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Harper's Heartbreak... And Rotak's Escape. by violetyasqueen
Harper's Heartbreak... And Rotak's...by Violet Chaltry
harp chip (harper) has a HUGE crush on rotak (rotti), and only her friends know about it... Will Rotak give Harper's heart a brocken, or will she eat her veggies? emojis...
Haiku Poems by Dech07
Haiku Poemsby Dech07
A collection of haiku poems about love, life and things that make us human, typically written in three phrases. Enjoy,,☺️☺️
Growing up isn't like the stories. by StarRaypoems
Growing up isn't like the stories.by StarRay
a critique about how the "coming of age" books really lie to us.
Story Title by xieves
Story Titleby xieves
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Fire by Trinietrintrin
Fireby Trinity
This a short poem I wrote about a large fire that is destroying a farm. Someone who is close by can hear the trees and flowers burning and the owner of the farm has a he...
Highschool Sweethearts by xeamphic
Highschool Sweetheartsby Riku
A teenage love poem
The Moon And Her Stars by crowley143
The Moon And Her Starsby Xx.Sky.xX
These poems were most likely written at night with a pen scratching blindly away at paper in the moonlight. Also known as three am. thoughts
It's the Thoughts That Rhyme by Flamekittykat
It's the Thoughts That Rhymeby Flame Kittykat
A bunch of short poems. A warning for you: A lot of this will probably be dark. Even I don't really know what to expect from this so expect the unexpected. Constructive...
Love by SinfulMind08
Loveby Sinful
Happy Valentine's day! I made this for my oh-so lovely parter ^^
Love by your1ocal1ibrary
Loveby Hayley M
This is a poem that I wrote. I don't know what I got the inspiration from. I am in love, but we could totally be together if I actually got up the guts to ask him. I jus...
First Impressions by iwritemyfeelngs
First Impressionsby Yusrazed6080
a little song/poem i wrote on first impressions there was a situation today and an adult came to see me to speak about it. her approach wasn't at all humble and it made...
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What I Need by Riot_van
What I Needby Riot_van
Slam poetry. About justifying alone, and about just being human. About teen 'rights of passage' and just proving bullshit
Rants by bcoozie
Rantsby bcoozie
My style of poetry
The recesses of my mind  by TallaBajcar
The recesses of my mind by Talla Bajcar
Some poems and works written with the intent of making myself stop feeling the intense emotion in a moment
Diaries by writerbee5
Diariesby writerbee5
Several diaries all tell a story...
nightmares by chuu_ys
nightmaresby gabi
dark side of our thoughts