of the Johto Region where she will meet new Pokém...
A Pokemon Journey by IsaiahMoonRuby23
A Pokemon Journeyby
Young Isaiah becomes 15 and is ready to start his Pokemon Journey in the Owensville Region. As he sets off with his Charmander, he will to and try to accomplish his drea...
The Missing Pieces : Pokémon and Naruto World by NarutoTheIconshipper
The Missing Pieces : Pokémon and N...by [Archived]
Ash, Pikachu, and Serena's Sylveon are stuck in the Shinobi World, the three of them must find a way to get back to their world. Meanwhile, they met with the Seventh Hok...
Time To Sparkle (Pokemon FanFic - Hoenn) by Romance_18
Time To Sparkle (Pokemon FanFic...by Louise
This story covers the journey of ten year old Nikita as she sets out on her journey through the Hoenn Region catching new Pokemon along her way and also competing with o...
Astral Genealogy: Shadows of Etheria by HaruMiju501
Astral Genealogy: Shadows of Ether...by HaruMiju501
Faernia and Eris: two planets ruled by fairies and dragons respectively. In the ancient past, these two great civilizations were torn apart by a war that almost wiped o...
Pokemon Sinnoh (various x oc) (On Hold For Now) by steplam402
Pokemon Sinnoh (various x oc) (On...by Gemstone
Kiyoko Akio, a pokemon trainer that loves all pokemon and people Not only cute but have a big heart for anything Her dream was to give all pokemon she catches love and h...
Ash and Serena: Post Kanto Journey by TyranitarFanatic51
Ash and Serena: Post Kanto Journeyby TyranitarFanatic51
A sequel to the 'Ash and Serena: Kanto Journey' Ash, Serena and their companion travels outside the Kanto, mainly Orange Island. Ash will be continuing his goal to becom...
They what!? (TrustedPartnerShipping Oneshot)  by KannaLori
They what!? (TrustedPartnerShippin...by Kanna Lori
As we all know,Ash is traveling and training all around the world. What happens when he and his old friends meet?