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Moon's Journey (Moon X Lillie) by Spidersaur
Moon's Journey (Moon X Lillie)by Spidersaur
The story of the precarious young girl from Kanto named Moon. Though she may start off as a partly cynical and overly sadistic girl, Moon paints herself with a shade of...
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The Champion Of the Mountain (Discontinued) by ASplatoonFanboy
The Champion Of the Mountain (Disc...by SplatoonFanboy
HUGE THANKS TO TrayC_Child_Of_Mine FOR MAKING THE COVER!!!!!!!! Ash had just came 2nd place in the Kalos League, but when he gets home he is betrayed by his friends and...
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Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader x Leon) by KingGEURGE
Grow old with You(Raihan x Reader...by KingGeurge
The Dragon Tamer, Raihan. The Pokemon Whisperer, Y/N. And The Unbeatable Champion, Leon. They will encounter many things throughout their relationship, read to find out...
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Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Pokemon by Crazy_Fan_Girlz
Champion's Heart: Leon x Reader Po...by Fanfic Writer
Moving from Kalos to Galar was very difficult for you. You didn't like much about the Galar region. You especially disliked the Champion, Leon. What happens when a twist...
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Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction] by ImberLapis
Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction]by Indecisive
Steven Stone: Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and avid stone collector. Although no one knows his past, or how he even came to be Champion, behind eve...
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The Quiet Champion by Yatengami_Skullz_21
The Quiet Championby 『ĐØ₥ł₦₳₮łØ₦』
Ash Ketchum,After losing to Trip at the Unova League,He was heading back home with his younger brother,Red and he stumbled upon them and he was betrayed.They also kill h...
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Blossoming Beauty by kage1299
Blossoming Beautyby ☆Kage1299☆
A girl from another world falls into an anime world, She was given 5 wishes what would she wish... Would she go back to her normal idol life or stay in this dangerous n...
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Pokemon (and characters) x reader oneshots by Chaos-Prince
Pokemon (and characters) x reader...by Chaos-Prince
(REQUESTS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN) I've been wanting to do Pokemon x readers for a while now x3 just never got around to it until now this will include humanized/gijinkas and...
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Thirty Days of Kalosshipping (HIATUS) by everythingemily
Thirty Days of Kalosshipping (HIAT...by emily
HELLO! I recently created a 30 day OTP writing challenge, in which I have to write different scenarios for a pair of my choice. I have chosen Kalosshipping, which is Ser...
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The Isles of Gracidea | Pokémon Fanfiction by Cora-chan
The Isles of Gracidea | Pokémon Fa...by ☁️
In a world full of floating islands, sky pirates, exiled magicians, and Pokémon, peace is difficult to maintain. Shaymin, kind Pokémon who'd guided travelers once man le...
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A Mysterious Boy? (Gladion x Reader) by ceoofcringycontent
A Mysterious Boy? (Gladion x Reade...by CEO of Cringe
Follow the exciting adventure with you and the mysterious Gladion. You will meet tons of great people and Pokémon, and will have some close calls.
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Taming A Dragon by Tori-miho
Taming A Dragonby Tori
The story begins when our main character Mugi makes her way to Hammerlocke to challenge the eight and final gym leader. She has prepared her whole life for this moment...
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Kalos Redone  by PokeBall252
Kalos Redone by PokeBall252
Serena finally takes the guts to confess to Ash while the latter wins the Kalos League....in a way. Delia reveals her true nature of work and Ash takes a new and a rathe...
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After losing the Kalos league, Ash is told by his friends to give up on his dreams of becoming a pokemon master. To make matters worse, the girl of his dreams has sided...
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Pokémon Leaf Chronicles by Bossun24
Pokémon Leaf Chroniclesby Bossun
My name is Leaf, my story has not always been about changing the world of Pokémon. It has always been my dream to be a great Pokémon Trainer someday. Little did I know...
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The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon • Finding A Purpose by okamiikage
The Shapeshifter: pokemon sun&moon...by ° okami kage °
[Under editing] -for now I'm slowly but surely making revisions to fix the story a little bit more, I wrote this when i was younger, and I decided I'd improve on it. [S...
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The Void She Filled by Rosa950
The Void She Filledby 🥀a
**Currently going through a massive editing overhaul! Please refer to my book "Behind the Dawn" under the section "TVSF Plans" for more information...
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Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complete!) by KairahT
Unstable [Pokémon Fanfic] (Complet...by Pokemon Trainer Kyrati
"Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon. Thanks to its unstable genetic makeup, this special Pokémon conceals many different possible evolutions." Funny, because an Eeve...
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I Don't Care(Pokemon fic) by silverscyber
I Don't Care(Pokemon fic)by silverscyber
Ash(girl) was once a carefree and joyful girl but that all changed dramatically. This causes Ash to hide herself as a boy with a cold and unemotional outlook. Finally at...
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Indelible Friendship [ON HIATUS] Pokemon Fanfiction by Wizard-mon
Indelible Friendship [ON HIATUS] P...by _Çhríst_
[A Pokemon Novel] In Kanto Region a young boy named Zach, who has a big dream in his life, will starts out his journey as a Pokémon trainer. What will happen to Zach's j...
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