twenty one years  by -silentpromises
twenty one years by ☾ ❁ rainy days ❁ ☽
this book will have 21 poems. a tribute to the 21 years, 251 months, 7,665 days, 183,960 hours 11,037,600 minutes, and 662,256,000 seconds that you breathed. however...
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one-shots by distortedrat
one-shotsby ;)
bxb gxb bxbxg gxg
  • fanfiction
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  • riskylove
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Wandering Words by Cadencexx
Wandering Wordsby Cadence Xx
I decided the moment I looked into your liquid brownie eyes That I would no longer feed into my own lies. That I would live. That I did have something to give. I decided...
  • couplets
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Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014, Collector's Dream Award Winner) by StoryofAshlyn
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014...by Ashlyn
Ariel Fontansia is ten pounds away from total relapse. Since the previous summer, she has been stuck in a vicious cycle of calories, pounds, and inches. Redemption, Main...
  • ocean
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Roses And Thorns by KayaBitar
Roses And Thornsby Kaya Bitar
Haven't we all felt lonely, Haven't we all felt heartbroken? This is life, afterall. It's meant to break you, so you can make you. ⭐ #1 in poet (10th may 2018) ⭐ Started...
  • growth
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Poetessence: December Edition by WP_Poetry
Poetessence: December Editionby Poetry
Poetry Style of the Month Poet of the Month Poetry Quote of the Month
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fury like a woman | ✓ by yuenwrites
fury like a woman | ✓by yuen
heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned nor hell a fury, like a woman scorned. Copyright ©2017 by yuenwrites All rights reserved. [ Completed 29 Sep 2017 ]
  • poet
  • boy
  • romance
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im tired of this world, but what do i know? by -sapphiremoon
im tired of this world, but what d...by ❥kay❥
poems about my life they are happy they are sad they are loving they are hateful they are pieces of me sewn into the thoughts of you if you have any questions ask m...
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internal ; eternal by scmvl_
internal ; eternalby scl
a collection of poems from the heart and from the mind, inspired by rupi kaur, lang leav, and others. [highest rank #9 in poems, and #18 in poetry.]
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Paper Smiles by juliajay3
Paper Smilesby juliajay3
Hey, it's Jay. About a year ago I decided to try to publish a book. Here is my work so far! I write very freely about how I feel, meaning some of these poem may be tr...
  • hope
  • sadness
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Late Night Thoughts by late-night-thoughts
Late Night Thoughtsby late-night-thoughts
["I'm lost in a forest of thoughts and the trees are in flames."] Poems of some sort and thoughts and feelings and questions that will never be answered. High...
  • pride
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Day and Night (Poetry) by TylaStone
Day and Night (Poetry)by Tyla Stone
" I know you are brave because you faced your worst nightmare and called it just a bad dream. " Warning: common symptoms from reading this book include joy, de...
  • depression
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How It Feels (Poems) by KillxUsxWithxLies
How It Feels (Poems)by Selena
Just poetry. Some reflect how I'm feeling and others just to write. Enjoy.
  • poet
  • lies
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serendipity  by arctaerus
serendipity by ♡
ranked #1 in poetry - july 3rd 2018 somewhat mix of poetry about self love, depression, real beauty, happiness, true love, past mistakes and much more. no it does not rh...
  • feelings
  • pain
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Deep Thoughts by firefly_fly
Deep Thoughtsby Jenna
When the sun sets and they can't see me, can they hear me? * * || "Poetry" by an invisible girl. || * * * Highest Rank: #11 in poetry [3/10/17] * * *Art poste...
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Accompanied By the Moonlight by book_love29
Accompanied By the Moonlightby Sydney ❥
"To the moon but never back." A collection of poems.
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GREY [Poetry] by Dr_Neerah
GREY [Poetry]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
It's not permanently black nor white, Sometimes dawn and sometimes night. With a shade of grey,it drowns the soul in between. .......it's a collection of poems and pros...
  • hope
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broken angel by _mermaidwaves
broken angelby Aaminah🌵
i loved you then, i love you now and i think i always will. an anthology dedicated to him ✨
  • collection
  • sad
  • express
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cherry knots | ✓ by angelickal
cherry knots | ✓by kal
her lips were tainted a cherry-red, and she drove all the boys mad. [ poetry - angelickal © ]
  • deep
  • cherry
  • cherryred
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