twenty one years  by -silentpromises
twenty one years by ☾ ❁ rainy days ❁ ☽
this book will have 21 poems. a tribute to the 21 years, 251 months, 7,665 days, 183,960 hours 11,037,600 minutes, and 662,256,000 seconds that you breathed. however...
  • poems
  • poet
  • suicide
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SPOKEN POETRY by Cristel_Castillo
SPOKEN POETRYby CristelCastillo
Collection of Poetry's po ito para sa mga taong nagmahal ngunit Hindi nasuklian,para sa mga taong patuloy na umaasa kahit nasasaktan at para sa mga taong kahit nasaktan...
  • spokenwordpoetry
  • love
  • heartbreak
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The Red Noodle Clan by SIFUBAMBOO
The Red Noodle Clanby Mr. Virella
A Poetic Saga of The Red Noodle Clan: A cosmic tale of cosmic beings attempting to redeem the Sovereign Banes of Rule. A space-faring story of twists, turns, ambiguous...
  • mystique
  • originalpoetry
  • shortchapters
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our legacy by messypoet
our legacyby chloe
him & i notice all of him. see him for his beauty, witts, and intelligence. notice all of me. see me for my tendencies, emotions, and bravery. notice the symbol betwe...
  • poetry
  • thoughts
  • fightforlove
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I'm Not A Poet by beingfunisfun
I'm Not A Poetby beingfunisfun
I'm not a poet. I'm not anything. I'm just a young soul trying to express herself through the only way she knows how. ~A collection of simple poems~ Highest rankings: #6...
  • memories
  • life
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i will wait for you until the very end.  by devilizings
i will wait for you until the very...by devilizings
for you, for me, for the ones who need it. poems and writings for the broken. possible t.w
  • broken
  • depressing
  • sad
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Poetry In Motion by TheoDora55555
Poetry In Motionby Theo Dora
#1 IN MOST IMPRESSIVE RANKING. Poetry in Motion - A collection of classic, vintage lyrics, from the 40's through to the 70's. Some of you will undoubtedly know the song...
  • 1970s
  • poems
  • undiscoveredgems
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Moon Child | Poetry • Ongoing by StarHues
Moon Child | Poetry • Ongoingby Jun
"Home isn't always four walls. Sometimes it's one warm embrace And two people's heartbeats as one. " - Moon Child (StarHues) Collection of poems mostly tacklin...
  • thelgbtawards2018
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The Voice Inside by deeper_thoughts_
The Voice Insideby Aanvi🌹
You may just find the poems and thoughts you're looking for !✨ And Yup they all are written by me :) Highest rank - #1 in poem (8/7/18) #1 in p...
  • poets
  • wattpadpoetry2018
  • deepthoughts
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A Poem To Remember by kayechains
A Poem To Rememberby Kaye
HIGHEST RANK: #1 in motivation and #3 in spoken word as of August 23, 2018 Collection of poems, spoken words, quotes by the author herself. Hope this book would inspir...
  • inspiration
  • poem
  • english
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Sanely Insane by LDream62442
Sanely Insaneby ☠︎♕Lyrical Dream♕☠︎
A collection of whatever comes to my mind #2 in #Poetrycollection: November 22, 2018 #2 in #thinking: November 22, 2018 #2 in #latenight: November 22, 2018 #4 in #write:...
  • feeling
  • sanelyinsane
  • light
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Six Word Stories  by Nam303
Six Word Stories by Me
A collection of six word stories.
  • wordsofwisdom
  • poems
  • wordplay
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Lingering Exhaustion  by iDontCondoneThis
Lingering Exhaustion by iDontCondoneThis
#17 in poem #8 in poetrycollection this is just a compilation of my vent poetry-ish (that i can find) from 4th grade to whenever i stop this Im not the best with words b...
  • sadpoems
  • dad
  • memories
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Chalk by about_thyme
Chalkby karly
i'm not actually in love with you at all
  • rhymes
  • imagery
  • sadness
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GREY [Poetry] by Dr_Neerah
GREY [Poetry]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
It's not permanently black nor white, Sometimes dawn and sometimes night. With a shade of grey,it drowns the soul in between. .......it's a collection of poems and pros...
  • motivational
  • englishpoetry
  • life
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The Light in the Dark by LittleSparrow16
The Light in the Darkby Lemons42
It's 3 A.M., and you can't sleep. Your heart feels like it might burst out of your chest. Your ears are ringing, echoing in your brain, and everything hurts so badly. Yo...
  • poem
  • stuck
  • collectionofpoems
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Word Splatter ✓ by ladyliteral
Word Splatter ✓by .
because sometimes words are like paint splatters; messy, chaotic and leaving their imprint on any canvas they come in contact with. but also full of life and colour, an...
  • lostsouls
  • poetrycollection
  • poetry
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im tired of this world, but what do i know? by -sapphiremoon
im tired of this world, but what d...by ❥kay❥
poems about my life they are happy they are sad they are loving they are hateful they are pieces of me sewn into the thoughts of you if you have any questions ask m...
  • eatingdisorders
  • hate
  • lgbtpride
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Pieces Of Me by Jess_4922
Pieces Of Meby Jess_4922
These are just some things about me. I doubt people will read it but here goes nothing. Thank you ❤️
  • mypoems
  • poetry
  • makeyouthink
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Tides by sunstormlife
Tidesby Some girl
Tides are always changing The sun and the moon arranging Beauty and destruction Like a artistic production Its all in the journey of riding the tide of life Copyright...
  • light
  • english
  • soul-searching
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