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Thoughts katerose14
240K 16.9K
Short Poems by a Short Girl [WATTYS Winner 2015] MoreThanMeetsTheSky
1.6M 76K
| P O E M S | [#Wattys2015] TiffanyGXThalia
139K 7K
Maybe I'm Insane KaylerrrNicole
410K 23.1K
An Assortment Of Words IssyVLewis
68.4K 2.7K
shades of blue julixtta
695K 44K
QUOTES drunkenphonecalls
35.7K 3.5K
Blue ImmortalImpulse
22.7K 8.5K
seams and stitching unapologies
31.8K 2.5K
thoughts nicolegallet
317K 14.4K
Drops of Moonlit Sadness drunkenmusic
51.9K 2.8K
phobias -aesthetically
239K 14.6K
days | wonwoo jeonwoah
6.9K 955
Unspoken Words DirectionerRia17
24.1K 2.3K
Poems -Eccentric-
14.6K 887
This Is Everything I Didn't Say CielloMaxin
35.2K 3K
loud poetry from a quiet girl maemaew1500
79.8K 10.1K
What Are You So Scared Of? rescuingraven
12.3K 1.2K