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Bam! One-Shots! (Fluff-Fluff one-shots for the soul) by Nightengail
Bam! One-Shots! (Fluff-Fluff one-s...by ~WhiteRose~
"Do you believe in destiny?" -Pyrrha Nikos "People always say I'm dripping with good looks~." -Tamaki Suoh "Don't you ever leave me...Stay with...
Pokemon Creepypastas by _that_one_weirdo___
Pokemon Creepypastasby OwO
Some random pokemon creepypastas i found online!
Nyan Cat: Guardian Poptart by GlitzyDaGamer
Nyan Cat: Guardian Poptartby Destiny Mishima
(Yes, I seriously said guardian poptart XD) (cover made by mwah) ------------- (WHOOSH!) His fur rippled through air-less space yet he needs no air. His pink, sprinkled...
My Pokemans by Austin-Chan
My Pokemansby Austin Wilkinson
My pokemon in alpha sapphire
#PIKACHU ID DA BEST by pikachu3045
#PIKACHU ID DA BESTby pikachu3045
Join Pikachu on his short adventure to find Ash
my BFFL by jamesm93
my BFFLby jamesm93
my best friend for life Logan turns out to be the perfect guy for me but I don't know how to feel I mean I've never had a crush on a boy before..... is this love? will i...
Random short stories by breealey
Random short storiesby Breealey
This will be a book on all the short stories I thought of while bored
Save the Ghostie Pokemon!!!!:( by shearonxchernobyl
Save the Ghostie Pokemon!!!!:(by Giselle & Sophie
A great evil has taken its place in a small town...A young boy attempts to stop it - yet he isn't a trainer, so he faces even greater danger in the fight against this da...
The Journey Of A Man by JustinRuba101
The Journey Of A Manby Justin Rubalcava
It's Isaac's tenth birthday, as he blows his candles Arceus awakens. Arceus wants revenge on society. Can Isaac defeat him, find out in The Journey Of A Man
The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule's Fall by TheLegendOfLinkster
The Legend Of Zelda: Hyrule's Fallby TheLegendOfLinkster
This story explains the backstory of The Wind Waker (or Hyrule during the events of MM)! I hope you guys enjoy this story. NOTICE: 5 1/2 and 6 are currently not showing...
POKE-MANS: Ninja's Journey by NathanShade
POKE-MANS: Ninja's Journeyby Nathan Shade
It's a fan-made story about Pokemon. What could go wrong? :D
Marina the ocean fennekin by Fennekinnchan
Marina the ocean fennekinby Fennekinnchan
Marina is a shiny fennekin who loves the ocean...and lives by the beach, with no trainer.
Game Start by PokemanzIsLife
Game Startby PokemanzIsLife
Time set in Pokémon X, see how a pikachu meets a trainer, and goes on a journey. Sorry for not having a cover, I'll work on that.