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The King Also Wants by chibixcheeks
The King Also Wantsby VIVI
Omkara the mighty King of Mordis suffers from a poison that only one person could cure. What if that person is a Princess from the neighboring country whose father is pl...
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Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Crown Novella by BriannaJoyCrump
Eyes Like The Ocean | A Culled Cro...by Brianna Joy Crump
A Culled Crown Novella. Ten girls. Nine bodies. One crown. If given the chance to be queen, would you take it? Viera Kevlar is goddess-touched, one of ten female heirs...
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Priory // h.s. by TheFallingRain
Priory // h.s.by ms. rainy
❝choose your last words, this is the last time 'cos you and i, we were born to die.❞
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Fun in the Oven by elionwy18
Fun in the Ovenby Christine M. Greenleaf
After some unusual physical changes, Harley Quinn consults a doctor to discover that she's pregnant. But when she tries to tell the Joker, things don't quite go to plan...
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Poison-H.S. by cuddlingzjm
Poison-H.S.by cuddlingzjm
"She has the looks of an angel, Something that made me so faithful, But what was most strange, Is how she turned me into something so deranged." (This story...
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antidote - sirius black  by maybeifyouknew
antidote - sirius black by Kai
Vera White was perfect. At least on the outside. With her flawless skin, amber eyes, and shining copper hair she was a sight to behold. It was a unanimous decision at Ho...
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Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates] by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow...by dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
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Omega Moon {Completed} by shay7447
Omega Moon {Completed}by shay7447
Genevieve has been alone for most of her life but her life changed when she accidentally attacked one of the male wolves from the pack, she didn't know she was living in...
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When Worlds Collide. by MadisonE11
When Worlds Collide.by MadisonE11
A future world that has been torn apart and would stay that way except that fate has another plan in store. Meet Selas, the demon girl with a problematic living arrangem...
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Love and Appreciate || Jin by RosellyJin
Love and Appreciate || Jinby Roselle
[COMPLETED] A member have to beg to the other members who are the producers of their songs for his voice to be included in their songs. Kim Seokjin have to beg to Min Yo...
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Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Much For His Own Good by disfanatic10
Peter Parker Gets Sick Way Too Muc...by disfanatic10
Peter Parker sickfics and Irondad stuff. These will mostly be multipart stories featuring different medical scenarios. The scenarios I have so far are: appendicitis, poi...
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Jealousy by elionwy18
Jealousyby Christine M. Greenleaf
A story where the Joker is made to feel threatened about Harley and another man, just to see how the Clown Prince of Crime copes with jealousy. Although I think we all k...
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Poison >> n.h by emeraldtommo
Poison >> n.hby tash
He was the kind of poison that no one wanted - but everyone needed. She was the one he didn't see coming, unexpectedly wedging her way into his life. "Give me 30 d...
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More Poison in Your Coffee? by DeliriousMoon
More Poison in Your Coffee?by Jess Jones
Evelyn's day couldn't get any worse, until a local news anchor drops dead in her café. If that weren't bad enough the police suspect her former drug dealing cousin as th...
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THE WAY HE TILTS HIS HEAD TO THE S...by everybodyseverything
when he talks down on me. this one is for him. let me give you this at least.
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DC Females x male reader [18+] by Digit76
DC Females x male reader [18+]by Digit
Read the note at the start for information. All of these are lemons and are not intended for children.
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Heavenly Poison by xXdemolitionloverXx
Heavenly Poisonby Olga Guevara
Damien and Sebastian are both Legens— a supernatural creature which only a select few know that even exists. After getting kicked out of their homes at a young age, and...
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Trouble (HarleyQuinnXPoisonIvy) by revitupR
Trouble (HarleyQuinnXPoisonIvy)by revitupR
Harley starts to realise that her relationship with the Joker is not healthy. She comes across Poison Ivy and creates a new friendship by going out and causing trouble...
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Poison | A Bakudeku Fanfic | beepbeep-lettuce by beepbeep-lettuce
Poison | A Bakudeku Fanfic | beepb...by sleep is for the weak (im wea...
yeehaw; #75 in BakuDeku Um this is my first wattpad fanfic so, sorry if it's a lil rough. Basically Bakugou is captured/kidnapped by Villian deku, and all that jazz. Al...
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Weakness by Leafstorm0809
Weaknessby Leafstorm0809
It was an inside joke. Each of the 'batfam' had a weakness. No one - not even Alfred - knew Batman's. Damian's was easy; Damian's was the heat. Couldn't stand it; he g...
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