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Nocturnal Lullabies (#Wattys2018 Winner) by Michael-Sorbello
Nocturnal Lullabies (#Wattys2018 W...by Michael Sorbello
Even within the deepest and most hideous depths of darkness, we may find a glimmer of beauty. Gothic, gloomy and macabre poetry. Featuring works inspired by phantoms, oc...
  • poetrycollection
  • horror
  • killer
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PoeTree - Poetry by AlwaysReading2
PoeTree - Poetryby AlwaysReading2
A book of poems for all! Example Poem: A fun I want to never end A place I want to never leave But a diamond in a sea of diamonds Is as precious as plastic I can't stay...
  • time
  • poetry
  • poembook
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MIDNIGHT MURMURS  by amirahshaikh
"I was just testing the waters of vocabulary to then realize my talent in all its glory. Like the waves of knowledge. They don't just swallow others like 'em They...
  • poembook
  • emotionalrollercoaster
  • love
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My Rain  by Pie_45
My Rain by MoralsAreKey
Why does one raindrop seem to drown me?
  • heartbreak
  • poem
  • poetrycollection
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I am his siren, and I sing out for him; FORLORN NIGHTS OF SPRING is a collection of poetry. © 2017-2018 ally maková, all rights reserved.
  • beauty
  • feminine
  • sadness
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band aids for the heartache by star-eyed-girl
band aids for the heartacheby sah dude
a collection of poetry written by a 17 year old finally starting to heal herself instead
  • poetrycollection
  • mylife
  • poembook
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This is a collection of quotes and poems which I use to validate some of my mindless thoughts and feelings about myself and life in general. I tried something new here...
  • poetrycontest
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  • love
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poetry by -stanleyuris
poetryby megan♡
♡ a poem compilation ♡ "maybe someday, these pain-filled words will compensate for this endless suffering."
  • selfpublished
  • quickread
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Scribbled Paint (Poetry) by malika_writes9
Scribbled Paint (Poetry)by ENIGMA
Some Scribbled Paint splashed on this ashen world. [HIGHEST RANKING] ~ #6 in Poesia ~ #2 in Poetry ~ #3 in imagination 15 June 2018 (on-going)
  • quotes
  • ligequotes
  • tinyawards
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Poetry by Ivyrose55
Poetryby Ivy rose
I'm just here to put my thoughts on paper so that it doesn't consume me. - NAKED THOUGHTS 'the cover, title, basically every single word and design is by me. Picture use...
  • wattys2018
  • strength
  • fighting
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poems to you | poetry collection | by zarbabkebab_
poems to you | poetry collection |by Zarbab✨
• \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • ~ a collection of poems about you, me, our love and all of above ~ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ • \\\\ •...
  • lovepoems
  • sadpoems
  • poetry
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my little tales by itsactuallybleu
my little talesby 🍨✨
'they were magical creatures imprisoned in my head now I can only tell their tales since they've all fled' HIGHEST RANKINGS : #1 in thoughts #1 in poetrycollection #1...
  • lost
  • feelings
  • talentawards2018
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into words by hydram
into wordsby hydram
b l o o d i n t o i n k & t h o u g h t s i n t o w o r d s "my heart there's more within bleeds, to what i w...
  • random
  • words
  • poem
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BOOK ONE: 2018-19 Poetry Collection (poems from 7th grade) by gaypoet06
BOOK ONE: 2018-19 Poetry Collectio...by I write poetry
These are poems from 7th grade (2018-19) Enjoy
  • lgbt
  • poembook
  • poetry
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Words Of The Dead- Words Of The Living- #Wattys2018 by matt7133
Words Of The Dead- Words Of The Li...by Matthew Taylor
#1 in poetry- 26/7/18 Every day, thousands of people struggle with mental and physical illnesses, fighting battles people refuse to talk about. I'm here to change that...
  • selfharm
  • sadpoems
  • prose
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My Flowers  by Pie_45
My Flowers by MoralsAreKey
Don't worry my friend, we will all bloom again. Note: dedicated to my friends who cannot see their colorful petals like I do.
  • recovery
  • love
  • poetry
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Output- A Short Poetry Collection by A_Dark_Poet
Output- A Short Poetry Collectionby ░Vi░
"I've grown familiar with villains that live in my head They beg me to write them so they'll never die when I'm dead" ---Halsey [Highest rankings...
  • januaryhasbegginings
  • poetrycollection
  • poembook
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her hidden pain by hayatwrites_
her hidden painby mysterious girl
#1 - poetry 08/09/2018 #1 - poetry 19/08/2018 not a writer yet but my pen bleeds sometime #2 - poetry 13/08/2018 #3 - poetry 03/08/2018 #4 - poetry 26/07/2018 #5...
  • strong
  • poetry
  • pain
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a composition of sleep-deprived thoughts and bottled up feelings. by huffleboi
a composition of sleep-deprived th...by huffleboi
warning: sensitive content for some readers. it's hard to speak your feelings...so why not write them down? i've been writing mine in a journal for a while now and i tho...
  • poems
  • poetry
  • emotion
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