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It's All In My Head by gossamersilverglow
It's All In My Headby gossamersilverglow
A book of ideas/plots [along with PWP and One-Shots] that I plan on pursuing in the future. I wanted to share the types of stories I'm looking to write and get some feed...
My Monkie Kid Story Ideas by Eris345
My Monkie Kid Story Ideasby Fiona_Fox_Afton
Well, since I made Ninjago Fanfiction Ideas, I decided to make a Monkie Kid story ideas book, too! I might put some of them up for adoption since I already have so many...
The Well of Plot Bunnies and One-Shots (Fanfic) by kittyseia
The Well of Plot Bunnies and kittyseia
Disclaimer : I only own the original characters, the other characters belong to their respected authors (sadly). Hello! This will be where I dump all of my plot bunnies...
Plot Bunnies by IsobelBarbie
Plot Bunniesby Barbie
Stories that I haven't written yet.
Rise of the Guardians Theories and Plot Holes  by WinterCrystal1009
Rise of the Guardians Theories The Frostgirl
As a fan, I dedicate myself to this amazing movie. Many write down plot holes that I may not know of, yet understand how they aren't errors. I have made my own theories...
Brain Dead | Plot Ideas by Sloth02
Brain Dead | Plot Ideasby —rin*
Brain Dead, as in too many ideas to focus on. --- Here are some of the plots I thought of but didn't have the time to write or don't know how to. Each plot idea and con...
Plot Bunnies by AndrewHeard8
Plot Bunniesby Forgotten Conscience
A collection of ideas that I had to get out of my head before they killed my creativity on other ideas. It's a mixture of fanfic and possible original ideas.
Short Stories by RambunctiousCat
Short Storiesby RambunctiousCat
Little plots for either other stories, stories in the making, or just some fun.
Plot Bunnies by BeyondTheHorizonHope
Plot Bunniesby BeyondTheHorizonHope
Welcome to the home of my many story/character ideas. Here, they can't get lost on me, and I may or may not have an opportunity to show off some photoshop skills. Come c...
Kaomojis by ChiaLovia
Kaomojisby ChiaLovia
The title says it all. Kaomojis. That's all there is here- ordered text to form facial emotions in an effort to relay feelings to another person who you cannot physicall...
it's a carhop life for us by yumfrnkie
it's a carhop life for usby milktoast
The year is 1957 Jamie is a carhop at a drive-in dinner in Topeka, Kansas who is struggling to define good and bad in his life. Kickstand is a biker that likes to kick...
plot bunnys by nebbiaofthedark
plot bunnysby Nebbia Dark
plot bunnys I do not have the skill to write but still wish to set on their paths. please comment if you wish to adopt one, so I can read it.
Theories, Random Ideas, and Plot Bunnies Galore by MoonyDaBest
Theories, Random Ideas, and Plot Moony Da Best
My book of random stuff that I think someone might appreciate. Feel free to ask to nab any plot stuff I have, just don't just nab 'em without telling me.
Poison gas by ShadowdanceMelody
Poison gasby Shadowdance Melody
This isn't really a story it's just some of the random plot bunnies that hop through my head or just things that I want to rant about this is just random vents and stori...
Idea Cache by AndMyTrustyCompanion
Idea Cacheby ...and my trusty companion
Story ideas and plot bunnies for various fandoms. Feel free to use any part of these for your own stories.
Failed Chapters by NightFoxRiveria
Failed Chaptersby Bright Eyes
Anything that could have been in any of my books, but didn't work out go here. Copy-n-paste as needed, you can take it.
Plot bunnies and random stories by HannahThi
Plot bunnies and random storiesby The Court Jester
These are story ideas or oneshots. It helps me improve my writing and to get my feelings out.
Fandom Crossover Prompts by fandomsalltheway
Fandom Crossover Promptsby fandomsalltheway
I'm not much of a writer, do not have the patience to write tbh but I have TONS of plot bunnies or prompts floating around in my head. The fandom includes: Marvel (cine...
Story Ideas by Creeperleap
Story Ideasby Creeper
This is where you can submit comments recommending fan fiction ideas.