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Rivalry-love (Gary Oak x Reader) {COMPLETED} by Calm_Espeon
Rivalry-love (Gary Oak x Reader) {...by Calm_Espeon
I'm so glad I got to do this story. I'm sorry it had to end but, I didn't know what to do next! But I'm glad a lot of you like the end result, I was even proud for mysel...
OriginalShipping Drabbles by grynntrashbin
OriginalShipping Drabblesby Grynn
Important Notes: - Red is a SELECTIVE mute, meaning he CAN speak, but prefers not to. - Green is shorter, but only by 3 inches. He is also older, but only by 6 months. T...
Color Me Blue - [ NamelessShipping/OriginalShipping ] by nastycrimeboy
Color Me Blue - [ NamelessShipping...by Weenis
Their parents certainly won't approve of this. They don't care. How long can they keep things a secret before things slip out?
Pokemon: Red's Death by Rajatava77
Pokemon: Red's Deathby Rajatava77
The Pokemon World has finally realized that now they would have to deal with Red's Death. They were shocked to realize that the world's greatest Pokemon Champion had lef...
Code Red | Pokémon Fanfiction by AntiRoyalty
Code Red | Pokémon Fanfictionby AntiRoyalty
What did it take to be a Champion? The Champion title was the Pokémon dream. It meant you were best of the best. The Master above Masters. The person everyone respected...
Pokemon Red, Blue and Green RP by XxHana_NenexX
Pokemon Red, Blue and Green RPby I Am Lonely.
{Based Off The Game; Yellow Is Not Included, but Pikachu will always be an availible starter to you.} Kanto was where the world of Pokemon all began, where children foun...
Pokemon Series ? : Generation 1 (Trio Colour's) by imaginedragon1708
Pokemon Series ? : Generation 1 (T...by Leena
Blue:(with curious and confused voice) "But,why us?" Prof.Oak:(Petted her hair)"Because you are all special" ____________________ Main Character: Ric...
Our Adventure into Kanto! (OC'S ARE INCLUDED) (SHIPS ARE INCLUDED)
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Shit Ni??a °°° by MaxieAndCyrusOwO
°°° Pokémon X Reader And Random Sh...by Lynn Moxśkla Zbszka
This will be a first for me, since I never really wrote Pokémon fanfics before. Wish me luck, I guess.
Hello, Kanto! by Kitty_Lover_3
Hello, Kanto!by River
Myra begins her new journey in Kanto alongside her best friend Shelley. It's now their time to begin their Pokemon Journey through the Kanto region, starting with their...
Pokémon: Kanto's side by A-Cinder
Pokémon: Kanto's sideby Ace
The 13 year old boy Flint finally got permission to go on his own pokémon journey. He always had the most idealistic view of Kanto and couldn't wait to explore the regio...
You're Ignorant, Galling And Perfect {ON HOLD} by KpopingMyLife
You're Ignorant, Galling And Perfe...by ExoticElf
Double the evil organisations, double the boys, double the fun! But really, there seems to be a lot of work involved in defeating both Team Rocket and Team Galactic - wi...
The Loud Warmth And Winter's Silence (Originalshipping Story: Boy x Boy) by Honey_Rabbit
The Loud Warmth And Winter's Silen...by 🐰//Eunice//🌑
(Going to continue writing in this story) A/N: Red is like his in game self in this story, I would love to read the manga though :000 Green (I will say his name is Green...
Pokémon - The Origins of Seth. by Thatsaiyanguy01
Pokémon - The Origins of Seth.by TSG Studios
A teen trainer has started the adventure of a lifetime thanks to his brother being the champion of the little known region of Skonot region. Can Seth become what it take...
Pokémon RBY Adventures. by CodyIGuess
Pokémon RBY Adventures.by Zack
This story takes place in it's own universe. It revolves around an O.C. (Me) journeying through Kanto. ^^
Pokèmon Red (Based off of the Gen 1 Pokèmon Games) by Sensai_Kirbz
Pokèmon Red (Based off of the Gen...by The_Rainbow_Eevee
Red always dreamed of being a Pokemon Master. One day as Blue was bullying Red, Professor Oak walked up to Red and Blue and told them to follow him into his lab. In the...