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is it still a joke now? oh-dear
2.4M 113K
phobias -aesthetically
83.6K 7K
BURN (Wattys2015?) broswearcapes
63.2K 9.9K
shades of blue julixtta
645K 40.4K
Thoughts katerose14
42.7K 4.4K
thoughts nicolegallet
280K 12.4K
Drops of Moonlit Sadness drunkenmusic
17.8K 904
When I Can't Do Anything Else [#Wattys2015] Dreamwald
156K 14K
Crowning Love nightlessee
16.7K 574
Aches (poems){#wattys2015} sneha_pandey
37.3K 8.8K
Depression||self-harm||suicidal quotes #2 BattleScars04
10.9K 2.8K
just a little girl purity-ring
9.1K 3.3K
Seams and Stitching flannery_austin
8K 623
suicide note (#wattys2015) all-about-angels
6.5K 514
This Is Everything I Didn't Say CielloMaxin
14.5K 1.6K
The Soul's Voice AFairyTaleLife
8.8K 1.1K
Short Poems by a Short Girl [watty's 2015] MoreThanMeetsTheSky
1.2M 59.3K
The Human Spirit CreepyAngel
49.8K 3.2K