Dear HIM . . by -evyzy
Dear HIM . .by -evyzy
Dear HIM, These are the letters that are of what I've always wanted to say to you, but I have a weak mouth to say it in front of you. Dear HIM, You make me feel speci...
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Poetry by phenominALly
Poetryby phenominALly
A book with feelings as content. (most of the content is for one specific person. i hope she loves this book.)
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Midnight Thoughts by iywas4414
Midnight Thoughtsby iywas4414
Honestly, it's just what the title says it is. I got inspired by dietrogolia she is one of my best friends check her out. I hope you like my poems that come into my mind...
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Just some poems  by justsomepoetry06
Just some poems by justsomepoetry06
These are all original poems. The inspiration for them is the real world, how I'm feeling and stuff that's happening to me. I hope you enjoy. Have a good day/night ❤️❤️
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RAW : Confessions of a Narcissistic Cheater by zzntheartist
RAW : Confessions of a zzntheartist
I have so many thoughts in my head and i just want to get them out . Im in the process of publishing my first poetry book and I decided to make it ... interesting . Thes...
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RIPTIDE ° POETRY by astralclub
RIPTIDE ° POETRYby astralclub
In which Alex writes one poem a day until they meet their internet friend. ( I guess I'll consider this a mini project so that I can write more poetry instead of the us...
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Expressing sadness- poetry  by roseparker03
Expressing sadness- poetry by roseparker03
For anyone who is struggling, I'm not going to stay its going to get better soon its ever so cliché, but stay strong my friend. If this is a storm you've got that umbrel...
  • insane
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Reflections by AlyInWanderLust
Reflectionsby AlyInWanderLust
"If only my fear was not my cage." - I, AlyInWanderLust A collection of poems of self reflections & experiences. Either way, I hope you enjoy the reads! Be su...
  • refections
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HEART OF AN INTROVERT  by selfless_x_love
HEART OF AN INTROVERT by selfless_x_love
'Cause I AM who I am NOTHING'S gonna change that YOU think I'm boring When MY world is the most interesting thing you'll EVER see Wanna come inside ?? Click on "ReA...
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Essence Of Blue by GlowingTales
Essence Of Blueby GlowingTales
"Each essence of blue should not be left behind, just as each existence of a soul should not be abandoned." - GlowingTales A novel compromising original poetry...
  • prose
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Stars by TheStrayPotato
Starsby TheStrayPotato
Just looking to discover myself through writing poems. Maybe I'll figure out something about myself that I didn't know before. I really do love looking at the stars.
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Perspicacious  by sequoiaa_miller
Perspicacious by sequoiaa_miller
Things I wish I could've said to them. The perspectives I wish they could've seen. *None of the quotes belong to me, just the feelings and words towards the quotes*
  • insecurity
  • deep
  • pain
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What It Means To Be A Friend by Victorious-Ally
What It Means To Be A Friendby Victorious-Ally
Cola caps spread across the floor, He had left through the door His personality lured her in, Into his sick, horrible din, She did not know at all, Who would've knew...
  • mute
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Heavy Heart  by Morisstories
Heavy Heart by Morisstories
This collection of poetry was written 3 years ago when I was in a very dark place in my life. It's also my first poetry book so it might not be as great as I think lol ...
  • pain
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Ideas by JackAbbey12
Ideasby JackAbbey12
Just thoughts that come in my mind... thoughts that get strung into the thread of my words.... Highest rank-#54. Do comment! Feedback matters a lot to me!
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Poems and Short Stories by Me (they ffs tho most of the time) by btsobssesedtrash
Poems and Short Stories by Me ( btsobssesedtrash
Read the title bitch. (Also my face is on the banner YEET I'M BEING CONFIDENT FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE also there will be slow updates)
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Dazzling Poems  by GwenevierjonesEhimen
Dazzling Poems by GwenevierjonesEhimen
Read or not... It is what it is. Poetry of my alone thoughts. Evidence of my world Comments to my observation Rhythm of my youth. Blessings from my muse. Be enthus...
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Веретено любви by WeezyR
Веретено любвиby WeezyR
История повествуется о сложной любви и взаимоотношениях между мужчинами и женщинами XVIII века. Их сложной культуре и обычаях. Роман написан в стихах. Создан специально...
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