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How I Fell For A Player (Reid Garwin) by TheShadowKiller16
How I Fell For A Player (Reid Garw...by TheShadowKiller16
She's scared to follow her heart since he's known as a player in their friend group but maybe he will change his ways when he finds out the truth and realises can't live...
Ignite  by _sincewerehere_
Ignite by Anastasia
Since the 17th century when pioneers came over from Europe to start a new life, witch hunting was always an issue. 4 out of the 5 families made it to America and settled...
Heart Jump | Tyler Simms love story by locogirl-com
Heart Jump | Tyler Simms love storyby locogirl-com
Sophie Garwin is Reid's younger sister. She doesnt know about her brother or his friends having magic. But Sophie isn't like your normal everyday rich girl, she's fun an...
Baby Garwin by locogirl-com
Baby Garwinby locogirl-com
Emily Danvers moves away when she was 13 years old, the reason, she was pregnant. Her mother wanted to get rid of the baby but she refused, so she went to a home to help...
Giving Into Desire (Tyler Simms Love Story) by TheShadowKiller16
Giving Into Desire (Tyler Simms Lo...by TheShadowKiller16
She's new into town but it seems like trouble follows her around no matter where she goes
The Covenant by TheKindredWolf
The Covenantby TheKindredWolf
Maya and Rae Watson. Meets the Sons of Ipswich. The Watson Sister's meets the Sons of Ipswich: Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Tyler Simms, and Reid Garwin. They become acq...
The Bonds of Love (A Covenant Fanfiction) by letherbeseen
The Bonds of Love (A Covenant Fanf...by letherbeseen
"There are certain things in life you can't always explain. The reason why people die, or live. Those who were lost are now remembered and found. Why the bonds of l...
His Magical Deaf Flower  by Shuxfc00
His Magical Deaf Flower by Cassidy
"Hello beautiful" "Oh she can't hear you" ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'm not good at descriptions so try out my story. It could be hot trash or really good, w...
Isabelle Parry  by Queennicoleboss
Isabelle Parry by Nicole Kennedy
I only own Isabelle and any others
Hello Stranger by gottaloveseb
Hello Strangerby Sebastian Stan is a Hufflepuff
You are Reid Garwin's younger sister and Tyler Simms's girlfriend of five months. So, what happens when you meet Chase Collins, the adorable, dark new kid to Spenser?
of kisses and books and knowing looks by thimbleswrites
of kisses and books and knowing lo...by Thimbles
"In his mind he could see her face - that wide smile that was more sincere than any he had ever seen before, her light brown hair that usually fell in sorts of wave...
The True Witch Of Salem. by WillowHunter193
The True Witch Of Salem.by Chloe
Once there were five witch families, the eldest son was chosen to be a Son of Ipswich. The fifth son was supposedly killed in the Salem witch trials. So that left four t...
The Covenant [Chase Collins x OC] by RhymeWinchester
The Covenant [Chase Collins x OC]by Rhyme
It all happened in Ipswich, a covenant of silence was settled between the 5 families for 300 years it was kept, but one family that was banished for their greed long ago...
The Covenant One-Shots by TheShadowKiller16
The Covenant One-Shotsby TheShadowKiller16
All one shots are created by me so do not copy to another website without permission please I accept all requests and all reader x character will be female POV unless re...
 Mystery Of The Covenant  by ChaseElliottGirl24
Mystery Of The Covenant by ChaseElliottGirl24
"Who are they?" "The sons of Ipswich." Caleb Danvers, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin, and Tyler Simms might look like normal popular teenage guys. But if...
Caleb's Girlfriend £The Covenant£ by cassie_smith22
Caleb's Girlfriend £The Covenant£by Cassie Smith🤙🏻
Lauren Parry is Pogue's sister. She has been dating her best friend Caleb for three years (they started dating on his birthday). She has powers like the boys but it's di...
Power of Love by RoCk_PrInCeSs_PR
Power of Loveby Christie Montero
The Covenant Movie FanFiction|| A Caleb Danvers Romance +OC
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM || The Covenant/Reid Garwin by fxckmikey
THE PRICE OF FREEDOM || The Covena...by chloe :)
"don't fall for me princess." "wasn't planning on it asshole" • taken and used for what made her different, all avery could remember was captivity...
The Convenant  by MeaganManning7
The Convenant by Blaze_Loves_Wolves
5 families of witches were being hunted down by regular families during the Salem Witch hunt during the 17th century. The 5 families all consisted of male witches. The a...
Little Witch (The Covenant) by Skilerleigh1121
Little Witch (The Covenant)by Skilerleigh Kelley
In the 17th century, six families with supernatural powers make a pact of silence. Eventually one power-hungry family is banished. The descendants of those five remainin...