UnSpoken by JonGomere
UnSpokenby JonGomere
Hello, I am just a newbie here. I am writer, maybe not a published one. But I consider myself as a writer. My first work is "UnSpoken" which is very close to m...
  • poem
  • romance
  • hurt
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TIMELESS by jollybangtan
TIMELESSby jollybangtan
This 'book' is a collection of poems written by author @jollybangtan (kyera). Each poem represents a feeling, some representing the same one. WARNING; 'TIMELESS' contain...
  • poetry
  • anxiety
  • freeverse
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society today by aureliaxrs
society todayby aureliaxrs
rhyming poems about what the younger generations these days are willing to do to fit in to society's ridiculous standards.
  • poem
  • poetry
  • today
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Ink of Her Soul by NeverStopEnduring
Ink of Her Soulby NeverStopEnduring
She was so busy surviving, she forgot how to live. She believed her fire had died, but realized it only needed stoked. Now she has lightning in her veins and thunder in...
  • poetry
  • selflove
  • believe
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Elysium - Book Of Darkness by the_dark_wanderer
Elysium - Book Of Darknessby the_dark_wanderer
Look at the world from eyes of a monster. From eyes of the monster that the world created. That the people created. And that the society unlocked from the soul of a hum...
  • elysium
  • sadness
  • life
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Enchanted Illusions by kingiaam
Enchanted Illusionsby kingiaam
A Poetic series. what beholds the fate of the unseen? . . Step inside this world of Enchanted illusions to find out.
  • poem
  • psycho-thriller
  • poetry
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Hurt, Pain, and Hope by ashangelz
Hurt, Pain, and Hopeby ashangelz
This is just some poetry of thoughts running through my head. I understand that yea, it will be depressing at times but sometimes it won't. I sincerely hope you can conn...
  • wishes
  • loneliness
  • fear
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Dear Women  by thebooknympho
Dear Women by thebooknympho
Poems that were sown into my heart and bloomed like flowers for you to pick and read. Each one means so much to me, light that helped the growth, tears that helped the n...
  • hello
Life of a Fighting Teen by Shalinarahman
Life of a Fighting Teenby Shalinarahman
He stood there looking straight into my eyes When I stared at him, He didn't look away to my surprise And then he played a game ...
  • freedom
  • depression
  • girlpower
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SUN SETTING by skytaints
SUN SETTINGby skytaints
it was at that time of ruin, that the stars rose from their graves. skytaints | all rights reserved ©
  • sun
  • art
  • ghost
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Bella, Bella. ↬ Poetry by gucci-roses
Bella, Bella. ↬ Poetryby gucci-roses
poems, a little peek inside my mind, heart, and soul. *warning: some poems might be triggering* all poems are mine.
  • bella
  • love
  • letterstomyself
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Oh, You Go Sailing by pilarfrancesca
Oh, You Go Sailingby pilarfrancesca
My third collection of poetry...all of my 'my dear,' poems (that was almost the name of the book!). Thank you to all my fans for the love on my previous (ranked!) work. ...
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  • longlost
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And the World Listens by cutienerdypie
And the World Listensby cutienerdypie
Here, in empty spaces of my heart, I took myself apart with words I did not say, nor use, to Speak of the self-inflicted pain, And that heaviness in my chest; And the d...
  • living
  • selflove
  • anxiety
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Random Personal Poems by startrekwonder
Random Personal Poemsby startrekwonder
So this book will basically be a compilation of poems that I've written. I'll try to update as much as possible! TRIGGER WARNING: MOST OF MY WRITING IS EXTREMELY DARK! R...
  • feels
  • personalthoughts
  • poetry
My Original Osomatsu-san Songs/Poems by CallyIsWeird
My Original Osomatsu-san Songs/Poe...by CallyIsWeird
Oh my god this is the weebiest thing I have ever done if I really am making songs/poems based off of this anime.. uUuUuGh Hello, I'm Cally if you didn't already know. Th...
  • osomatsu
  • poem
  • todomatsu
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Thorns and roses by _MagicalRealist_
Thorns and rosesby _MagicalRealist_
Allow me to take you through my journey. From hurting to healing and everything in between. This isn't just my first collection of poems, this is a part of me. These are...
  • poembook
  • firstchapter
  • workinprogress
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My thoughts... by Melizzz16
My thoughts...by Melizzz16
This are my thoughts, My feelings, My world, My life, My loneliness. Stay tuned if you want to read my poems!
  • depressed
  • lies
  • negativity
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The Quest by Vineha
The Questby Vineha
//Dare// Today, I dare to step out of my comfort zone. I dare to test my limits. I dare to exceed my own expectations. I dare to question the boundaries I set for myself...
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  • poetrycampapril
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