Dusty Ink. by elevendust
Dusty Ink.by elevendust
This is where my soul hides. It is a book full of words that combines into an art. My only runaway mess of reality. It is a pack of love, heartbreak, and the dark side o...
  • shortstory
  • pain
  • misery
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Lasting For Now by Forgottenwolf23
Lasting For Nowby Forgottenwolf23
Righttttt so I couldn't last that long without writing more depressing poems so why the hell not right? [Secrets, Part two]
  • dressingpoems
Open Letters to the One by SoulRebel6
Open Letters to the Oneby SoulRebel6
A collection of letters that were written but never shared. The words come from a place of pure emotion.
  • values
  • virtues
  • letters
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Pitch Black - Poetry by StormKnight30
Pitch Black - Poetryby StormKnight30
"The greatest battles of life are fought out daily in the silent chambers of the soul" - David O.Mckay How do you keep going, when there's no light? Warning: T...
  • heartbreak
  • time
  • anxiety
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Kissed by ronadreamlace
Kissedby ronadreamlace
Poems - innocent or hot, They sigh and whisper things a lot In the middle of the night when Love is dressed in pale moonlight. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Text Copyright © 2018 by R...
  • sliceoflife
  • kiss
  • poem
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From The Bottom Of My Heart (Poetry) by JanillyExxely
From The Bottom Of My Heart (Poetr...by JanillyExxely
Just a little glimpse of how I live my life. Written in a form of poetry. I started to wonder and I still was when I wrote those first few lines. As I continue to write...
  • poetry
  • love
  • feelings
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Lost Memories by ladymissqueen
Lost Memoriesby ladymissqueen
#126 in poetry my thoughts on life. sad little thing. happy tiny moments. ••• my words. my soul. so don't steal my words. my words are my soul.
  • happy
  • music
  • strong
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Hiraeth by LailaLiliana
Hiraethby LailaLiliana
Is there a word for something in between venting and poetry? Because that's about where this falls. Everything you never wanted to know about me, concisely written. It's...
  • baggage
  • ramblings
  • poetry
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A Hopeless Poet's Corner  by Iheartnaps
A Hopeless Poet's Corner by Iheartnaps
Just a hopeless poet's comfy nook for writing. Signed, Naps *cover image isnt mine and belongs to whoever made it*
  • poetry
  • poem
  • hopeless
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A b s x n t   L o v e   (Poems n' Shit) by donutsaftersex
A b s x n t L o v e (Poems n'...by donutsaftersex
#109 IN POETRY // p o e m s , m e m e s , g i r l t a l k s , a n d s p i l l i n g t h e t e a ( ; #625 in poetry, 3.14.18 #602 in poetry, 3.16.18 #447 in poetry...
  • poems
  • drama
  • girltalks
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Elliott by mirileonorsbooks
Elliottby mirileonorsbooks
"Once I fell in love with you, don't thinking about the risks. Once I fell in love with you, don't thinking about the consequences. Once I fell in love with you thi...
  • heartache
  • badboy
  • love
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Kreasi Jari by byeol_9
Kreasi Jariby byeol_9
bukan suatu bakat saat seseorang merangkai kata .. karena setiap insan yang mempunyai hati , memiliki kata dari sebuah rasa .. entah untuk di lisankan atau di tuliskan...
  • poetry
  • sajak
  • rindu
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oblivion | poetry by qalaxhy
oblivion | poetryby qalaxhy
oblivion əˈblɪvɪən/Submit noun 1. the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one. [240218 ongoing]
  • angst
  • sexual
  • poem
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Honeypot [Poem Collection] by RedesignYourLogo
Honeypot [Poem Collection]by RedesignYourLogo
/I don't remember orange becoming such a melancholic color./ This is where I'll be keeping my poetry.
  • nonbinary
  • poems
  • cancer
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Silence and Symphony by RoshinR
Silence and Symphonyby RoshinR
A journey through the unhindered passion and emotions of love and nature with a tinge of friendship, hatred and many more surprises.
  • sad
  • heartbreak
  • nature
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Stars Or Scars by Diksha091
Stars Or Scarsby Diksha091
Dear world, If u are heartbroken, in hopeless love, in depression or have fallen for your "friend" and trying to find a way to heal yourself out.....Do give a...
  • heartbreak
  • love
  • demons
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not a poetry by hippiesta
not a poetryby hippiesta
this is not a poetry nor a poem. read this as your own will. (lowercase intended) #54 in poetry copyrights © 2018 by hippiesta
  • poem
  • touching
  • poetry
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Reflections by HazelUrquhart
Reflectionsby HazelUrquhart
Daily thoughts and reflections. Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate any time given and if you also happen to hit the little vote button, you have my eternal gratit...
  • emotions
  • poetry
  • thoughts
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