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Silent Tears by justme0786t
Silent Tears by justme0786
❝Pain is just like water. It pushes through many boundaries, and breaks through any seal. Sometimes you just have to let yourself drown before you are ready to swim to t...
I Have Such A Powerful, Loving God!!! by Custardbosst
I Have Such A Powerful, Loving God... by Custardboss
I started writing poems and songs when I was 12 and all are from my heart, and what God says directly to me which occurs mostly when I'm spending intermate time with Him...
You think im quiet... [Poetry] by kade_123t
You think im quiet... [Poetry] by kade_123
You think im quiet..... I'm screaming in my head. You think im lonely..... just because I'm alone doesn't mean im lonely You think I love music too much..... its my ox...
11:01 PM by xx_Foolst
11:01 PM by xx_Fools
A collection of poetry for when I just don't know how to put my thoughts into words. These are the words that float in my head late night, dancing as I try to calm my mi...
Angel Wings by WoodenSkyt
Angel Wings by WoodenSky
Sometimes when I can't keep my thoughts in my head I'll put them here. Feel free to see inside my head. All my own thoughts, if there's something from someone else I'll...
Cold Heart, Cold Thoughts. |Poetry| by LostGirl105t
Cold Heart, Cold Thoughts. |Poetry| by LostGirl105
" I close my eyes The devil is here He comes to catch me He comes to trap me I close my eyes And count to three Maybe if I keep quiet He won't find me But no matter wha...
TEACH ME TO NOT HURT by harmankaur99t
TEACH ME TO NOT HURT by harmankaur99
"I still think of that time. That time when your eyes looked for me. That time when you still thought about me. But most of all I think about that time when your smiles...
for you by boozeandmischieft
for you by boozeandmischief
i'm no poet. but sometimes when i miss you, the words come out and i can't help it; they are overflowing, just like my love-- for you.
untitled p o e t r y ; by siighcalumt
untitled p o e t r y ; by siighcalum
how do you see into the brain of someone lost and broken ? you don't . you see the heart . it's not clear , it's hard to understand but somehow , it still makes yo...
Please Read by Xx_Pretty_In_Punk_xXt
Please Read by Xx_Pretty_In_Punk_xX
Shane Koyczan wrote this. In my opinion, it's something that more people need to see and understand. Because it's 100% true.
Soul On Fire  by Ritzy1dt
Soul On Fire by Ritzy1d
Current Ranking - #150 in poetry.. OK so this is my collection of poems based on love , friendship, heartbreaks .... Please give it a try .. I'll be updating other par...
Bleeding Before Me by _BedgeEdge_t
Bleeding Before Me by _BedgeEdge_
Thoughts enter my head before I can stop them, and stay for longer than I intended. Sometimes, things fall apart and trying to put them back together blows up in your fa...
Flutters of Poetry by FantaleMagicat
Flutters of Poetry by FantaleMagica
There are some short poems written by me. These are related to magic, love, hatred, victory and other genres are also included. So please take a look.
Abditory by loveleebonez1t
Abditory by loveleebonez1
My muse strokes the silver lining of my heart with urgent fingers. Sometimes cold and cruel, she nevertheless rewards me with smiling lips and open arms when I have done...
My Voice by Twisted_Disneyt
My Voice by Twisted_Disney
It's hard to speak using a voice that isn't yours. But I know the feeling. And here is my voice, my real voice All that I've broken and all my healing. ...
~ Les textes d'une ado amoureuse ~ by lesrevesdunecrevettet
~ Les textes d'une ado amoureuse ~ by lesrevesdunecrevette
Je pense tout le temps à lui, J'écris tout le temps ce qui me passe par la tête, J'ai jamais personne avec qui parler alors je vous parle à vous. Voila com...
Walang Ako by bonabelst
Walang Ako by bonabels
Kapag nagmahal ka, nagiging selfish ka. Pero kadalasan nagiging selfless ka. Yung tipong uunahin mo siya bago ikaw. Iintindihin mo siya kahit na nasasaktan ka na. Kasi g...
The Brick Wall by comaclustert
The Brick Wall by comacluster
[Previously called, "Nothingness and other poems"] "By the roots of my hair I fell into the electric snare." This collection is basically me saying things that I don't...