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Pokemon Lemons by IcyLemons101
Pokemon Lemonsby Icy
This takes place in a pokémon breeding center or in the wild. If I feel like it I might make it a different situation.
My Thoughts and Opinions on Pokémon Shippings by hq2019
My Thoughts and Opinions on Pokémo...by Makima2023
Hey guys you already know what this book is about. My thoughts and opinions on Pokémon shippings. Also you guys can also give me your own opinions on the shippings. Plea...
The Champion's Girl by Rice_is_dead
The Champion's Girlby im bouta die
Marnie is a Gym leader and Gloria is the champion, they've both been hiding their feelings for years so what will happen when they move in together? Piers has been stuck...
Hi everyone your raj is back with another story. here he gets a wonderful chance for playing with navel of a beautiful women .. hope you all will like it.
Sweetness by katieb4942
Sweetnessby Fandy
Sketch gets sick of everyone making fun of him, one things leads to another and now all of Robloxia is in danger. Also Hyper angst Cover drawn by @midnightF3line
Red by KyleAlingus
Redby KyleAlingus
As the Omnitrix was sent to earth it came with a guardian. Now watch as this guardian fights alongside the new wielder of the Omnitrix, Ben Tennyson. With the power that...
A book filled with art and pictures ig by AniToons0
A book filled with art and picture...by AniToons
This book is an art/gacha book so I can spam all the stuff I wanna here. The first chapter will contain all the stuff you need to know.So there's nothing much to put her...
Powerful - Pokemon/Fairy Tail Crossover (Nalu, Gruvia, Gale) by DjFennekin
Powerful - Pokemon/Fairy Tail Cros...by ➷ gwen ➹
After accidentally reading a spell off of a Job Request, Natsu and his friends from Fairy Tail are transported to an alternate universe where they are turned into strang...
Catching them all.. Into A New Universe?(BNHA x Pokemon!Reader by Dysphoria_Writes
Catching them all.. Into A New Uni...by Sam
When you move into Japan after years of being the champion, how will things work out?
Ascend | Gou x Reader x Ash by Yuuwooo
Ascend | Gou x Reader x Ashby May's wife
Ascend. A fictional book about Pokemon made for entertainment purposes and should never be said higher then a work of Fiction. - Recommended to read first chapter to kno...
Ash Is Lusty by Navel_Fantasies
Ash Is Lustyby Navel_Fantasies
This Story is about another universe where All Things are same but ash become champion and is full of lust
League Of Their Own by weddedcaesar
League Of Their Ownby weddedcaesar
Alola. A tourist paradise or backwater slum? Uncivilised and ignored by the other regions a prodigy from Kanto has arrived and is determined to bring order to the island...
The Drunken Truth: A Pokeshipping Fanfic by gymnastgirlflips
The Drunken Truth: A Pokeshipping...by gymnastgirlflips
Ash, now 18, returns from Unova to visit his old friends of Kanto. During his visit to Cerulean City, he accidentally gets... well, drunk. This is a short fanfiction for...
Pokemon Rangers: Frozen Fury by _RayTheWriter_
Pokemon Rangers: Frozen Furyby _RayTheWriter_
Grace Glacenia is about to enter a new world of Pokemon. She is about to be a Pokemon Ranger, with a purpose all its own, bringing her to the times when Almia had royal...
Pokemon - Truth or Dare! (Short Book) by Nebula_Rules
Pokemon - Truth or Dare! (Short Bo...by akii <3
Hey guys! Truth or dare for these characters : Ash, May, Drew, Misty, Leaf, Gary, Dawn Other mentioned characters : Brianna, Brendan, Serena, Kenny Please message me yo...
Rumors || The Crew and Friends Highschool/Mafia AU (DISCONTINUED) by MorgantheHyper
Rumors || The Crew and Friends Hig...by Morgan
--- DISCONTINUED --- The Crew and Friends are a nine person group. With Zack, Joe, Mike and Charlie being the leaders or the Crew part of the group and Anthony, Michael...
Ebany22 by Daughter-of-Megatron
Ebany22by Daughter-Of-Megatron
this is only for her!
Even Worse Opinions of Pokeships by AmourCaptainGreninja
Even Worse Opinions of Pokeshipsby SecretAmour
It's about damn time I do one of these in 2020 as i'm now older than previous me. my opinions have matured and slightly changed and I feel like I gave many of the shippi...