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Game of Thrones by kenedyybrooklin
Game of Thronesby lady baratheon
Scarlett Baratheon is the only actual daughter of Cersei Lannister and Robert Baratheon. She is also rumored to be the most beautiful person in Westeros. What will she d...
  • baratheon
  • nedstark
  • lannister
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Got One-Shots Book 2 by MegLPie
Got One-Shots Book 2by Meg
I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Here is my 2nd Game of Thrones one-shot book! I still do not own ANY of the Game of Thrones characters. They belong to George R.R.Martin! I d...
  • ramsaybolton
  • tyrionlannister
  • oberynmartell
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Game Of Thrones Imagines (COMPLETED) by TheArcher1304
Game Of Thrones Imagines (COMPLETE...by TheArcher1304
Book of Game Of Thrones imagines for fans like me. I am willing to write for any of the guys so just ask. I own no one or any story line, the genius George R.R. Martin m...
  • got
  • greyjoy
  • gameofthrones
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LIONHEART ❧ Podrick Payneby 𝐛 𝐫 𝐲 𝐧 𝐧 🕊
❝ hear me roar ❞ 〖 got / asoiaf 〗 podrick payne x oc season 4 → season 8+ swordofmorning | 2019 ©
  • aryastark
  • brienneoftarth
  • cerseilannister
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As The Night Grows Cold: A Podrick Payne Fic by imaginestoinfinity
As The Night Grows Cold: A Podrick...by imaginestoinfinity
Eleyna Twyne was raised in the Dreadfort with her twin brother after the deaths of their parents. Warped into a bloodthirsty assassin by the wicked minds of the Bolton's...
  • theongreyjoy
  • imaginestoinfinity
  • jonsnow
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To Heal A Broken Bird by Housestarkwolf
To Heal A Broken Birdby Saltrova
Sansa comes to terms with her past after escaping her monster.
  • lyanna
  • winterfell
  • thrones
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Game of Thrones: Of Fire and Gold by PastelSkiesPastaPies
Game of Thrones: Of Fire and Goldby PastelSkiesPastaPies
Rosei Baratheon is the first born of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. As she is betrothed to Robb Stark, in Robert's effort to join his house with Ned's, she lives...
  • agameofthrones
  • cersei
  • ramseybolton
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Game of Thrones x Reader by alagaesiass
Game of Thrones x Readerby r y s *:・゚✧
A collection of headcanons, one-shots, and imagines of you and your favorite Game of Thrones characters! Find me on Tumblr: issamhysa
  • jaimelannister
  • daenerystargaryen
  • robbstark
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Found by angrynewt
Foundby Mandarins are good
Bronn followed the man to the basement for one thing and one thing only. He was here because something was on his mind and had been for a while now. He was hoping to fin...
  • thrones
  • brienne
  • payne
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Between Two Lungs 。 Podrick Payne by lookingforlucy
Between Two Lungs 。 Podrick Payneby — MONIQUE.
BETWEEN TWO LUNGS. ❝ And my running feet could fly Each breath screaming We are all too young to die. ❞ A "OF GODS AND MEN" NOVEL Podrick Payne / Game of Thr...
  • kingslanding
  • reyne
  • cersei
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The Faceless Targaryan by MavisBaroni12
The Faceless Targaryanby MavisBaroni12
"We're all killers. And we've all killed part of ourselves to survive. We've all got blood on our hands. Something somewhere had to die so we could stay alive."...
  • thehound
  • cerseilannister
  • braavos
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FIRE & BLOOD (GAME OF THRONES GIF...by fuck the king
' a sword swallower, through and through. ' ©unsullied | 2017
  • series
  • jaimielannister
  • asongoficeandfire
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Language Of Thorns [ Wikia ] by KMIKAELSXN
Language Of Thorns [ Wikia ]by 𝓬
A book where you will learn more about my OC's in Language Of Thorns. As the book progresses, this will be updated. Characters fates, families and relationships will not...
  • branstark
  • missandei
  • gameofthrones
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ZIRTYS PERZYS → podrick payne by -kaela
ZIRTYS PERZYS → podrick payneby -kaela
❝she is fire and ice, you will fear the cold and crave the burn.❞ ━ fear the wolf with nothing left to lose. extended summary inside podrick payne x oc
  • gameofthones
  • jonsnow
  • got
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The Dance of the Ocean and Moon [Book One] by Demigodofasgard
The Dance of the Ocean and Moon [B...by Demi
Brienne of Tarth Fanfiction. This is a story set in George R.R. Martin's famed A Song of Fire and Ice series. It takes place in an alternate timeline in which Jon Snow a...
  • lesbian
  • whitewalkers
  • medieval
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A night with lions {Got} by alphabitchy
A night with lions {Got}by ƒ α η
"And the lion was for once not a noble princess but a human"
  • got
  • jonsnow
  • season8
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in which a teenage girl writes about her favorite show and characters.
  • podrickpayne
  • asongoficeandfire
  • targaryen
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Game of Thrones Collection by lizbates24
Game of Thrones Collectionby Elizabeth Bates
A Collection of One-Shots, Imagines, and Drabbles all about HBO's Game of Thrones series! For more information read the first part ("Before You Start Reading")...
  • robbstarkimagine
  • jonsnowimagine
  • tyrionlannister
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