100 random rhyming poems by commonauthor
100 random rhyming poemsby ||-//
The title pretty much explains it all, this is an ongoing book (which will be completed once I've written 100 poems). Most of these poems are about depression and mental...
  • anxiety
  • angst
  • rhyme
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Changes by d-observer
Changesby Bertoz
Poems of Love and Life Poems that inspire
  • lovepoem
  • lyrical
  • life
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surreal by weavewords
surrealby l.j.
in which (she) writes prose and shows it to the world;;
  • quote
  • feelings
  • spokenword
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MOON MADNESS  |  ✔ by maoiell
MOON MADNESS | ✔by khadija
she's gone mad with the confessions she wasn't brave enough to voice and the love that never came to be and the places she can never go back to 2018, maoiell ©
  • advice
  • sad
  • poem
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Accompanied By the Moonlight by book_love29
Accompanied By the Moonlightby Sydney ❥
"To the moon but never back." A collection of poems.
  • moonlight
  • poem
  • poetry
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Introverts Perspective  by laratourkey
Introverts Perspective by Lara Tourkey
A brief view of what the introverted urban youth in todays society are going through. REQUESTS ARE OPEN ^_^
  • love
  • poems
  • poet
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tossed thoughts by MIonthia
tossed thoughtsby Astrid A
and so thoughts tossled in her head, she scrambled to make use of them some things are better off unsaid. Sequel to "scribbles". Original content. Lowercase in...
  • hate
  • school
  • poem
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Words of Wisdom by noor_lights19
Words of Wisdomby noor_lights19
A COLLECTION OF MY THOUGHTS AT ALL TIMES IN LIFE. All rights reserved @Noor_lights19 #1 in inspiration on 04/08/2018 out of 1.2K books. 2K on 22/09/2018 3K on 17/10...
  • motivation
  • hijab
  • life
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my poetry by ninaspoemss
my poetryby Kareena
I hope you like all my poems. don't claim as I wrote them all myself.
  • trust
  • love
  • poetry
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Poem  by nurat_swift
Poem by nurat_swift
Love means joy, love means pain Love means dance with two hands in the rain But its not gonna happen for long Cause love has broken hearts too But true love still ha...
  • scare
  • bully
  • poem
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Thoughts Of The Dead Girl by Northern_lights143
Thoughts Of The Dead Girlby Northern_lights143
She was the girl who gave everything. She was the girl with the most beautiful smile. She was the girl with a big heart. She was. And now, she is just a dead girl with a...
  • livinglife
  • brokengirl
  • shortpoems
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I'm Not A Poet by beingfunisfun
I'm Not A Poetby beingfunisfun
I'm not a poet. I'm not anything. I'm just a young soul trying to express herself through the only way she knows how. ~A collection of simple poems~ Highest rankings: #6...
  • selfharmawareness
  • teen
  • featured
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Hes Into Her (Poem) Dedicated to: ate @Maxinejiji by Heart_Lover25
Hes Into Her (Poem) Dedicated to:...by Heart_Lover25
Hope you like it Guys!! Hello!! ate @maxinejiji this poem is dedicated to you, I hope you notice me!! HUWAG KAYONG AALIS KAPAG NABASA NIYO YUNG UNA, KASIIII...... MADAM...
  • poem
  • maxpein
  • hesintoher
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Alphabets For You by shawteeee
Alphabets For Youby catastrophe
to the person i love...
  • alphabetsforyou
  • poem
  • poetry
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Randomness, Rants, and Other stuff by VioletAnxiety
Randomness, Rants, and Other stuffby VioletAnxiety
My own little book about me.
  • bored
  • random
  • sad
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LUNA by Remember_Hiatus
LUNAby PuniBamBam✔️🔥
Anything under the moon. 🌙 Credits to: @moonlightjae
  • poetry
  • luna
  • completed
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Haikus by SeverelyBaffled
Haikusby Idek
Yeah these are kinda for fun. Or just something that's on my mind. Enjoy!
  • poem
  • poetry
  • fun
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Haunting Eyes by darvruni
Haunting Eyesby Denise
„He set her on fire to keep himself warm until the day when she burned everything down..." ___________________________________________________________________...
  • sadness
  • poem
  • pain
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milk and vine by angelinadieu
milk and vineby angelinadieu
inspired by adam gasiewski and emily beck. •vines that keep me alive• { important note : if there is any vine that you are not familiar with in the poem, there is a vide...
  • poetry
  • aesthetic
  • vines
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UNCONVEYED EMOTIONS by sweetmango2001
HR #8 in poetry Emotions... A small word which has a great meaning in our lives. They remain in a closed box until they aren't conveyed. Our emotions share an intimate c...
  • mind
  • crush
  • life
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