stardust | poetry by latejune
stardust | poetryby latejune
i'm obsessed with your voice drunk on your laugh high on the way you flip your hair over your shoulder i think i fell in love with the brokenness that pierced my skin...
  • heartbreak
  • constellations
  • love
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Welcome To The Crow Bar by -_Qrow_Branwen_-
Welcome To The Crow Barby -_Qrow_Branwen_-
•Highest Rank: #17 in Poetry• Welcome Come in and half a drink or 10 with your favourite drunk uncle Qrow Branwen (Just a book of random shit)
  • rwby
  • random
  • drunk
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Hiraeth by LailaLiliana
Hiraethby LailaLiliana
Is there a word for something in between venting and poetry? Because that's about where this falls. Everything you never wanted to know about me, concisely written. It's...
  • venting
  • personal
  • baggage
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From The Bottom Of My Heart (Poetry) by JanillyExxely
From The Bottom Of My Heart ( JanillyExxely
Just a little glimpse of how I live my life. Written in a form of poetry. I started to wonder and I still was when I wrote those first few lines. As I continue to write...
  • happy
  • life
  • feelings
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Dusty Ink. by elevendust
Dusty elevendust
This is where my soul hides. It is a book full of words that combines into an art. My only runaway mess of reality. It is a pack of love, heartbreak, and the dark side o...
  • tears
  • misery
  • diary
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12 Meses by EsMaritere
12 Mesesby EsMaritere
La vida es una sucesión de pensamientos que flotan a su antojo. A veces tardamos años en encontrar eso que nos hace sentir que estamos viviendo por primera vez, pero ahí...
  • amor
  • vida
  • fin
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not a poetry by hippiesta
not a poetryby hippiesta
this is not a poetry nor a poem. read this as your own will. (lowercase intended) #72 in poetry copyrights © 2018 by hippiesta
  • wattys
  • wattpad
  • feminism
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Pitch Black - Poetry by StormKnight30
Pitch Black - Poetryby StormKnight30
"The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul" - David O.Mckay How do you keep going, when there's no light? Warning: T...
  • love
  • heartbroken
  • pain
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monochromatic lights  by awesomeatc
monochromatic lights by awesomeatc
poetry is the prism which disperse emptiness into colours that create a rainbow. ------------------------ a poetry collection on the unseen realities of life and its vi...
  • monochromatic
  • lights
  • awesome
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Lost Memories by ladymissqueen
Lost Memoriesby ladymissqueen
my thoughts on life. sad little thing. happy tiny moments. ••• my words. my soul. so don't steal my words. my words are my soul.
  • sad
  • happy
  • strong
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It's Already Empty. by JerinJThein
It's Already JerinJThein
"It's for the empty side of your bed, to cope with the darkness that you've successfully covered and hidden in all these years." "The echos of the bathroo...
  • yesiknowwhatimtypingdown
  • foreveralone
  • jerinsrandombullcrap
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Poems for the thought and soul by warriorcat520
Poems for the thought and soulby warriorcat520
These are just some poems and Haikus I've made. some poems are quite long, some aren't. I hope you enjoy
  • random
  • deep
  • thought
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Sifar by -Nynaeve
Sifarby -Nynaeve
Sifar, the urdu/arabic word for 'nothingness' is the most appropriate term for this collection of random ramblings, which for better or for worse, are all in poetic vers...
  • marchistimely
  • poetrycollection
  • rhyme
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Spring, Sweet Spring by Srijoni175
Spring, Sweet Springby Srijoni175
There is hardly any person found ,not being carried away in the spring's magic spells....hardly a person who doesn't sense the melting beauty of the nature which was fro...
  • poetry
  • spiritual
  • spring
Narasi Tentang Kamu by oppinopitasari
Narasi Tentang Kamuby oppinopitasari
Siapapun pasti akan memiliki cerita tentang "kamu" nya masing-masing. Dan ini, adalah bagian dari narasiku tentang "kamu". Perihal pertemuan yang asi...
  • puisinarasi
  • puisideksirpsi
  • perpisahan
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oblivion | poetry by qalaxhy
oblivion | poetryby qalaxhy
oblivion əˈblɪvɪən/Submit noun 1. the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one. [240218 ongoing]
  • thoughts
  • anxiety
  • mind
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Poems I Made by James-Hope
Poems I Madeby James-Hope
Death, Friends are some of the poems I write, maybe something that has a bit of fight. But all I know what makes me happy Writing a poem, sometimes stories.
  • feelings
  • poetry
-Poetry- Hatch before pass... by GodIsLifeAndLove100
-Poetry- Hatch before GodIsLifeAndLove100
In this poetry a baby bird experiences first breath, first life, out of her shell, brothers, and sisters , and so on. When she hatches she must grow, before she leaves h...
  • survival
  • perserverence
  • fear
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